The new-look St Fagans Castle colour-scheme - ocmplete with a hand-painted portrait of the building being added by sign artist Des Glossop

In Penarth town centre a  new-look for the St Fagans Castle pub –  familiarly known as “The Fag” – complete with a hand-painted portrait being created by talented sign artist Dean Glossop

At last the scaffolding has been dismantled –  and the new restrained, muted, grey and black colour-scheme of Penarth’s town centre pub, the St Fagans Castle, has been revealed.  

Today the finishing touch was being applied  – an original portrait of St Fagans Castle , rendered in black on the wall adjacent to Glebe St.

Den Glossop - and artist with a head for heights using fine brushes to get the portrait of St Fagan's Castle just right. It's a job like Michaeangelo's commission to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel - except that it's colder - and wetter.

Dean Glossop – an artist with a head for heights – using fine brushes to get the portrait of St Fagans Castle just right. It’s a job akin to Michaelangelo’s commission to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel – except that Dean’s doing it outside – and its colder –  and it rains every so often.

Den's inspiration for the wall painting was the new signboard of the St Fagans Castle

Den’s inspiration for the wall painting was the new signboard showing the real St Fagans Castle –   once the ancestral home of the Windsors

This was no photographic transfer and plastic applique.

It’s a freehand painting carried out  in black paint on the grey wall  – and rendered entirely by hand by expert sign-artist Dean Glossop of  S.R. Signs.

Dean said he was just using the picture of St Fagans on the new projecting signboard nearby as the guide for his wall-painting.

For those who can’t quite remember what the old St Fagans colour scheme was like – here it is:-

The St Fagans Castle - as it looked in 2013

For those who can’t quite remember, this is what the St Fagans Castle pub used to look like in 2013

The St Fagans Castle pub is one of  what were – in 1868 – a total of only three buildings in the whole of Windsor Road.

The other two were the Police Station and the Windsor Hotel (now “The Windsor“).

Dean seemed satisfied with the completed painting - a piece of wall art which will be appreciated by customers and local residents alike over the coming years

Dean seemed satisfied with the completed painting – a piece of wall art which will be appreciated by pub customers and local residents alike for years to come

The St Fagans Castle pub is named, of course, after St Fagans Castle itself, which was then one of the many homes of the Windsor family – the dynasty which created Penarth.

The Penarth Windsors  had had their name adopted by the British Royal family (real name Saxe-Coburg) who in 1917 wanted to seem less Germanic and more English than they really were.

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  1. Mgg says:

    I am going to make a complaint about the new colour scheme. Did they get permission etc etc get the copy ready for a controversy

  2. Disappointed resident says:

    Do you really call painting a pub an uninviting dull grey a facelift?
    Penarth is miserable enough with grey and black shop fronts without adding more

  3. Ivor Bagman says:

    Perhaps the complainants
    Would like to paper over
    The cracks on the gun turret
    On Penarth head.

  4. Not a lot of imagination involved and id agree a miserable colour scheme. But as the place has taken a nose dive in recent years no matter what colour it wouldn’t improve the place. I used to be a regular of this pub in the late 90s and early 00s but then the clientele where a lot more friendly, and sociable including the Landlord, now its just an embarrassment and so say lots of people around town.

  5. Frank Evans says:

    Looks fine I noticed in on Monday.
    Would prefer it was left until the paint flaked off?
    For those who think we are hard done by in Penarth I’ll buy you a valley rider ticket to see how the other half lives!

  6. Errr Frank the old paint was flaking off , why do you think they had to do it up ?? of course the old colour scheme was more befitting, and appealing but if your going to dumb down better to do it proper than to show you have,nt a clue about what’s attractive and what’s not..

  7. sjleworthy says:

    Must admit, the grey/black ‘facelift’ really does look ugly as sin

  8. Mgg says:

    Can I place on record that I was joking . Didn’t actually think some might actually complain. Will,I never learn?

  9. Big Davey says:

    It is actually the clientele that needs an overhaul. Always throwing up on the pavements there and littering the street with fag ends.

    Make it over into a bistro or a high end gastro pub 🙂

  10. Richard says:

    They took advice on the colour scheme from the owners at Gifts at No 9!

  11. Totally agree Big Davey, this place is not welcoming at all and with its seemingly ever present builders as customers standing outside the door smoking and looking menacing , who is going to push past theses characters to enter? and as its all across the road from Bar 44 , Prezzo, and Costa which have all attracted new customers and a different type of clientele esp Bar 44 , it is cringeworthy to see the contrast at weekends. And does the towns reputation not one jot of good.

  12. penarthblog says:

    Whether its a grey pub or a purple shop, it’s good that there is so much interest being shown in the town, positive or negative comments show that people do care.

  13. snoggerdog says:

    builders,smoking & standing round looking menacing,in penarth ?how could they?

  14. RetailGuru says:

    It’s not that imaginative, however it’s an improvement on how it used to look! I don’t find the clientele intimidating or menacing – just ordinary people having a drink at the end of the day. My only complaint about this place is the broken glass left outside for children and animals to seriously hurt themselves on, nobody from the pub cleans it up and you can pretty much guarantee it’s there on a Saturday morning.

