The existing Cliff Walk children's play area

The existing Cliff Walk children’s play area

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is holding a ‘consultation’ this week with local parents and residents before carrying out its proposed £100,000 re-vamp of the children’s play areas at Cliff Walk, Penarth and at the Cwrt-y-Vil playing fields.

Residents can tell the council what they think of the plans in a “consultation event”  which will take place tomorrow Wednesday November 2nd from 16:00 to 19:00 at the Paget Rooms, Penarth.

The face-to-face consulation is being organised by Adam Sargent the council’s Parks and Open Spaces Officer .

The Cliff Walk play area is for children between the ages of 2 and 12

The Cliff Walk play area is for children between the ages of 2 and 12

The council had announced last month that it planned to carry out a scheme to “turn the play area into a cutting-edge facility” with what it called some “bold, attention-grabbing features” but had not explained what these new features would actually be .

Scarred by negative public reaction to its  attempt in 2014 to install an unwanted skateboard rink in the Paget Road children’s play area, the council organised an  “online survey” and a  “drop-in session” to garner the views of local residents.



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  1. Christopher David says:

    And you can view the 4,856 letters of support.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    100k worth of swings and roundabouts.
    I look forward to a council tax freeze next year as the Vale seem awash with money.
    Labour: spending YOUR money.

  3. Martin Coffee says:

    I notice the majority users have not been invited to the consultation. Surely the children have a better idea of what they want than their parents?

  4. Christopher David says:

    Aw Mr Coffee, you’re not saying this letters of support were bogus are you? Just because they were signed William Brown- never.

    • Martin Coffee says:

      I cannot see how my comments could be taken construed to refer to the letters of support. That was certainly my intention. My point is that the majority users – the children – should be invited to the consultation.

  5. E vole says:

    Why can I not share my view electronically? If you have kids and job and a anykind of life attending an event like this is nigh on impossible. Predicted turn out – low.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Too easy to forge see the sully gate house planning scandal story e vole.
      I am in fact not frank gareth Evans but in fact the late Pope John 23rd under a name de plum so as not to cause a stir.

  6. Paul Fenton says:

    Thanks Mr Coffee for cheering me up. You were joking weren’t you?

  7. Christopher David says:

    That’s what I thought Mr Fenton- a bit dry eh. Funny thought. Well FG Evans- Lindsay (who) is pious the 1st 🙂

  8. Mgg says:

    This will be an open consultation process surely as per the North Penarth scheme . Take your kids along to have their say and make comments online .

  9. Volunteer beachwarden says:

    The Vale has a play development officer why not ask her to organise some responses?

  10. Max Wallis says:

    Attendance including some children.was quite good, a dozen or so (under 20 the officers said). The current play equipment on cliff top is looking rusty – it will taken to the depot for re-furbishing, not dumped. They won’t bring in more challenging equipment suitable for young teens – swinging/hanging ropes or balancing rails – because they cater only for under-12s and highly active youngsters need more space. The Highways Dept’s carpark takes out the area for expansion at Cliff Top and the Rugby Club owns the adjacent Cwrt-y-vil.

    • 249ers says:

      Thank you for that update. I was disappointed the invitation was circulated to local schools who could have sent it out electronically to the parents, but pleased to hear some young people did attend

  11. Christopher David says:

    A play development officer!! Is this true?

  12. Christopher David says:

    Jeezzz give the kids conkers, Just William to read, parents that engage and stop wasting money on bonkers things like play development teams. PC tax pounds wasting madness. Next they’ll be spending £800 each on chairs.

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