Gereen garden waste bags will not be collected at the kerbside. Copuncil Tax payers have to ring the could to get them picked up

Green garden waste bags will not be collected at the kerbside from next month . Council Tax payers have to ring the council to get them picked up until collections resume in March.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to stop kerbside collections of  residents’ “green-bag” garden waste.  

At present garden waste is collected every other week (alternating with black-bag refuse collections).

Today the council has announced that from December council-tax payers will have to ring up the council and request collection of their garden waste.

The number to call is  01446 700111 – the Vale’s all-purpose phone number where callers have to listen to  a 60-second-long  list of announcements before eventually getting through to the switchboard.

The new arrangements will operate for what the Vale Council calls “the slower gardening months” . Normal collections won’t resume until March 2017 .


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  1. sjleworthy says:

    this is quite normal then 🙂

  2. Mgg says:

    Will the vale give me a letter to show my wife about slower gardening months as I seem to have just as many jobs to do as ever

  3. Martin Coffee says:

    It certainly seems quite reasonable to reduce the collection of garden waste during the winter. What is not so reasonable is to expect people to waste that amount of time going through option after option after option. Why cannot they give a direct number for the collection department and reserve the number with the options for those who do not know the direct number.

    I find myself quite bad tempered after having to wade through the options and I’m certainly less likely to be cooperative when I get through to a human.

    • Lindsay says:

      A 60 seconds delay can be quite tiresome. No wonder it makes you bad tempered Martin. I wonder how the human on the other end of the line feels about dealing with all those uncooperative people?

    • Colin Davies says:

      Giving out direct numbers for department defeats the object of having a central call centre, given the cuts that have taken place and will continue to take place unfortunately this is the shape of things to come and not just in the Vale

  4. Ian Perry says:

    I believe that the service is continuing for an extra month this year – ending at the end of November, rather than October.

    This is a service for the better off of the Vale with larger gardens. Those with small or no gardens subsidise the collections for the more affluent – who can’t be bothered to compost.

  5. Kevin Mahoney says:

    I have complained over and over to the call centre manager about the ridiculous list of options on the new call centre menu and the whole ‘please speak into the phone to a computer’ thing until you finally get through to a human being.

    As anyone who has rung will know you have to listen to the preamble in English and Welsh then a list of options, then feel really stupid as the software tells you to press your required button on the phone or to say “something else’ which then asks you to repeat “something else” which then lists another load of options before asking you to say “something else” down the phone again if these are not for you, before asking you to repeat yourself before then putting you through to an operator.

    It’s probably quite right to say that the poor operator has to deal with quite a number of people who are already on the edge of being fed up by the time they get to speak to anybody. In fact I have asked several operators before and they say that an increasing number of callers are commenting on how irritated they are with the new procedure.

    The call centre manager tells me that they have conducted a survey of users and that just about everyone is delighted at the new options answering service.

    Although, of course everyone that I speak to is cheesed off with the new operation which I feel tells you everything that you need to know about the over optimistic perception of senior staff who having introduced an upopular method of operation fend off criticisms with the old ‘everybody is delighted with it’ line.

    I now offer exclusively to the readership of this site as I am so fond of you all my very own discovered method of cutting out most of the:-

    Press 1 press 2 press 3 press 4 or ‘ say something else’…….” OK Something else”…. “I’m sorry say it again”…….”OK Something else”… are further options…press 1….press 2… press 3 …. or ‘Say something else’…..” OK something else…”I’m sorry say it again”…… OK something else”…..”I’ll now transfer you to an operative” complete and utter nonsense that regular callers to the Vale call centre have to endure over and over.

    1) Ring 700111

    2) Listen to the preamble in English and Welsh

    3) The instant that the recorded voice says that the options are about to start …. say immediately down the phone… “Something else” “Something else”

    4) The computer recording will say “I’m sorry say that again”….You say immediately….. “something else” ‘Something else”

    And you get straight through to an operator or the call waiting queue.

    This will cut out about two thirds of the getting through to an operator ( or the call waiting queue) time which I feel helps the resident and cuts down on the irritation factor to callers that may unfortunately be passed on in some cases to the call centre operatives.

    ***I should point out that this advice only needs to be used if you know that the press button options will not cater for your requirements from experience of previous calls to the call centre”****

    Don’t feel embarrassed at members of your family or friends thinking that you’ve gone mad shouting ‘Something else” “Something else” all over the place, this is exactly what computor operated call centre voice recognition software has reduced us all to.

    • Lindsay says:

      Phew, reading all that was as tiresome as listening to a few options on the phone

      • Colin Davies says:

        You may find simply pressing the ‘#’ key will bypass all menu’s and queue you to an operator it used to work prior to the new automated messaging and works with a lot of call centres, doesn’t work with a lot also, but always worth a try!

  6. david kerslake says:

    Whats the big deal the council do this every year. Don’t upset them or they”ll be charging us for collecting garden waste.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sue@56 says:

    I think that we have an excellent recycling/garden waste etc service from the Vale Council. Monmouth have to pay separately for garden waste collection and Brighton have no garden waste collection at all. Possibly lower rates though!

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