Where better to watch the sunset on Peanrth Esplanade than the handy lifeboat slipways which have been considerately "kept clear" for visitors.

Where better to watch the sunset on an autumn afternoon yesterday on Penarth Esplanade?

Now that winter’s almost here,  and things are a little quieter for the crews of the  Wales’s busiest lifeboat station,  some enterprising motorists have decided to full advantage of those empty unused slipways.

There were plenty of spare  parking spaces elsewhere on the Esplanade and up Cliff Hill – but using those would obviously have entailed  rather too much of  a walk on a sunny afternoon.

The advantage of parking on the lifeboat slipway, of course, saves having to make that awkward angled reverse manoeuver into an echelon parking slot further along the Esplanade – and also has the great advantage of having enough space to park two-abreast and getting a great uninterrupted view out of the windscreen into the bargain.

Those “Keep Clear” signs must obviously be a warning for RNLI crews not to clutter up the area with boats and stuff when visitors need a handy spot to park-up for an afternoon.

It so happened that as luck would have it there was no lifeboat launch yesterday – so no one was drowned or inconvenienced in any way- making it a “win-win” situation all around.

There's always a free space on the Esplanade on the lifeboat slipways ... and - fair play - the car had avoided parking on top of the "Keep Clear" sign

Summer and winter motorists find the empty lifeboat slipways are an attractive parking place.


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  1. As I said previously. Tickets, tickets, and more tickets is the only way to get through to these anti-social car people.

    These cars are parked on double yellow lines so within Barry’s jurisdiction. So why haven’t their enforcers dealt with this problem? I’ve never seen them there so do the enforcers actually know where the Esplanade is? If not why not? If so why haven’t they cured this problem? “I want to know”, as Davey used to say.

  2. sjleworthy says:

    I’ve never seen any enforcement of any kind down the esplanade

  3. Mgg says:

    Towed away .set on fire outside the owner’s house . better plan .dragged onto the beach clamped and wait for the tide .this is pretty shocking behaviour ..camera’s on the esplanade ?

  4. snoggerdog says:

    my son told me the enforcement officer was having a field day in the town centre this am.

  5. Paul says:

    These “clear”warnings mean nothing to these landlubbers, but, if it was their son or daughter in peril on the sea…….

  6. CoexistinPenarth says:

    Were these cars here for any length of time? Can’t help but think in the last picture the car is likely to belong to one of the laser sailors who may just be dropping their kit off at the club before a race? Always nice not to jump to conclusions I think.
    Also if necessary, Huws tractor would make short work of the cars in the way of the lifeboat.

    • That no excuse. No parking means no parking. A laser sailor should know better. If it was a laser sailor I hope he’s the one drowned when the lifeboats cannot be launched.

      • CoexistinPenarth says:

        What a horrible thing to write. No matter how selfish a person I wouldn’t wish drowning on anyone.

  7. AK says:

    Unbelievable stupid, selfish idiot drivers. What is wrong with people ?
    If it was one of the sailors, that makes it even worse ! They should know better and should get kicked out of PYC.
    At least the RNLI crew has a powerful tractor which I’m sure would soon drag the cars off the slipway.

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