The "Star of Bethlehem" - the key feature of the 2016 Penarth Christmas Lights - appears to be in need of "three wise men" to sort out the electrics...again

The “Star of Bethlehem” – the key feature of the 2016 Penarth Christmas Lights – appears to be in need of “three wise men” to sort out the electrics…again.

Local residents and visitors have again been expressing disappointment at the standard of this year’s Penarth Christmas Lights

The lights were turned on for the first time in a special Christmas Festival event held in the town centre last Sunday – just four days ago – but several sections have since failed.

There were no Christmas Lights working in Windsor Road last night between the Clock Roundabout and the Glebe St junction

There were no Christmas Lights working in Windsor Road last night between the Clock Roundabout and the Glebe St junction

One PDN correspondent counted that no fewer than 11 strings of lights – half of the total – were out of action on Tuesday .

Last night (Wednesday) most of the lights between the Clock Roundabout and the Glebe St Junction were still out of action  – the same location where the Christmas Lights had failed last year. Some remained out of action throughout the 2015 holiday period.

The Christmas lights in Penarth were installed "hot" - with the power on - back in October.

October 23rd 2016: The Christmas lights in Penarth were installed “hot” – with the power on

The lights are suspended on catenary wires crossing abopve the street. Four strings were out of action in Windsor Road last night

The lights are suspended on catenary wires crossing above the street. Four strings crossing Windsor Road were dead last night

The firm which installs Penarth Christmas lights was first engaged on a three-year contract running from Christmas 2013.

The company also installs the lights in Cardiff and several other towns.

After numerous complaints about the lights last Christmas (2015)  some residents were surprised to see the same firm of installers had been re-engaged by Penarth Town Council for Christmas 2016 .

The only change was in the supplier ; this year’s lights were sourced from a different contractor from that of previous years. However the same persistent problems now appear to be re-emerging  .

This year’s lights were installed on October 23rd and were tested in situ before being switched off in preparation for last Sunday’s Christmas Festival Grand Switch-On. ….Now – a month later and just two days after the official switch-on  several strings of lights have failed.


Andrew Worsley says:
November 23, 2016 at 01:45
You could not make this stuff up , the Christmas lights were only switched on , on Sunday night and here we are Tuesday night 48 hours later and guess what ? Half the lights are not working , ive counted the number there are 22 strings of lights in total beginning with those part way down to the public library , then we have the bottom of Glebe St, Ludlow Lane, and Windsor Rd, of the lights working there is 11 strings of lights not working, 11 strings working this only 2 days after the big switch on . And last year they failed about 2 weeks before Xmas and were never fixed , this time there are 4 weeks to go but I bet they don’t get fixed . I think Bill and Ben run this Council , as I say you couldn’t make this stuff up .

Robert says:
November 23, 2016 at 18:05
Just been up into Penarth to see the lights and thanks to Andrew I thought I needed new glasses. This is a disgrace. It’s not even December for crying out loud. Come Penarth council sort it out BEFORE Christmas 17. Surely they must have an agreement with the suppliers / installation team? If things go wrong?






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  1. Big Davey says:

    Why don’t they switch them on during the day when people are actually shopping. like most cities do.

    It would half cheer the place up a bit.

  2. Dan Potts says:

    It would not be Christmas in Penarth without a few wonky lights, it’s kind of reassuring, well done everyone.

  3. Mgg says:

    We need to all stand around the town centre and clap because as we know many hands make light work .I thank you !

  4. Well I will say those running the Council are out doing themselves this year , could it get any better ? I could say , is this a trend , but no it isn’t this is the kind of thing you get when you elect people unfit for the job, and a distinct liability , and its not funny as its the taxpayers who are paying for this motely crew , I can see the funny side but its no laughing matter, We have just learned of the dangerous problems with the unasked for and unwanted viewing platform costing thousands in wasted money and the cost has only just begun , nobody knows how much the cost of the remedy will come to , £100, 000?, £400,000? all wasted public money by people behaving in an undemocratic way and ignoring safety warnings and local objections. Now we have the Xmas lights fiasco once again and this year they have outdone their previous best, the lights failed only hours after the ‘big switch on’ , not only was the switch on event organised and set up badly and the lighting up time late because a group of singers were enjoying themselves too much (apparently ) now the lights (once again have failed) . Just one question ” how is it other towns manage to keep their Xmas lights working ” and yet Penarth cannot its been a problem for the past few years , ridiculous .

  5. Mgg says:

    The platform was the vale .Responsibility to the right place please!

  6. snoggerdog says:

    nothing a shilling in the meter wont solve,or as Bill& Ben would say “flobalob”.(fifties puppets on tv in glorious 625 lines black & white on a monster 12inch screen.

  7. AK says:

    I don’t imagine that the Vale of Glamorgan Council, nor the installers have an electrician on call to rush out the moment Penarth’s Christmas lights fail (somewhere like Blackpool probably does)

    The strong winds of the past week have surely taken a toll on the wiring.

    Outdoor lights are notoriously fickle – I bought a set for my big conifer in the garden, and by Christmas Day I had run out of spare bulbs. Back to B & Q on boxing day, to find that all of their Christmas lights, and bulbs, had been cleared away. I took them down and got a refund !

  8. RetailGuru says:

    So, it appears that there is an electrical fault no matter which lights are installed. Come on guys, get it sorted, this is embarrassing!

  9. Alexandra stephens says:

    Maybe they should have spoken with Penarth new resturant etc… as I have passed several times and I must say that thier Christmas display/efforts are phunomial and must have cost a pretty penny, – real classical Christmas look something which is now lost these days, well done guys, currently a real talking point of the the town.

    • Mgg says:

      Yeah they parked illegally for hours unloading their decorations. Disgusting

    • Peter Church says:

      I walked past there just now and had a good laugh. Not content with every thing being gold plated all year round etc etc.
      I wondered how they could bling it up even more for Christmas, I was not disappointed.
      Have a look in and the phrase ‘less is more’ will come to mind.
      The whole interior reminds me of a giant shop window display of the department store KeDeWe in Berlin!
      They should charge people to look in etc etc.

  10. None of them were working when I passed through for a look on Tuesday night!
    I never saw them all on last year either.

  11. Loading/unloading is allowed on double yellow lines, there has to be yellow marks on the kerb to ban this activity.

  12. Mgg says:

    Loading and unloading for three hours is unacceptable. Interesting ref your assertion though. Anyone got the same info?

  13. penarthblog says:

    They all seem to be working tonight.

  14. AK says:

    Further to the double yellow lines and kerb marks, I see they have done just that at the top of Glebe Street by the taxi office.
    The taxis continue to park, and to reverse out of the one way street.

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