"Wrong Direction" - the after-classes "pop group" formed by teachers at St Cyres School

“Wrong Direction” – the after-classes “pop group” formed by teachers at St Cyres School

A  video featuring a group of teachers from Penarth’s St Cyres Secondary school is amassing hits by the thousands  on the internet channel YouTube 

The video is the third to have been made by the school – outside of  normal teaching hours – in aid of the BBC’s Children in Need appeal . This time, the “group” formed by the school staff has adopted the band-name “Wrong Direction”.

Headteacher Jonathan Hicks doubles on trumpet and as a deep-throat voice-over announcer.

Headteacher Dr Jonathan Hicks doubles on trumpet and as a deep-throat voice-over announcer.

Even the head teacher  Dr Jonathan Hicks has been pressed into performing – doubling as a brass player and a X-Factor-style voice-over announcer.

The teachers have abandoned their sober day-time teaching attire and have kitted themselves out in authentic 1980s outfits – the sort of clobber rock performers once wore on Top of the Pops back in the day.

Although the deep-throat voice-over introducing the act is really is headmaster Dr Hicks, the group itself is miming to Glee’s version of a song called  “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Already “Wrong Direction” has raised over £1,000 for Children in Need this year and those the internet clicks just keep on coming. To see “Wrong Direction” in action – just press the play button in the centre of the screen below.

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  1. Fiona Whitfield says:

    My Daughters teachers seen in a new light ha ha ha well done all.

  2. Mark Foster says:

    These so-called educators need to spend more time inculcating into their pupils proper multicultural music like Purcell, Handel, Sibelius, Prokofiev and Shostakovitch and a sense of national pride as the leaders do in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, instead of this denigrating, multicultural, soul-destroying garbage. Dr Jonathan Hicks needs to be removed from his post and Drained from the Swamp. No wonder the Labour Party supporting elite in the UK send their kids to public schools like Westbourne House whilst allowing their public education teachers to keep the masses downtrodden and under control. Let them eat cake.

    • RosyB says:

      You seem to forget that this performance was for charity, and they collected a lot of money!!
      I think it’s an absolutely fantastic performance. Why shouldn’t teachers let their hair down, occasionally! I’m sure they have a lot more ‘cred’ now. They should make a record of it. I’ll just go and have another listen. Well done teachers, don’t listen to the misery guts!

      • Pam James says:

        Well done indeed, surely this is an example of showing the children that charitable causes are worthwhile and should be supported

    • Bobby says:

      Do you ever have say anything positive Mark?

    • The Tax payer says:

      Get a life mate and see the good in people

    • Sarah says:

      Well personally I wouldn’t want my daughter ‘inculcated’ with anything. I think you may have missed the point of this – this is not part of the day job, but people genuinely going the extra mile. It’s great to see teachers giving up their own time and making a big commitment to this charity. It shows a great sense of esprit de corps and that is the hallmark of a good team. It looks like a lot of fun and I’m sure the pupils have all enjoyed it. Well done to everyone involved, I think you did a great job.

    • Lill.z says:

      It’s for charity. Lighten up and stop being so negative, too many moany whinges in Penarth. Well done teachers most people think it’s great

  3. 249ers says:

    What fun and all in a good cause!

  4. Chris Shamb says:

    This is embarrassing for the image of the school.

  5. Pam James says:

    Surely it shows that St Cyres is a school that cares and that teachers are prepared to ” work outside the box” for a good cause.

  6. AK says:

    Well done teachers – showing the pupils that life is there to be enjoyed, while raising money for a good cause.

    Getting just a little bit fed up with the same old moaners on this forum, who never find anything positive about anything.

    • Lndsay says:

      Well said AK. I sense a growing opposition to the small band of malcontents and moaners on here.

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