Former Labour MP Professor David Marquand and his wife have both joined Plaid Cymru in Penarth

Former Labour MP the distinguished academic Professor David Marquand and his wife have both joined Plaid Cymru in Penarth

Plaid Cymru sources have told PDN that the distinguished academic and former Labour MP, Professor David Marquand, has quit the Labour Party and joined the Penarth branch of Plaid Cymru.

Born in Cardiff but now a Penarth resident, David Marquand was a Labour candidate for Barry in 1964 where he was defeated by the incumbent Conservative MP Sir Raymond Gower. He later won the Ashfield seat for Labour which he held until 1977 and was a close colleague of Labour Chancellor Roy Jenkins .

His wife, Professor Judith Marquand, is also joining Plaid Cymru.  Professor David Marquand  had previously described himself as a “liberal social democrat” and said he combined this with what he called “a strong dash of republicanism”.

His father Hilary Marquand was a Labour Minister in the post-war Attlee Government and his great-grandfather was founder-editor of the first Labour newspaper in Wales, Llais Llafur (Labour Voice).

Earlier in his career Professor Marquand was a leader writer on The Guardian newspaper. Amongst his concerns are what he calls “the democratic deficit in the European Union” and  the “obsolescent state socialism of the Left“. He is a former Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford .

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Opening line of the good Professors online biography below. Says a lot. First question Proff- can you justify Labours c £half a billon annual spend on supporting the Welsh language and Plaids plans to increase it? Second- what does Plaid intend to do to eradicate Wales’s c £18 billon annual budget deficit in its lead up to Welsh independence?
    Professor DM say’s-
    “I’ve had a varied career – code for being a rolling stone, forever thinking the grass is greener in the next field”.

    • Chris Franks says:

      Well I wonder how the UK Government can afford Independence with its £1.5 Billion Debt. Growing by £80 billion a year. Their plan was to have a balanced budget by 2020. That has now been thrown out of the window I hear. Your Welsh language comment boarders on racism. Leave that UKIP please.

      • Christopher David says:

        Well Chris I’m not sure how you correlate £1.5 bill debt (full stop!) with a growing £80 billion a year debt? Explain please and I want facts. I’ll back mine. Nor do I see what that has to do with the fact Wales is bankrupt and the fact we draw from England under the Barnett formulae. As for your comment re my Welsh language “comment”! What / which comment? I made two. So which one is racist? Which one can you challenge as a truism? Facts though not Plied PISke stuff. Chris having known me for c 50 years you should know my Welsh heritage may even beat yours- whatever yours is- some of mine’s logged in the annuls ha 🙂 . I would have expected better from you. So- please feel free to challenge me but be factual- don’t border slander and don’t hide behind a bogus race card. Best….Chris

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        In the interest of accuracy Chris It’s actually £1.7 trillion ( not billion) no wonder Plaid can never get their sums right

        Heres a link to it going up in real time to show just how frightening it is

        Lets not forget that Plaid added to that debt whilst in Government in Wales as part of the Plaid / Labour comedy act.

        And of course Plaid do continue to insist that the UK adds to it’s national debt by borrowing to give over £12bn away to other countries every year as well of course the near £12bn net donated last year to the EU for distribution to other EU countries.

        Chuck into the mix Leanne’s shrill demands for an end to Austerity ( whatever that actually means?) and it would seem that Plaid are prime movers in demanding that the national debt incurred and paid for by all of us continues to increase at an alarming rate.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    One could use the metaphor “rats deserting a sinking ship” but this would not be kind to ships!

  3. Christopher David says:

    Ha Kevin I was going to let the honest but muddled Chris work it out for himself, but working with him I guess you made a call there was a need to assist. Like his racist comments not nice and not accurate. Plied in the sky peddle the “dream” of an independent Wales but they must know they cannot deliver (do they…hmmm). Its a con. Just like Sturgeon conning the Scottish people.

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