The Vale of Glamorgan Council asked people to respond to an on-line survey. Only 209 did so.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council asked residents across the Vale people to respond to an on-line survey which included questions about sex, sexuality, nationality and ethnicity . Only 209 people did so.

It’s emerged that the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s so-called Corporate Plan 2016-20 and Budget 2016/17  have been based on an internet survey which received a total of only  209 responses from the public.

The Vale Council has just placed the current Corporate Plan – in sections – on its website for public perusal – but what’s less obvious is the evidential basis on which the council formulated its plans for the next four years.

…This turns out to be a tiny on-line survey  – which drew responses from only 209 people –  plus consultations with town councils and a few selected local bodies.

The Vale Council has just published the second part of its 2016-2020 "Improvement Plan"

The Vale Council has just published the second part of its 2016-2020 “Improvement Plan”

The Vale of Glamorgan has a total population of 124,600 but a PDN source says the size of the self-selected sample of 209 on which the “Improvement Plan” is based is too small to be  statistically significant and is not sufficiently random in composition.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council's "Corporate Plan 2016-2020" Consultation Report - is based on views of just 209 self-selected people

An internal  Vale Council  “Consultation Report – revealed how the data was collected – mostly from just 209 self-selected people

Nevertheless it appears to be on the basis of this sample that the Vale Council seems to have based major assertions – such as that most people in the Vale of Glamorgan would be  “happy” to pay more for non-statutory council services.

The Vale Council says “There were 209 responses to the online survey. This is a lower response rate than in previous year” .

Rather than ask about their experiences of rubbish collection, rates and road-mending,  the Vale Council survey asked local residents about their race, their sex, their sexuality  and their religion.


The Vale Council asked all the people who answered its questions , what their gender –  and what their sexuality –  is . The  results were:-


  • 41% of respondents “were described as female at birth”,
  • 56%described themselves as male”,
  • 1 respondent “was described as intersex”
  • 3%preferred not to say”.


  • 87% of respondents described their sexuality as “heterosexual/straight”
  • 3% “are gay/lesbian”,
  • 1% chose “other”
  • 9%preferred not to say”


Very few young people participated in the on-line survey (see figures below) ,  but the Vale’s Council’s Consultation Report says “proposed wellbeing outcomes and objectives” were discussed with the Vale of Glamorgan Council Youth ‘Cabinet’ [supposedly, a body which represents local youth organisations across the Vale].

A local LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender]   “support group” was also part of what the Vale Council calls “the engagement process”.  Both it and the Youth ‘Cabinet’  are said to have ” sought further information on how the needs of young people and the LGBT community would be addressed”.

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Group also reported there was a “Lack of awareness about gender identity” and pressed for the council to initiate Transgender awareness training for frontline council staff ” .

AGE : Of the 209 respondents who took the survey  , only 98 were prepared to reveal their date of birth to the Vale Council. The results from those who did answer showed that:-

  • 1% were aged 19-24,
  • 8% were aged 25-34,
  • 33% were aged between 35-54
  • 53% are 55-74
  • 5% were  75 or over.


Most respondents described themselves as “white”


  • 43% said they were “Welsh”,
  • 40% said they were “British”
  • 11% said they were “English”
  • 3%  ticked the “other” box and  stated that they were Irish, Italian, Australian or American.


The  209   respondents was also asked in the survey whether they would be “happy to pay”  in order to continue to receive “non-statutory services” (like public libraries)

  • 57% of respondents said that they would be “happy” to pay
  • 43% of respondents said they would “not be willing” to pay

The Vale Council claims The response to this question shows a slight majority in favour of the introduction of charges for non-statutory services.However the council also admits that There is very little public awareness of which council services are statutory –  and which are non-statutory”


When town councils in the Vale were consulted about the Vale Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan, Penarth Town Council’s members evidently had some difficulty in drilling through the jargon and making any sense of the document.

The Vale Council admits in its consultation report that Penarth Town Council highlighted that the Medium Term Financial plan was not an easily accessible document for either members  – or the general public.”

Penarth Council also complained that the Vale Council is not planning to improve links between the Esplanade and the Town Centre until 2019/20.

The full Consultation Report – which details the Vale Council’s consultation process  – is on

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  1. Tom says:

    How many of the 209 were genuine?

    • Ivor Bagman says:

      Thank you Tom.
      Reality has gone in the vale.
      As for genuine –
      I think there are some real tossers.

  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well now its been officially confirmed in black and white , that the VOG is living in La La Land talk about losing your credibility !!!? Instead of doing the things that the people are crying out for they engage in fanciful , bizarre and ridiculous surveys , ‘lunatics running the asylum comes to mind’!?. If it was myself id be ashamed to reveal such pathetic and laughable information. First off its cliff top playground changes no one asked for , a viewing platform that no one asked for and is incomplete , then we have ‘Cosmeston Disneyland’ !!!on the agenda. This survey of 209 people is ridiculous , only an idiot would dare release figures like these! , 209 out of 124. 600 people living in the vale, whilst we are waiting for road improvements and CCTV cameras to be fixed , plus the cracked pavements on the back streets , this bunch of clowns decide to send out a ‘sex survey’!!!!???????? to gather info . This is a ‘new low’ for this bunch of nonentities whats next ?? I shudder to think!!! . WHO ON EARTH VOTED FOR THIS INCOMPETENT GANG???.

  3. Martin Coffee says:

    After all the warnings about being careful about giving out personal information online I’m amazed that so many people were happy to provide their date of birth.

  4. Ignatius J Reilly says:

    I’d like to know what the 1% who specified sexuality as ‘other’ are into.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Probably ducks Ignatius J Reilly,?? or could be flying saucers??? , and I think we probably need to investigate the VOG for drug use or drinking whilst at work , at least they would be an excuse for their behaviour !!??.

  6. Anne Greagsby says:

    Even worse is that of the few people who answered the majority said they were happy to pay” in order to continue to receive “non-statutory services” (like public libraries) however the context in which this was asked is important as there is no need for the Vale to cut any services while they have a massive reserves of £65 million up from last year. All this penny pinching, saving on roundabout flowers for example is totally unnecessary.

  7. Paul says:


    41% of respondents “were described as female at birth”,
    56% “described themselves as male”,
    1 respondent “was described as intersex”
    3% “preferred not to say”.


    87% of respondents described their sexuality as “heterosexual/straight”
    3% “are gay/lesbian”,
    1% chose “other”
    9% “preferred not to say”
    Some people don’t whether they are coming or going these days…

  8. penarthblog says:

    Its every voters duty to challenge the decisions of the elected, to monitor those decisions and to highlight wrong doings as happens on this and other sites and that means continuous monitoring of wrong doing and forever challenging such decisions and that means being politically active and not passive. I’m very worried that so few people could be bothered to respond to the council in this instance.

  9. David Moorcraft says:

    Ummm I’ve lived in Penarth for more than 70 years. I’ve never been asked to take part in this survey. Yes I’m on the internet – regularly.
    And I’ve got a few opinions about what the dreaded Vale Council should do !
    Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t asked !

    • penarthblog says:

      I hope you and others will continue to use this forum and other forums to hold to account all those elected officials who fail in their duties. Some on here do this already and it’s fantastic, but I would like to see more constructive criticism.

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