Celebrating a centenary -  Clarke's Pies

Celebrating a centenary – Clarke’s Pies

That icon of Cardiff (and Penarth)  – the Clark’s pie is being celebrated with a special painting of Clark’s original  pie shop by well-known Penarth fine-artist Diana Mead.

Clark’s Pies – or “Clarkies” as they’re known locally – began production in 1913. The unique recipe and the famous oval pastry-case has barely changed in over a century

Penarth artist Diana Mead's watercolour of the original Clark's Pies Shop in Grangetown

Penarth artist Diana Mead’s watercolour of the original Clark’s Pies Shop in Grangetown

Penarth fine-artist Diana Mead

Penarth fine-artist Diana Mead

In 1928 the firm opened its first Clark’s Pies shop in Grangetown Cardiff and now Diana Mead has set out to capture the look of that first shop in a special watercolour  as part of a Clark’s community project

Diana Mead – whose well known for her stunning pictures of places around Penarth – aimed to depict the Clarke’s shop as it was about 20 years ago . Copies are now available for sale

The retro signs by Family Lavisse.

The retro signs by Family Lavisse.

Meanwhile also as part of the project a range of individually made retro signs, have been created by Family Lavisse –  a small family business in Cowbridge which makes vintage and recycled home furniture and decorations.

The Clark’s family dynasty is now in its fourth generation .

Postcards and prints of the original watercolour are available from the Clark’s Pie shop and Artisan’s Corner on Glebe Street in Penarth.

The signs, which cost £75 each, are available in red or white and can be ordered from the shop or from Happy Days Vintage Homestore in Cowbridge.

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  1. Mgg says:

    Nice work. Diana is a treasure

  2. Mark Foster says:

    This is Grangetown, a once beautiful suburb. Take a walk though Grange Gardens and feel the ambience of a bygone era. All sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism,

  3. snoggerdog says:

    the canton clarkies,are supposedly better the stangetowns has anyone got an opinion on this?

  4. Chris David says:

    Sad to say Grangetown has split and detiorated in many areas. Clarks (family) pies I think though are are a split dynasty, Victoria pies, Victoria Park?
    Is it me or have the pies become a bit more pastry and a little less filling? Hey maybe bring out a “premier” pie to celebrate just being around so long. Even met an American in yes the USA once that had been introduced to Clarkies when working in the Cardiff and the Vale. He loved them and rembered them with fondness.

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