Penarth's triple Christmas trees are ready on the roundabout - and inclined slightly to the right this year.

Penarth’s triple Christmas trees on the Clock Roundabout have been decorated by Hamptons. In previous years, roundabout trees have mostly leaned to the left . However, perhaps after Brexit and the victory of Republican President-elect Trump, they seem to be inclined to the right this year.

Penarth’s Grand Christmas Lights switch-on – and the traditional preliminary visit by Father Christmas and partner – are due to take place on Sunday November 20th.  

The all-day event will involve road closures from 08:00 to 20:00 on  Sunday

The Vale of Glamorgan Council says the roads closed to traffic will be:-

  • The lower part of Glebe St “between Ludlow Street and Windsor Road ”  . Traffic will be diverted along  Ludlow Lane and Albert Road. The  one way traffic system on Arcot Lane (the narrow gated back lane) will be suspended for the day
  • A section of Ludlow Lane will be closed between Glebe St and the parking ground of Windsor Lofts.
  • Windsor Road itself will be closed from the junction with Albert Road to the junction with Arcot St .

Diversions will be in place for all these routes

The last Christmas Lights switch-on was in 2014 by the then Mayor Cllr Martin Turner and tv presenter Fran Donovan

Two years ago the Penarth Christmas Lights switch-on was carried out the then Mayor Cllr Martin Turner and tv presenter Fran Donovan. The 2015 event was cancelled because of the weather.

This year’s Christmas Festival will be the first to be held in Penarth for two years, following the cancellation – at very short notice –  of last year’s Christmas Festival because of bad weather.

Hamptons saved the day as Father Christmas carried out one of his most important appointments of the year. (Photo John Bruno)

In 2015 – in terrible weather – Hamptons saved the day and hosted a special event for local families and for Father Christmas when Penarth Town Council abruptly cancelled the Christmas Festival at short notice . (Photo John Bruno)

Scores of families who’d come to the town centre last year with children to see Santa Claus were left with no information and nowhere to go until the Hampton’s gift shop in Ludlow Lane took the initiative of opening its doors and staging an impromptu event in-store including a visit from Father Christmas  – saving very many local children from disappointment.

Sunday’s Christmas Festival timetable is:-

img_014414:00  Festival begins in Windsor Road and Glebe St with fairground rides, owl petting and sideshows

15:30 Live musical outdoor stage-show featuring local talent.

16:00  ‘Santa Claus’ and partner will arrive in Penarth’s first-ever traditional “Lantern Parade” …bring your own lantern to join in. [Perhaps – post Brexit – Penarth might revert to the traditional non-EU and less Germanic title of “Father Christmas”, or the Welsh version “Sion Corn”] .

Penarth Town Council says  “The parade has a new twist this year with the community encouraged to take part with their own lantern. Either pop up to the town centre to decorate one at the Town Council stall, or bring your own [ lantern] to West House by 3.45pm (lights will be provided) to set off with Santa at 4pm.”

There will be a collection for the RNLI’s new lifeboat during the event.

17:00: Christmas Lights ceremonial switch-on – which this year will include the three Christmas trees on the roundabout and illuminated snowmen – sorry – “snow-persons”.




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  1. 249ers says:

    Will Santa parade from West House this year or has that changed too?

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    What happened to the snowman?! Maybe off to do a frosty the snowman tribute act at Hamptons?

  3. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Snowman isn’t there now will he be there only for switch on?

  4. Jillabong says:

    What a load of pants! When did Penarth become so politically correct? Sandra Claus and his PARTNER? Everybody knows that it is Mrs. Claus. SNOWPERSONS? They are snowmen. And what about the parade? Everyone bring a lantern and all walk together. Where is the excitement and ceremony in that? Pull your finger out Town Council – this is pants!

    • RetailGuru says:

      So when are you running for election then Jill? Seems you could do better? And you haven’t even seen what the council have to offer this year (on a tight budget), and you’re already slating it…. pathetic

      • Jillabong says:

        Now, there’s a thought! To answer you:- my biggest irritation was the political correctness – Santa Claus’ partner, snowperson. It is my understanding (I am sure that you will correct me if I am mistaken) that the excellent Hamptons boys financed most of what was salvaged from last year’s shambolic debacle, where the council’s ‘Plan B’ was to cancel completely, with no notification to most of the people who had given up their time, free of charge to take part in the parade, for the good of their community. Good on Hamptons for making their facilities available for the young of the town to have a good time. I accept that perhaps I shouldn’t slate this year’s efforts before the lantern parade takes place. I await this event with interest.

  5. Mgg says:

    Well done Hamptons again making a contribution to there community . unlike the restaurant etcetera who parked their van on the double yellow lines for over 3 hours again today . Disgusting dangerous and anti social .oh and later there was a Penarth tractor outside virtually blocking the road .Pity the owner’s who must pay extra tax to own the whole street .

    • The Tax payer says:

      Agree with you 100% Trafic wardens only seem to be interested in the easy pickings up town

      • Ted says:

        Couldn’t agree more Easy pickings I got a ticket it stated observed at 11.44 booked at 1145 Perhaps I should have a well know shop name on the side of my car or a top of the range sports car they seem to be exempt

  6. CelticMan says:

    Will always respect Hamptons for what they did last year.

  7. Harry says:

    Never understood why Etc Etc allowed to have large metal planter outside property – along with tables and chairs and of course rope barrier stands, obviously to keep ordinary folk out, they do seem to have taken over the pavement and don’t start me on the double parking that vans for there for hours today

    • The Tax payer says:

      Wounder what the police would do if you give them a photo of the van ? Proberley not a lot as they just drive past dangerous parking every day in Penarth. That’s if they leave the police station mind ??

      • Mgg says:

        I have asked ref photos. Not admissible as could be doctored. I rang 101 ref the van and told its not the police its Barry enforcement but Barry only do parking bays type stuff so where do we Go.?

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