The fence enclosing a garden at 32 Archer Road is the now subject of a Vale Council enforcement order

July 2016 : The fence enclosing a garden at 32 Archer Road is the now subject of a Vale Council enforcement order

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning committee has resolved to issue an enforcement notice against the owner of a garden at the rear of No 32 Archer Road Penarth  following a long running row about the condition of the plot.

The saga began a year ago on November 25th 2015 when the council received a complaint  regarding alleged “untidy land and buildings at 32, Archer Road, Penarth” – a location which is within the Penarth Conservation Area .

The site at No 30 Archer Road looked like thisd in December last year and is now the subject of a planning enforcement order

The site at No 30 Archer Road looked like this in December 2015. A fence was later installed – but that fence (see top picture) is now the subject of a planning enforcement order

On November 30th  2015 a council officer  visited the site and found it was “full of rubble”. Vale Council building control officers  contacted the owner of the property – a house which has been converted into 6 flats – regarding an allegedly “unsafe garage and an unsafe boundary wall” .

On January 8th 2016 a council officer carried out a second visit to the site  found that “the boundary wall fronting onto Archer Road had been removed and a breeze block wall had been erected on which stone facing was being applied”

By January 19th 2016 the report says “the breeze block wall had been largely stone faced”.

On January 20th 2016 the council sent a letter to the owner of the property “requesting a likely timescale [ on the building works] – but no reply was received”.

By February 10th 2016  a 2-metre-tall timber feather-edged fence had been  erected around the boundary of the site. However – because the fence is over 1-metre high it is not covered by “Permitted Development Rights” and the council says it should not have been built without formal planning permission. As no planning permission had been granted, the council claims the fence is “unauthorised and in breach of planning control”. The officers also noted that “miscellaneous items were being stored within the site”. 

On February 11th 2016 the council wrote to the owner “requesting the fencing be removed ” –  or that he should make a planning application  for the new fence .

On April 27th 2016 council officers found that the fence was still up. The agent of what the council describes as “the offender”  is quoted in the report as saying that a planning application for a stand-alone garage would be submitted for the site and was told this application could “include boundary fence”.

However in subsequent visits by officers on June 28th 2016 and July 14th  2016 the fence was found to be still in place.

On July 20th 2016  a “final letter” was sent giving the owner 14 days to remove the fence

On 4 October 4th 2016 council officers found the fence was still there.

The Vale Council says that 32 Archer Road is ” vast and incorporates the front, side and rear of this corner property. As such, the means of enclosure of the site is particularly visible and has a significant impact on the character of context of the site.”

The council planners say that whilst the fence that’s been put up is a “typical domestic means of enclosure”  the design is “not sympathetic to the character of the conservation area within which it is located”. The official report says The timber feather board fence is incongruous within this setting and its detrimental visual impact is exacerbated by the sheer extent of the enclosure along the rear and vast majority of the side boundary of the site shared with the adopted highway.”

Planning chief Marcus Goldsworthy told the Vale Planning Committee that a “closeboarded fence” is unacceptable in the Penarth Conservation Area. However the council’s enforcement powers only allow it to insist on a reduction in the height of the fence to 1 metre .

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  1. Frank Evans says:

    With the profits from 6 flats comes responsibility as well. Get that stone wall rebuilt.

  2. Paul says:

    “had been largely stone faced”.
    Sounds more like the owner, than the property.
    He will do, whatever he can get away with…….

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