A Vale of Glamorgan lorry operated a shuttle serve to remove the rubbish. Today the "operatives at work" were all local volunteers.

A Vale of Glamorgan lorry operated a shuttle serve to remove loads of rubbish from the Railway Path today . The  “operatives at work” were all local volunteers.

A team of 30 public-spirited volunteers turned out today to begin a massive clean up of Penarth’s treasured nature-walk  – the Railway Path.

The newly created “Railway Walk Group”  – is an informal organisation that anyone can join. The idea had germinated in discussions at the Penarth Tourist and Visitor Association with the support of chair Gary Soltys and vice-chair  Cllr Anthony Ernest and was organised by Sarah Salter.

The group set to work in two teams at 10:30 this morning, hoping to clear as much as possible of the rubbish from the 2km path with the aid of many volunteers and friends.

A stretch of the Railway Path after today's clean-up by volunteers

A stretch of the Railway Path after today’s clean-up by volunteers

The path comprises the former track-bed, sidings and platforms of the old Victorian dual railway line (which once used to link Penarth with Sully)  –   and is now a popular walking and cycling route which runs from Plymouth Road to Cosmeston.

The volunteers quickly discovered however, that the clean-up was going to involve a lot more than raking up a few autumn leaves and disposing of the odd dead branch.

Just some of the scores of fly-tipped items discovered today to have been dumped along the Railway Parth

Some of the  fly-tipped items discovered today to have been dumped along the Railway Parth

In the hedgerows  – on either side of the pathway –  the volunteers discovered variety of fly-tipped items which appeared to have  been deliberately dumped there – including a lot of builders’ material .

There was an aluminium stepladder, an old bath, several plastic cement-buckets,  a set of glass-fibre steps for a swimming pool,  various scaffolding planks, baulks of timber and scores of other, similar, detritus.

A volunteer busy collecting up several scaffolding boards and pieces of timber tsgatered up

A volunteer busy collecting up dumped scaffolding boards and assorted timbers.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council lorry was soon so full of accumulated refuse it had break off to take away its first load and then come back for a second – with enough material being accumulated in the meantime for a third trip.

Because of the sheer volume of material to be shifted, it became clear the clean-up will need to continue into another day – but already much of the Railway Path is looking much tidier than it was.

Amongst the group of hard-working volunteers on leaf-raking duties was TV presenter Fran Donovan

The group of hard-working volunteers on leaf-raking duties included TV presenter Frances Donovan

At Sully Terrace a separate detachment of volunteers, including several familiar figures in local organisations, set-to with a will to rake up leaves galore. At least a dozen sackfuls  of potential future compost were gathered-up . It was a community effort which was praised by many elderly local residents .

A former Labour Town Mayor said in 2013  that “the majority of people in Penarth couldn’t give a monkey’s” about the Railway Path.

Today’s hard work by local volunteers has – yet again –  demonstrated that they do.


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  1. 249ers says:

    Thank you Sarah Salter for organising and coordinating the Penarth Railway Path Project, so good to know we made a difference this morning. Hoping the weather is a little less wet when we meet again

  2. Christopher David says:

    Burnett and co turn up?

    • 249ers says:

      Did you?

      • Chris David says:

        No- I’m not back in the UK until December. But I will volunteer when/if home for the next one if I know about it. I’ll make enquiries. I do engage in our village improvement schemes here. As generally the French don’t just throw litter everywhere and fly tip its more about project work. Clearing waste ground for a local camper park and play area at the moment. They do it rather well. Many of the local councillors turn out along with residents of course. Its an 8 AM start, beer and coffee at c 11 followed by lunch and wine in the Salle De Fete 12:30. Very community orientated. I’ll be shocked as always at the filth in the UK when we land.

  3. Peter Church says:

    I had a good laugh at them raking the leafs off the grass!!
    Their efforts would be far better directed if they cleared the leafs off some of the pavements.
    Plymouth road for instance which is almost impossible to walk down as the council have given up over the last few years.

    • Mgg says:

      It was a railway path clear up if you are so damn concerned about Plymouth Rd get out and get sweeping!!!!!

