It's not the first dreadful accident Casualty has staged on Forrest Road. The last one was in May 2015

It’s not the first dreadful accident Casualty has staged on Forrest Road. The last one was in May 2015

There appears to be a backlash developing against a plan by the BBC TV Casualty production unit to close Forrest Road Penarth for filming for almost two days

Up to now the BBC and scores of other film crews have pretty-much had carte-blanche to fill the streets with trucks and catering wagons, park where they like, cone-off roads for shooting action-sequences and tell local residents to keep quiet and stay out of shot – all for just a £260-a-day payment to the Vale of Glamorgan Council .

This flesh-coloured life-sized mannikin sustained terrible injuries last time Casualty filmed in Forrest Road

This flesh-coloured life-sized mannikin sustained terrible injuries the last time Casualty filmed a multiple car crash in Forrest Road – but was praised for his stoic acting.

Now, however, one of the town’s most regular visitors – the BBC “Casualty” crew –  appears to be turning what might have been just a drama into a full-blown crisis.

The makers of the medical soap opera have asked for permission to film in Forrest Road  – but this time are asking for permission to close the road  between the junction with Westbourne Road and the junction with Plymouth Road from 07:00 on Monday 31 October 2016 through to 20:00 the following day Tuesday 1 November – a period of some 37 hours.  

In May 2015 at the junction of Plymouth Road and Forrest Road BBC Casualty security officers in high-viz jackets ordered local cyclists to go the long way round to reach their homes

In May 2015 at the junction of Plymouth Road and Forrest Road BBC Casualty security officers in high-viz jackets ordered local cyclists to go the long way round to reach their homes

Forrest Road is named Robert Forrest - the man who shaped Penarth

Forrest Road is named after Robert Forrest – the man who shaped Penarth

The Vale Council’s Operational Manager Highways Michael Clogg reported that the original request from the BBC was to close the section of Forrest Road involved for a period of 5 consecutive days – but this was turned down.

The amended proposed closure from  07:00 Monday 31 October 2016 through to 20:00 Tuesday 1 November  is to enable the BBC to stage a “mock accident” .

Mr Clogg says “This reduced timeframe will obviously still incur some inconvenience to local residents albeit no immediate vehicle residential access are affected and alternate routes are available”.

Vale Cllr Peter King (Labour Cornerswell) said if he lived locally he would "struggle to be gracious"

Vale Cllr Peter King (Labour Cornerswell) said if he lived locally he would “struggle to be gracious”

The matter was referred to Cllr Peter King (Labour Cornerswell) who is the Vale ‘cabinet’ member for transport. Cllr King then wrote to local ward councillors to ask them what they thought

In his email he wrote:-  “I fear that closing the road over this bridge will inconvenience a lot of folk. I am sure they would be more tolerant if it wasn’t planned to take so long.”

He added “I have to say that if I was going to have to drive a significant detour to get in and out of my own home, I would struggle to be gracious after 24 hours when the reason is only for TV filming.”

Cllr Clive Williams (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Clive Williams (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Today Cllr Clive Williams (Conservative Plymouth Ward) whose ward includes Forrest Road has replied to Cllr King saying:-

“Good morning Peter . I think the inconvenience to many residents and general road users in this very well-used road for a period of 37 hours, totally outweighs the gain of £500 – or proportionally less –  to the Council.  

On behalf of the residents and road users I would ask you to say “no”  to this request ” .

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  1. Clive says:

    About time! I have complained to the Vale council over the blocking of kerbside parking in Plymouth Road through the use of cones. Needless to say my representation to the Vale has not been acknowledged. Cllr Williams I urge you to keep this matter front of house.

  2. My colleague is absolutely right in this instance. Unfortunately these road closures are never referred to the Local Councillors for our consideration or even approval, and the first thing we hear is if there are complaints from constituents. It should not be beyond the wit of the Vale to notify the Town Council when these closures are going to happen. The Vale has a so-called “Compact” with Penarth Town Council to work in “co-operation and partnership”, but that seems to be somewhat forgotten on such occasions as this. Cllr. King is quite right too, so perhaps he will do the decent thing here – and not for £500, or even more !!

  3. Ivor Bagman says:

    How dare they call it
    Forest Road !
    They chopped down
    Rogersmoor Wood .

  4. Frank Evans says:

    I am feed up with these people the majority whom don’t work for the bbc. The only ones who gain are the location manager and the home owner. I will purposely disrupt their filming and encourage others to do likewise.

