The complex, prolix and verbose parking regulations in Windsor Road is delivering consistent revenue for the Vale Council

The complex, prolix and verbose parking regulations in Penarth’s Windsor Road are  delivering consistent revenue for the Vale Council

Penarth’s Windsor Road has retained its position as one of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s most lucrative parking-penalty streets.

Windsor Road  has once again come second only to Holton Road, Barry, for the number of motorists fined for infringing the Labour-run Vale Council’s delphic parking restrictions  – according to a new internal council report which contains the latest official parking offence “league table” for the financial year 2015/16 :-

(1) Holton Road, Barry – 875
(2) Windsor Road, Penarth – 489
(3) Paget Road, Barry – 419

Windsor Road was also the Vale’s second biggest earner in the previous year 2014/15 –   when it again was runner-up to Holton Road, Barry.

A few motorists appeal against their parking tickets

37% of the motorists who appeal against their penalties, win their case against the Vale Council  – indicating that the council’s grounds for enforcement are often distinctly shaky.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council   has been responsible for  the enforcement of most on-street and off-street parking regulations in Penarth and throughout the Vale  since April 1 2013  under a scheme called “Civil Parking Enforcement” (CPE).  The “parking enforcement regime” is run on behalf of the Vale Council by Bridgend County Borough.

The so-called “self-financing” scheme generates a modest profit for the Vale of Glamorgan despite its paying £171,605 a year to Bridgend Council to provide the service. Some fairly hefty – and unspecified – charges are set also against the Vale’s parking-fine revenue including “supplies and services”, “overheads” and premises costs . For 2015/16 the total costs and income for the service were :

Vale Employee Costs £9,811
Premises £2,075
Supplies and Services £36,527
Payments to Bridgend Council £171,605
Overheads £3,085
Income – £240,315
Surplus – £17,212

The Vale COuncil has been responsiblefor parking enforcement in Penarth since April 2013

The Vale Council has been responsible for parking enforcement in Penarth since April 2013

The Vale Council has refused requests from local residents on Twitter to reveal  just how many parking enforcement officers it has patrolling the Vale . However the facts are that is has a total of 5 civil enforcement officers covering the Vale from the Alps Depot in Wenvoe – all of whom are on Bridgend Council’s payroll. An additional “seasonal officer” also patrols all the Vale’s coastal car parks during the summer.

The Vale Council has also mooted the idea of deploying additional officers to “manage off street town centre car parking” [i.e. car parks]   where the introduction of pay-and-display charges were being considered , but the council report says the idea has been dropped following “extensive consultation with local traders and businesses”.

From April 1st 2013 to March 31st 2016  a total of 22,578 motorists in the Vale have been have been booked for parking.

Year       No. of Notices Issued                         Formal Appeals  Successful Appeals 2013/14        8,547                                                                            130                                  67
2014/15        7,128                                                                              97                                  33
2015/16       6,903                                                                              74                                  28
Total          22,578                                                                           301                                128



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  1. Lindsay says:

    Typical. Barry gets everything, even parking fines.

  2. Penileaks says:

    I would love to see the breakdown of the figures particularly for Supplies and Services and Payments to Bridgend Council :

    Vale Employee Costs £9,811
    Premises £2,075
    Supplies and Services £36,527
    Payments to Bridgend Council £171,605
    Overheads £3,085
    Income – £240,315
    Surplus – £17,212

    Anyone know how to get access to these ?

  3. rod says:

    By sub-contracting Bridgend Council’s ‘nice little earner’ from Vale drivers to run their parking scheme the Vale Council is putting down a bench-mark that, including their own overheads, means the Council need to bring in over £240,000 to give them a £17,000 (7% surplus). Although everyone would deny it, as it’s supposed to be a self-funding initiative it must mean financial goals are set – not based on seriousness of offence. But wait a minute…what about all those appeals, successful or not…are they factored in? Surely they cost in terms of man hours? Watch out, they’ll be looking to make more this year to cover these costs…

  4. Paul Fenton says:

    They say it’s Windsor Road when it should say the loading Bay Area directly outside Sainsburys. The vast majority of motorists don’t know it’s a loading bay. Yes I know the signs are correctly displayed but the loading times 6am to 12 midday from Monday to Saturday in a prime parking area is ridiculous,particularly when there is a rear lane to unload. It’s also aggravated by the illegal positioning of beer barrels outside the Bears Head which take up about 6 vehicle spaces. The traffic enforcement officers each day arrive just after 11am book half a dozen vehicles, probably their required amount for the day, whilst around the corner a white Audi sports car is regularly parked on double yellow lines outside the cleaners outside the St Fagans Pub and nothing is done!

    • Clare morgan says:

      Why did it have to been changed to loading bay? Parking is bad enough must feel sorry for businesses as I don’t be returning in a hurry

  5. Clare morgan says:

    What about David lush van that parks for hours ? Oops ! Did I just have the cheek to say that ?

  6. AK says:

    If you don’t want to pay the fines, park legally.

    If you don’t understand the road signs, then perhaps you should not be driving at all.

    • Clare morgan says:

      I don’t think you understand the point people are making . It isn’t about the fines or indeed being unable to understand signage it is about the lack of parking in the town and the inconsistency of the fines that are issued . When the same vehicles are parked in restricted bays far exceeding the waiting time.

  7. Guido says:

    What about the use of the lane to the rear-of the Bears Head which is regularly used by some businesses to park for long periods and even involves some driving the wrong way along it.

  8. Steve says:

    This is why we have elected politicians on the council – to make sure the paid employees are kept on the straight and narrow given that they’re apt to preside over schemes such as this daft loading bay (just make it all day and mark it clearly; get rid of all day parkers elsewhere. It’s not difficult). There’s no doubt the parking enforcement in Penarth is not working as it should so please will one (or more) of our elected politicians take an interest.

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