No 2 Royal Buildings is the location of the proposed new hair and beauty salon - the name of which has not yet been made public

No 2 Royal Buildings is the location of the proposed new hair and beauty salon – the name of which has not yet been made public

A new hair and beauty salon may shortly be opening in Penarth – where it’s said there are already about 20 established salons and hairdressers already in operation.

Work is currently underway on refitting the proposed new salon No 2 Royal Buildings Stanwell Road (next door to the exclusive cocktail bar and restaurant “Etc…”).

Work is currently underway on re-fitting the premises

Work is currently underway on re-fitting the premises

In 2006 the  Vale of Glamorgan Council had received a planning application to convert the ground floor of the premises from a computer training establishment to a photographic studio. The council duly granted permission – but with the rider that  the premises could only be used as a photographic studio and for “no other use.”

Now a new planning application has been submitted seeking to remove that restriction and allowing the shop to operate as a “Hair Salon” .

The application has been made by Mrs Leigharne Phillips who is Salon Director at The Hair Business of Cowbridge . It’s understood the new establishment will – subject to planning permission – be opened after Christmas.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Because we badly need another hairdresser/beauty salon

  2. sjleworthy says:

    another one? jeez, even more than charity shops and coffee bars.

    • snoggerdog says:

      i see that the wooden refreshment huts have been taken off the barrage,maybe the vale could put one of their new black&white signs up at the penarth side,pointing towards cardiff saying “no more coffee for 1.1/2 miles”. or should that read mi?

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    God alone knows when we are going to get any variety in the shopping outlets in Penarth , does no one ever do public surveys of what the people would like or welcome?? Obviously not we have plenty of bric a bac or gift shops , we have more than enough eateries , we have an adequate supply of drinking establishments , we have a decent amount of barbers , we have enough charity shops , we have enough food shops ,we have enough takeaways, we can also look forward to the new drink and eating place due to be built on the Blockbusters site (who said , can’t wait ?). There is only 1 greengrocers in the town centre there used to be 3, there is only 2 butchers in the town centre . There’s only one DIY outlet , there’s only 1 kitchenware outlet (and that’s pricey for what it is). There must be something else to do in Penarth town centre more than drink or eat and browse charity shops? We already have a couple of beauty parlours , its just the same thing every time like a traders game of musical chairs without the music, no surveys ,no new ideas, just more of the same.

    • Louise C says:

      Ever heard of the free market? If someone thinks they can make a living with a shop, they open one. The internet is killing the high st. You can’t get your hair done online. Eating & drinking too. We’re very lucky to have the great shops we do have. Let’s spend our cash in Penarth.

    • penarthblog says:

      The market will decide if a company succeeds or fails.

  4. Eyes and Ears says:

    Standard moans on here. If a business wants to try and make money we should encourage it. Pointless having an empty shop. There’s nothing stopping any of you opening your greengrocers or DIY shops but I imagine you would struggle to make a decent profit. Penarth is expensive for rates and rent. Good luck to them I say.

  5. Peter Church says:

    My great idea for Dragon’s Den is to use the Deliveroo Cyclists to carrying flasks of Coffee with them at all times in their insulated bags. Then all I have to do is click the app’ and within 30 seconds, coffee will be delivered to me where-ever I am.

  6. Andew Fidoe says:

    We really need another hairdressers I don’t think

  7. Harry says:

    We could certainly do with a fishmonger -‘ don’t know why nobody has thought to open here

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Correction .we already have 5 beauty parlours in the town centre , obviously we are desperate for another one, as I said before no imagination , no new ideas , no surveys or opinion polls.

  9. jm says:

    well, people with ideas can’t
    get a look in because the place is full of free loasimg
    charity shops, and others – like this – seem to change hands off the open market.

  10. RetailGuru says:

    Andrew, perhaps you need to take another look at Penarth? I can do almost ALL of my shopping in the town – so variety isn’t really an issue.