    • Nina Ward says:

      The leaves were raked to allow for the planting of wild flowers.

      • Peter Church says:

        Yes, that patch had wild flowers planted when the cycle track was first constructed, but they turned to weeds over the years, which became a large dog toilet.
        What’s wrong with grass, it’s tidy and get mown now and then!
        If you want wild flowers, plant them in your garden 🙂

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well done to these volunteers its nice to see people who are willing to volunteer using their own time and without payment to improve their environment. I myself was part of a conservation group back in the 1980s for 5 years (not in this part of the country) we turned out every Sunday and sometimes for the weekend going a variety of tasks which involved making steps , fencing , tree planting etc etc . Once again well done to these volunteers , all we need now is for people in the town centre to show similar enthusiasm, then we wont find drink cans left on window sills only feet from a litter bin and takeaway packaging just dumped on the ground , I personally have moved about 30 empty drink cans from window sills , just left because the persons could not be bothered to find a litter bin , the mind boggles at the laziness of such people.

  5. Paul says:

    Excellent, well done to all involved. So how u gonna stop these tippers dumping their illegal loads on the path…

  6. martincoffee says:

    Did anyone forensically examine the fly tipped rubbish to determine its source? If not perhaps it would be a good idea to have a Barry officer present to do so next time?

  7. Chris David says:

    Good idea and hats off to the volunteers.

  8. Mark Foster says:

    I walk along that path every day and have never seen that rubbish there before. I walked along there today at 10:30 AM and there was no “continuation of the clean up into another day”. The only area that had been cleaned was 5 yards either side of where the VOG truck is parked in the picture and they have left the bright blue “glass-fibre steps for a swimming pool” in place for all the world to see. Did somebody carry it all the way along the railway path to plant it there?

    It looks to me like the VOGC has organised some propaganda in conjunction with assorted Labour Party members and leftists and supplied a free truck for their pre-election propaganda campaign. Who is paying the propaganda PR company? You are.

    Potholes filled in on Cliff Hill, raking the leaves for flowers at Sully Terrace all for the election in the spring. They must really think you are stupid. Join with Nigel Farage and Donald Trump and Drain the Swamp of these people.

    • Mgg says:

      Shut up you deluded little man .I myself picked up 3 bags of rubbish , bottles, old wood, plastic piping etc. How dare you twist the work of volunteers to your sordid political bias . Open your eyes as much as your pathetic mouth next time you walk the path .

    • 249ers says:

      The volunteers filled three lorry loads with the detritus found there on Saturday morning. The clear up was well advertised and open to all. Maybe you should join in next time and then you too can confirm, as I can, that all the rubbish photographed came from that bank.

      • Mark Foster says:

        Are you trying to tell us that somebody carried the rubbish the length of the Railway Path and dumped it there? Rubbish. It was a photo opportunity. The rubbish was dumped over the wall by some members of the Labour Party supporting elite in Plymouth and Victoria Roads. I’m betting the VOG truck brought the bright blue “glass-fibre steps for a swimming pool” for the photo opportunity and left it there for posterity

  9. Peter Church far be it from me to educate you but what some call weeds some call wild flowers , but of course some weeds even as wild plants hold little or no attraction , nettles etc . And you do not really need to cut grass at this time of year if the temperature falls below a certain temp the grass stops growing. As for you saying if you want wild flowers , PLANT THEM IN YOUR OWN GARDEN ! may I ask what you’d do if you lived in a flat with no veranda as lots do in Penarth??? Beware of judging people etc by your own living arrangements, do you think people in flats keep a garden under the bed??????? , And what’s more people like to see wild flowers and it creates beauty and interest to the average walker . Yes I used to be in a conservation group (as a volunteer) many years ago and we planted trees, bushes, etc along with maintenance of fences footpaths and dry stone walls etc .

