The over-full bins - allegedly from Coffee #1 make it impossible to access the back lane behind the Windsor Road shops

The over-full bins – allegedly from Coffee #1 make it impossible to access the back lane behind the Windsor Road shops

Traders in Windsor Road are complaining they can’t access the lane directly behind their own premises – because of large refuse bins which have apparently been wheeled there – allegedly from the premises of Coffee#1 – which is located over 100 yards away.

One of the complainants, Mr Robert Mulcahy, says Coffee #1  now has 3 “Biffa” wheeled bins “permanently sited” in the back lane running from Glebe St to Arcot street behind the Windsor Road shops,  – a lane which Mr Mulcahy points out “ is not attached in any way”  to the Coffee #1 premises.

The bins prevent vans delivering goods at the rear entrances and drivers can't access car-parking spaces at the rear of their premises.

The big bins are said to be preventing vans delivering goods at the rear entrances and cars being parked in spaces at the rear of Windsor Road shops and offices. The bins are said to come from Coffee#1 – which is located in the next block of shops along – on Windsor Road .

The narrow gated passage is a public thoroughfare which is open during trading hours and serves the rear doors, yards and garages of premises which back on to it and also the residents of Ludlow Street . But those premises don’t include Coffee #1   – which is located in a separate block of buildings some 100 yards away .

Mr Mulcahy says that the Biffa bins being left in the back lane have nothing to do with either his business or those of his immediate business neighbours. He says the back lane is now being seen as a depository for all sorts of other waste and is “often a foul looking and stinking area only yards from a prime town-centre footfall area“.

There's a stink from the black bags falling out of the over-full bins - says Mr Mulcahy

There’s a stink from the black bags falling out of the over-full bins – says Mr Mulcahy

Mr Mulcahy says  Coffee #1 has been asked to supply details  of any formal council consent that is has been granted to site its bins in Penarth Town Centre lane which is well away from its own business – but so far, he says, the coffee shop has not responded.

In 2010 Coffee#1 was refused permission to build a rear bin store at the rear of its premises on Ludlow Lane

In 2010 Coffee#1 was refused permission to build a bin store on Ludlow Lane at the rear of its premises

Vale of Glamorgan planning records however show that in 2010 Coffee#1 had submitted a planning application for a bin store in Ludlow Lane – at the rear of its popular coffee shop. That application was rejected by the council on the grounds that is was  “an inappropriate and poor design and form of development in the Conservation Area which detracts from the character and setting of that area and also represents a danger to highway and pedestrian safety .”

The storage of waste is an issue for most local traders Mr Mulcahy says, but ” many are perplexed and angry that Coffee #1 is apparently being allowed this advantage [of using someone else’s back lane for its bins ] when other traders within the same area have to contend with the storage of waste on and within their own premises until collection.”

Yesterday's waste - left in the back lane of Mr Mulcahy's offices and the premises of neighbouring traders inclided a timber cargo pallet

Yesterday’s waste – left in the back lane of Mr Mulcahy’s offices and the rear yards of the premises of neighbouring traders included a timber cargo pallet

Mr Mulcahy says the matter has been reported to “various council officials but nothing happens”. He says the issue “seems to fall between the areas which people are responsible for …. Highways say its ‘Waste’ and Waste say it’s the ‘commercial operators.'” Meanwhile the back lane continues to be used – says Mr Mulcahy –  as what he calls ” a giant bin store”.

A comment from Coffee#1 has been invited and is awaited.

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  1. Martin Coffee says:

    I would assume that the department in Barry which arranged for the erection of the gates is responsible for the alley. I would have thought that in these circumstances the bins should be treated as fly tipping if they are not placed there by the adjacent properties.

    Perhaps our town council and Barry should take a closer look at rubbish arrangements in future commercial planning applications?

  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    Arcot Lane as it is a public thoroughfare is (supposedly) the responsibility of the Highways Dept , I discovered this about 2 years ago when I too complained about the bins in the lane due to the bags of litter left around the overflowing bins. (In truth the situation is a joint issue between the Cleansing and Highways Depts ) What is awful is that this ‘mess’ is situated slap bang in the centre of town , so whilst new businesses are opening up attracting more visitors , only just out of sight is this mini rubbish dump. As it happens I also got in touch with the Council also about the now blocked and concealed drain at the back of Shaws that now only allows a giant puddle to form during any prolonged spell of rain . As I said I contacted the Council and the answer I got back was the fact that normally the drains would be attended to by the vehicle designed for this purpose they could not now attend to this drain due to erection of the metal gates as the vehicle cannot enter the lane due to the reduced width. I did not ask why the drain had still been unattended before the gates went up!!!??.

  3. Coffee Annan says:

    Please can we get the coffee shop review lady from a few weeks ago to review the coffee shop bins? This matter deserves a thorough investigation that only she can provide.

  4. Daft o dull says:

    Typical of any Brains owned and run outlet. Brains are a blot on the landscape wherever they have a pub or Coffee #1. Just look at the rubbish the Coffee #1 in Albany Rd creates as well.no coincidence.

  5. PENARTH EYE. says:

    Mr Mulcahy Wait For The Council Or Coffee #1 Don’t Bother. How About A Little Bit Of NOT ON MY FRONT DOOR And Push ONE Of Their Bins And Place IT Outside Their Shop Front. I Am Sure They Would Be Impressed.

  6. Fishhenge says:

    With the greatest respect to Mr. Mulcahy the appearance of Mulcahys shopfront doesn’t exactly do anything for the look of the town centre, with its early eighties coffee and cream visage and an interior that looks like a heavily trafficked smoking den. not to mention the ‘gents urinal’ entrance for the times when the Fag and the Bears Head have closed. Glass houses!

  7. Robert Mulcahy says:

    Coffee1 have treated this issue with contempt over an extended period of time. The failure to secure action by them, or various Council officials, led to the story being shared with PDN. On numerous occasions I have taken their excess bags that are on the ground in the lane in to their store where their staff look at me as if I am something they have picked up on the sole of their shoe. This Saturday gone I made three such trips. It is apparently everybody’s fault but theirs; Head Office, Biffa and even flytippers whilst it is their own staff who carry their waste from their premises to the lane! I have even been accused by their Manageress of not being able to read. I have asked them repeatedly to provide information relating to consent for the siting of their bins but such has never been forthcoming. Even though I believe no consent has ever been provided, when the Council installed the gates as Coffee1 were at that time using the lane for two of their bins even though complaints had been made, I understand they were provided with keys to the gates. It would appear that Coffee, Penarth has no on site waste storage whatsoever and each time there is full bag of rubbish it is walked to the lane and deposited where it then becomes the burden of others. And when their bins are full they continue regardless with bags left on top of open bins or on the ground. Should the Council have provided consent, I feel certain Coffe1 would have informed me of that by now. Should such consent be forthcoming than I welcome a level playing field and the opportunity for every other trader nearby who contends with its own waste responsibly to follow the example and use council lanes everywhere and anywhere. It is just as well other traders do not chose to deal with their waste in this manner; or others their waste in the manner that Fishhenge relates to.

  8. Gretchla says:

    Perhaps Coffee1 could store their waste at the Windsor Arms – both premises being owned by SA Brains!

  9. Gretchla says:

    As both businesses are in the ownership of SA Brains, perhaps Coffee1 could take its waste to the Windsor Arms for storage/collection.

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