  5. Frank Evans says:

    As a postscript to my last post they were filming barquentine place near cardiff bay and friend of mine made awkward and was give £50 as a sweetener to move their car and be good, so maybe this is a better option ☺
    As the home where the filming is happening shouldn’t be the only one to gain.

  6. CelticMan says:

    Nice of them to let the residents know – not! It takes PDN to inform residents and you should be thanked for that. The Vale sell out cheaply at £500 with no consultation.

  7. KnockJohn says:

    It’s hardly the busiest road in Penarth. Personally, I love a game of “Spot Penarth” on a Saturday evening. Out of interest, does the Beeb pay for the use of Penarth sites when roads have to be closed? If so; how much and whom do they pay?

  8. 249ers says:

    Roads near me are regularly used for filming but in my experience the film crews go out of their way to cause as little disruption as possible. I have had letters of notification through my door and when the crew were working outside we received a visit to personally explain what would be happening and when. Some years ago we were advised not to be alarmed when the Cybermen were let loose nearby!
    Recently when they were filming in Plymouth Road it was easier to drive down the road than normal as the usual double parking was not in evidence and the flow of traffic was being controlled.
    However homeowners receive ample remuneration when their premises are hired out for filming and I think the Council should receive much more than £250 when a road is closed.

  9. Forrest Road gives access not only to that road, but also The Paddocks, Lower Plymouth Road, the Waverley Nursing Home and the Cliff Walk. The least residents and visitors should expect is some adequate diversionary signage and a knowledgeable “man in a flak jack” at the gateway. That is nothing more than good site management. Please let me know if you havve any concerns about filming in the Plymouth Ward. finds me today.

    • KnockJohn says:

      To be fair, most people accessing the places you list, Anthony, will probably have travelled down Plymouth Road if coming from Penarth Town Centre. It is true that some may come from the Sully or Castle Avenue direction, but the distance to the next railway bridge at Raisdale Road is hardly insurmountable.

  10. Kevin Mahoney says:

    My experience is that the security staff at these filmings are akin to the most ignorant of those standing on the doors of clubs in town, they seem to be under the impression that they are actually some type of local authority representative or even acting under police authority..

    I have often witnessed (and experienced myself ) staff being incredibly rude and even aggressive to those members of the public who wish to use the public roads that they have appropriated for filming.

    A number of friends of mine living in Penarth have mentioned that they have received notes pushed through their doors on the morning of filming telling them that there is filming taking place that morning and not to move their cars ( quite incredible really) for certain periods of time.

    Then we have had the ludicrous situations in the past at Cosmeston village where film crews have been allowed to set up traffic lights on Lavernock Rd in order to stop traffic at critical times of filming presumably at the directors whim. These have caused massive tailbacks both ways prompting myself to contact the Vale to demand that this is not allowed to happen in the future.

    I do appreciate that we all watch television and I also enjoy spotting bits of Penarth and other local areas on the box however I am at a total loss as to why the general public are in many cases being inconvenienced and treated as a nuisance in the off hand fashion that they are as they go about their daily business.

    The public and the Vales roads are not there for the benefit of film crews, filming must come secondary to the requirements of residents, not the other way around.

  11. Mgg says:

    A blockbuster in Forrest Rd ? Thought it had closed down . Seriously though might be valuable to charge more but also for the extra to go to eg the mayors charity .

  12. Andrew says:

    People may want to stop whinging about the the council only gaining £500 for the 2 days filming and think about the amount they receive each financial year by film crew’s.

  13. Steve says:

    As a resident of Plymouth Road, who uses Forrest Road frequently, I’m delighted to hear that more TV/film making is happening in Penarth. This is a local success story for the whole area. The fact the council don’t make much from it is irrelevant – these programmes are providing a great economic boost to the area with employment and support for businesses. If council employees or politicians are reading this my vote is to welcome these events, cooperate with them and encourage them. Of course we want them to minimise disruption, but in my experience they provide well-manned friendly traffic control and I’m more than happy to take a slightly different route to avoid Forrest Road for a day or two.

  14. Excellent comments from so many of you and I am always pleased to see Film Crews in the town wherever they may be. Perhaps I should point out that I was in part responsible for opening up the Vale of Glamorgan to filming, with a powerful initiative we launched around 2011/12 in the previous administration, but the fees to be charged were always meant to be carefully and profitably, negotiated with the film company. Contributors seem to agree on this point at least !

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