Penarth truck driver Anthony Bloom drives for the Someret haulage firm R T Keedwell

Penarth truck driver Anthony Bloom drives for the Somerset haulage firm R T Keedwell

A Penarth HGV driver has been praised for rescuing  an 80-year-old  woman suffering from dementia whom he spotted walking alone along the M6 motorway near Gretna Green.

Only now has the story emerged of how earlier this month local HGV lorry driver Anthony Bloom (46) was heading south from Scotland when he spotted the pensioner walking along the hard shoulder motorway.

Mr Bloom said it was very cold and wintry but  he couldn’t see any abandoned vehicle in the vicinity so he pulled over and stopped on the hard shoulder to asked the elderly woman if she was OK .

The pensioner told him she was just trying to get home – and claimed that she’d  been walking along the road “ever since she was little girl“. Sensing something was wrong, Mr Bloom  said  ‘But the road wasn’t built when you were a little girl was it?’”.

Mr Bloom, told MediaWales he then found that the woman had  her name, address and postcode in her purse  and called-up the woman’s husband on his mobile to tell him “I’ve just picked your wife up on the M6.”

Mr Bloom then drove her safely to the front door of her home in Gretna and handed her over to her very relieved husband and let the police know that he’d found her .

He says the response he’s had to his “Good Samaritan” deed has been totally unexpected and overwhelming – but he claims it’s what anyone else would do in the circumstances . It was, he says, just a matter of driving a few extra miles and spending a little extra time behind the wheel – all in a good cause.


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  1. The very sort of people we need more of , kindness and caring and this kind hearted man wasn’t using his mobile phone either. Best of luck to him .

  2. snoggerdog says:

    well done that man,proper penarthian !

  3. Andrew Fidoe says:

    What a driver top man

  4. bizzilizzi says:

    Dementia is increasing .Sufferers need kindness and understanding. Carers have to cope with unbelievable problems often when they also are elderly and less able, not just the confusion but even violence and verbal abuse from those they love- and it can go on for years. I have been a carer and also experienced kindness from strangers and the police in Penarth similar to that reported above. It is important that everyone is aware that someone behaving strangely perhaps needs help even if they seem to be confident that they are doing the right thing.
    Thank you to those who help in this way.

  5. Louise says:

    Random acts of kindness like this make the world a better place. What a lovely man.

  6. Sarah says:

    fantastic – well done Anthony!

  7. John Henderson says:

    You are a hero sir well done

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