The big articulated truck go so far up Woodland Place - but no further. It took two hours to liberate it.

This Kettle Interiors 18-wheeler articulated truck found itself in hot water when it attempted an ambitious manoeuver and attempted to drive up the narrow road Woodland Place.  It got stuck and it took 3 hours to liberate it. (Photo John Clark)

A large articulated lorry with a full size steel shipping container on its trailer appeared to have taken several wrong turns in Penarth yesterday and – predictably – found itself stranded on a narrow road with no way forward and no way back .

The driver of the big truck – possibly guided by a GPS sat-nav system – is thought to have been aiming to unload a consignment of kitchen units in the town centre.

The big 18 wheeler had a standard cargo shipping container on its trailer

The big 18 wheeler had a standard cargo shipping container on its trailer (Photo John Clark)

The driver somehow found himself in the narrow Dingle Road – by Dingle Station –  drove up to Grove Place, couldn’t make the 90 degree turn back over Victoria Bridge into Hickman Road and tried going straight up Woodland Place (where cars are parked on both sides of the road)  ….and got stuck.

The huge rig was marooned in Woodland Place for over 3 hours whilst the drivers of parked cars were contacted to arrange to move them.

The big truck appeared to merge into the local surroundings and virtually became a permanent feature of the landscape. (Photo Vilis Kuksa)

The big truck appeared to merge into the local surroundings and was stuck so long it virtually became a permanent feature of the Woodland Place landscape. (Photo Vilis Kuksa)

Eventually the truck did manage to extract itself from Woodland Place and unloaded its cargo in Windsor Road – but had to park on double yellow lines  outside the RAFA Club to do so .

Vilis Kuksa the well-known local photographer and proprietor of  Penarth Framing says it’s the second time he’s seen this happen . Last time a similar container truck damaged a householder’s fence whilst attempting to extricate itself backwards from  Woodland Place.

An illegally parked articulated truck parks on the zebra crossing zig zags outside Plassey Fish Bar - totally obscuring the view for pedestrians and motorists.

Last week an illegally parked  truck unloaded potatoes on the prohibited zebra-crossing zig-zags outside the Plassey Fish Bar – forcing pedestrians to peer around the cab to see if it was safe to cross

Meanwhile over the last few days other massive eighteen-wheelers have been causing other problems in Penarth.

The potato truck in the picture above decided to park on the zig zag lines of the zebra crossing outside Plassey St Fish Bar – blocking the view for approaching traffic and forcing pedestrians to peer cautiously around the cab before deciding whether or not to cross to the other side .


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  1. Reg Salthouse says:

    HGV’s are always coming up Woodland Place from Cornerswell road and then having to reverse back down sometimes causing havoc at the roundabout at the junction. Notices should be placed at each end that this road is not suitable for HGV vehicles.

  2. Vic says:

    The container truck came up Dingle Road and straight over into Woodland Place. It blocked the road for almost 3 hours before reversing out into Grove Place and over the bridge to town.

  3. Elizabeth Windsor says:

    My loyal subjects, simply ask me and I can easily stop these lorries interrupting your lives when they deliver goods and services to your remote corner of the empire. If you’d rather grow all your own food in your little gardens and weave your own clothes and mine your own ore and manufacture your own televisions then I can easily have these deliveries halted

  4. whatsoccurin says:

    There was a H.G.V parked ON the Plassey Street crossing again today-I use the road regularly and you can say 2 or 3 times per week a delivery vehicle is parked dangerously-authorities take no action and seem to see it as a crossing that exists in name only.

  5. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Yes I use this crossing nearly every morning and evening for work and I Have to step out to see around vehicles on this zebra crossing also cars don’t like to stop on this zebra crossings, I have to wait for them to slow down , one car even waved to me as it shot passed me on it.

    • Tyger says:

      I wish all I had to do for work was to cross on a zebra crossing twice a day..

    • whatsoccurin says:

      agree-and be careful on the zebra near the pier-on several occasions I have been about to cross and cars have raced through totally ignoring me!-in town it is a different issue-pedestrians-motorists are NOT mind readers-you may like to have a gossip near the crossing and then do a body swerve which Gareth Bale would be proud of, but sooner or later you will walk under the wheels of a car, no matter how considerate motorists are.

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