  15. Well RetailGuru ones definition of ‘ordinary people’ can vary from anothers definition and im glad you don’t find the clientele menacing or intimidating ,but some do. This place is festooned with Welsh flags too making it the only overtly nationalistic pub in town, nay I go further, in the Vale. And it was the place that a visiting black customer was told he “smelled funny” to the horror of his friends , yep, just ordinary clientele as you say.

    • Cam says:

      Do you really object to builders, smokers and Welsh flags?

    • Cam says:

      Do you seriously take exception to Welsh flags, builders and smokers?

      • Peter Church says:

        I think the combination of all 3 is the worrying bit!

        I think the combination of all 3 is the worrying bit!

    • RetailGuru says:

      Andrew, there is nothing at all wrong with them displaying a Welsh flag – I’m bemused by this troubling you. It’s certainly not for me, but all I see is honest working people enjoying a pint. Maybe this isn’t a sector of the population you can relate to or understand?

      • Cam says:

        Penarth is changing but to it seems that people are castigating the old and celebrating the new which is wrong in my view. Enjoy both is the way forward in my eyes

  16. johnm says:

    the undercoat, pale blue masonry with white trim, was much nicer than this monochrome paint job! penarth’s not miserable, if you think it is, go try
    living anywhere in the midlands, but this colour scheme is joyless. can the council not intervene?

  17. Rod Knipping says:

    The baron negativity astounds me

  18. Rod Knipping says:

    My god! The baron nagativity is just relentless! A Landlord puts in a bit of effort; a Signwriter does a really nice bit of HAND DONE artwork and all we get is moaning and groaning from the armchair do nothings …. except moan, of course. It’s better!!! Penarth is a lovely place. Shops, art galleries, a Pier to be proud of, an outstanding waterfront, a vibrant community, a fantastic music scene, pubs, dining …… what’s to bloody moan about???? And the Landlord of the St. Fagan’s is an extremely pleasant, intelligent and observant man but hey, it takes one to know one. For god’s sake, try smiling!!!!
    Onward and upwards …….. if that’s ok.

  19. Ask a serious question Cam and I may respond as your missing the whole point.

  20. As I said earlier ones mans definition of ‘ordinary customers’ can be different from anothers as witnessed by Rod Knippings experiences .Pleasant , intelligent and observant is his chosen opinion , well he is entitled to it right or wrong . But as is pointed out by himself , ‘it takes one to know one’ which is a sweeping statement , and because I point out something I find objectional it does not mean I am a kill joy and as this is a public forum , I should be allowed to voice my personal view and not be prevented by cries of ‘killjoy’ , ‘misery’ etc but then again as Rod says , “it takes one to know one” so he wouldn’t judge a person he does not know now would he???? ‘oh sorry he just did!. PS I am not the only one on this forum that does not rave about the new paint job and the type of customers.

  21. Peter Merrett says:

    Andrew, your comments, or should I say,Chinese whispers are incorrect. The incident relating to the”visiting black customer “was not in that establishment but in the one further down the road. Builders, smoking, Welsh flags,my my somebody really had his elitist little englander head on when he wrote this .
    Can I suggest, if you find Welsh flags offensive, move somewhere where you’re less likely to encounter them,and address your comments directly to the builders relating to their leisure persuits. Let us know in advance so that tickets can be sold,that’ll knock the Christmas tree lights switch on into a cocked hat.
    For the record, I don’t frequent the St Fagins but I appreciate the effort and the work that has gone into the paintings. Penarth does not need another gastro pub quite yet

  22. Correction Peter Merret the comment about the black person was correct, the incident you refer to was someone using the N word in the Wetherspoons pub , so your incorrect in correcting me. As for the flag bit , I am not against the Welsh flag but for months this particular place has had numerous ones plastered all over the inside and outside of the pub , which is over doing it and overstating the Welsh nationalistic bit, and as you point out you don’t visit this particular pub, therefore your information is second hand , and the ‘little Englander’ tag was uncalled for.

    • Cam says:

      Racism rears its’ ugly head anywhere I tend to find. Being a lifelong Penarthian I’ve encountered it rarely but when I have it’s been indiscriminate and I know I’d be just as likely to find it in Bar 44 and Etc. as I would the Labour Club and The Fag. The whole welsh flag comment is a bit silly I think.

  23. penarthblog says:

    I think it’s good to see so many people enjoying themselves whether it’s in pubs or restaurants. Penarth Town centre does have an energy other towns lack.

  24. Rod Knipping says:

    Sorry Andrew, I don’t know what you’re referring to, saying I would judge someone I don’t know. It’s not something I’m prone to but it seems, that’s, perhaps, what you may be doing with me. I’m simply disagreeing with people who are having a go at the landlord and sincerely pleading for a bit more positivity instead of slagging off the artwork, the landlord, the customers and indeed, Penarth in its entirety. My apologies if that bothers you. Anyway, I like the landlord and the new makeover. Ho hum.

  25. James Lee says:

    Crikey, put someone behind a keyboard and they become very judgemental and nasty don’t they?

    Had these Wi-Fi warriors stopped for just a second to speak to the “menacing builders”, instead of judging books by their covers, you would actually find that they were lovely, kind hearted people. The staff are wonderful people, including the landlord, and have been nothing but courteous.

    As for the makeover, looks pretty smart to me. That hand painted sign is cracking. There again, I’m too busy having a laugh with the amazing locals and great staff to be negative and judgemental.

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