    • Peter Church says:


      Let me try and educate your good kind self who has the pomposity to post long, rambling and sometimes condescending rebukes to other fair people on this fine forum.
      I wonder if you have seen what the original wild flowers had turned into after 4 years going to seed, I would not wish them on my worst neighbour or even your good self for that matter.
      I suspect that you don’t live in a flat since your diatribe was in the third person and in fact are well endowed in the property sense, so to are most in Penarth. Can I give some guidance to those, as you so eloquently put it, live in a sic “flat”.
      Apartment dwellers can do no better than to perambulate to the Italian gardens to see the finest flowers, if that’s what you think all that apartment dweller are interested in.

      There is a place for grass and a place for flowers and the cycle path sure ain’t a place for wild flowers, disguised as nasty weeds

      Can I has a rhetorical question so I can get 10 question marks in????????????

  10. cariad. says:

    My Husband and I walk along the railway path regularly on our way to Cosmeston and we have never seen any dumped rubbish along the path, nor litter so we are mystified as to where the rubbish has appeared from, all of a sudden, prior to a clean up which seemed unnecessary.

    There are many other places in Penarth that could do with a clean-up but would not be in the public eye, such as the lane at the side of Shaws and outside St Pauls Church.

    • 249ers says:

      I can assure you all that rubbish was dragged from the banks by the volunteers. Much was hidden by garden waste which also was removed. Old Christmas trees, plants – some in pots. A child’s slide, aluminum ladder, a wheelbarrow and some boat or maybe pool steps were all items I together with others discovered on this short stretch.
      We were meant to be there for two hours but after finding enough to fill three lorry loads we went home. The group will meet again and if you have the time please come and join us, posters will be distributed nearer to the date. A Facebook page is also available to view which contains photos of the morning’s activities.

    • Mgg says:

      So what you are saying is that you saw the rubbish at shawls and st Paul’s and didn’t bother organising a clear up . Get down there and make an effort you lazy toad

  11. Tim Bird (Barry &Vale FoE) says:

    Well done all who took part.

  12. Chris David says:

    Cariad’s post here deserves a response. Its in direct opposition to Mgg’s assertion. What is going on? This is all turning into a real intrigue, and a worrying one in some respects. Ps I’m not getting onto a wild flower debate but we plant new ones every year and the do encourage the birds and the bees et al. One can create a nice little meadow. Maybe its what you plant.

  13. Well Peter Church as you are aware this website is a public forum for comments related to the news items featured and in some part to contributors themselves. As calling me ‘pompous’ I am far from that and as you don’t know me a giant assumption on your part. And as for the condescending and rambling contributions from myself and rebukes to people , for your information I do not do rebukes unless the person has been outspoken or got their facts wrong. Its quite amazing to read the assumptions you have jumped to in your reply , none of which you know as fact. If I wish to write a long winded contribution on a particular topic , no one is forcing you to read it and the name comes before the letter so you are forewarned. And I do not need you to educate my good self (pompous and condescending ??!!) anyone?? anyway I do not need you to educate myself as I am quite knowledgeable or should that be sufficiently for my age. As to your own language good sir! Apartment dwellers ?? you make that sound like cave dwellers what a strange way of describing them , TENANTS is the word your looking for. And you neglect to mention exactly what wild flowers turn into after 4 years , let me guess something nasty ? am I right ? not that you explained what that might be wild flowers are wild flowers they don’t turn into another life form although they may spread and become uncared for. Anyway it was nice to be educated by your kind self and I’m all the better for it. Sorry if this letter is a bit rambling, but you know me?? or think you do.

  14. Mgg says:

    Mr Foster .Turn up next time and you wil see the rubbish that’s found on the day and I can tell you what I think of you in words I can’t use here .

    • Mark Foster says:

      You’re only a Pawn in the Game, to quote Bob Dylan. The propaganda was organised by the charity Sustrans and the Vale of Glamorgan Council. I tell you what. I’ll turn up if you clean up the rubbish around St Paul’s Church or alternatively you can excavate the Roman ruins at Caerleon. QED. Clean the British Swamp too.

  15. Robert Donaldson says:

    Happy new year.

    Net work rail where scheduled to clear & clean the old railway platform wed 23rd nov 16.Dingle Station

    but have not responded up to date.


    David are there enforcement orders available to get the soughted.

    Cc: Colin Smith vale of Glamorgan, cleansing manager.

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