    We have some fantastic independent stores in the town; Foxy’s Deli, Dear Doris, Funky Monkey, Barnhams, Gifts at No.9 and Queen Bee to name a few.

    Other towns would kill for what we have. Cowbridge is on its knees because of complacency and people not shopping local. I could name you plenty more towns in the same shoes.

    Trouble is people like you run the town down and make judgements about the shops without actually going in them.

  11. Jeff says:

    Penarth desperately needs an adult shop, we have a huge gap in the market there, not even Barry has one !

    • Big Davey says:

      Cuckoo clocks is what Penarth really needs.

      A good Cuckoo clock shop.

      What is the matter with the business people that they cannot see the urgent need for good Swiss time keeping in this town.

  12. Lindsay says:

    These pesky business people really have no idea. Why on earth can’t a beautician or a hairdresser open a butcher’s or DIY shop? Don’t they understand what the people want?

    • snoggerdog says:

      all the women in penarth i set my eyes on are already beautiful, so it is most probably ugly men will be sneaking in there, (not me though the handsome young fellow that shaves me tells me every morning how strikingly good looking i am)

  13. Rob says:

    Better a shop being used and employing people than a boarded up shop front, if nobody wants to get their hair cut/nails done there it will close within a year, given how popular other such establishments are I expect it will stay open. People vote with their wallets, no need for surveys. As for coffee shops/restaurants/pubs/bars it’s hardly as if they are sitting there empty stopping all those greengrocers out there from getting a look in!

  14. Lindsay S Doyle says:

    Why are you all so negative, this is a great idea. I hope the council grants planning permission to this new salon.
    The more businesses we have the more this town will thrive. Coupled with a Welsh Government that provides incentives to get people back to work and a low business rates, never has there been a better time to invest in our economy.
    Only the other day I was remarking on how through a well managed local economy that things have really improved.
    So stop all this negative talk and go out and apply for a grant, is what I Say.

    • Emma says:

      Where is grant funding available for a business?

    • Rachel says:

      low business rates! hahahaha only if you have a small shop/store. Business rates are the death of small businesses all over Wales and the revaluation currently underway is a load of tosh.

  15. I might be biased and ive said it before if someone puts there money where thier mouth is and actually opens something and has a go at it …. rather than …er just have a go at it (on a forum) then that should be applauded and supported if its your thing.
    i say good luck to anyone being proactive.
    on other points raised but prehaps not acknowledged by the naysayers..
    – Business Rates – they are shockingly high … and the recent “revaluation” i know of NO decreases, despite previous valuations being done ad a economic peak prior to the “crash” a few years back.
    – charity shops – these will never leave a site EVER – they have 100’000’s of indirect customers who donate to the cause so can keep doors open. staffed by volunteers… most stock for free… dont pay business rates …. tax reliefs… etc etc. So until legislation changes its a mute point moaning.
    – the shop was on the open market, also as the new tennants rn a similar business im sure they are comfortable with the demand for them in Penarth.
    – are 2 butchers not enough for Penarth? I like the idea of a fishmongers … but i also like the idea of lots of things it doesnt mean it would be comercially viable??
    So again with all this taken into account… stop moaning … support it or dont thats your choice… but remember you live here and if you all you do is run things down (especially without ever going in) then you should be grateful any shops independent or otherwise would put the effort in.

    • penarthblog says:

      A very thoughtful piece, I would like to see things like fishmongers and other independent businesses set up and if robust business models could be made then great. You made many other valuable points and a possible way forward could be for existing businesses to help tutor starting businesses with advice on marketing and other things as a that could benefit all.

  16. fishhenge says:

    How about a fishmongers market in the Paget Rooms on a Saturday morning?

  17. Louise says:

    Never mind Penarth town we have a row of shops in Tennyson rd of which two of the
    Have been closed down for two year shame the Penarth council didn’t encourage businesses over that side of town

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