Youths on Victoria Road, Penarth on the night of Saturday November 28th 2016

Youths on Victoria Road, Penarth on the night of Saturday November 28th 2016

 In the wake of the gang violence and arrests which occurred in Penarth last month (October  1st 2016) a further incident has been reported to have taken place in Victoria Road last Saturday night ( November 26th 2016).   

It’s understood that a gang of up to seven youths, some of whom were on bikes, had  blocked the Victoria Road using traffic cones and steel scaffolding tubes stolen from a front garden .

A taxi driver has to leave his cab to remove a cone placed in the middle of the Victoria Road

A taxi driver has to leave his cab to remove a cone placed in the middle of the Victoria Road

The “intimidating” youths are said to have concealed themselves in the heavily wooded and dark square around All Saints Church .

As cars stopped at the “road block” the youths are reported to have thrown what one eyewitness described as “large stones” at the cars.

The gang members were on bikes and made a getaway as soon as the police arrived on the scene

The gang members were on bikes and made a getaway as soon as the police arrived on the scene

Local residents are reported to  have alerted the police at 20:00 hours  – and again at 21:00 hours but say that police cars didn’t arrive on the scene until 23:00  hours on Saturday night –  at which point the youths are reported to have made a getaway.

Inspector Gary Smart of South Wales Police

Inspector Gary Smart of Penarth Police Station

Inspector Gary Smart of Penarth Police station said: “Officers attended Victoria Road in Penarth on Saturday evening, following concerns about youth obstructing the road and throwing stones at motorists trying to pass. On arrival a thorough search of the area was conducted, however no youths were located. Advice was given to reporting persons.”

Inspector Smart added “Tackling anti-social behaviour is a key priority for us, and I would like those involved in such activity that there is no place for it in Penarth. It can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life for local communities and can cause people to feel intimidated and fearful, in particular those who may be more vulnerable or elderly. I would urge anyone with any information or concerns about antisocial behaviour to contact us via 101.”


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  1. Aly says:

    Well that says it all about the Police… just like buses!!
    In light of the recent events you would thing they would be on “alert”

    • James Hayes-Carter says:

      In my experience, one has to dramatise and/or exaggerate the crime to the 999 operator, to motivate police action, in some situations.

      I used to live off Victoria Road – what’s going on in leafy Penarth?

      If the police had arrived early enough, these youths should have been thrown into a police van and taken back to their parents. On-the-Spot fines, named in local press and a clear message sent to other “gangs” that knuckle-headed anti-social behaviour won’t be tolerated.

      Time for a lie down.

      JHC, Cardiff.

  2. A Random Comment says:

    Alerted the police at 8pm and arrived at 11pm FFS!!
    Maybe a quicker way to get them there would be to tell the police one of the “youths” was making allegations of being sexually molested by a motorist he was throwing stones at.
    A police helicopter would be dispatched within minutes.

  3. jm says:

    perhaps the area police crume commissioner ahould be asked to comment.
    seriously though, yob kids know places like penarth and dinas powys are not heavily policed, and make the most of it.

  4. The Tax payer says:

    Stop being so nice to the little darlings and lock them up with no TV to watch or pool table. Or sorry that would be against the human rights act and not very PC of us.

  5. Mgg says:

    How did that youth onnthe bike get a light saber ?

  6. Chris Shamb says:

    Police must crackdown on this SCUM

  7. G says:

    There was a worse incident than this on the day of the Christmas lights switch on. We had to battle our way through a mob of circa 40-50 youths on bikes, all wearing hoods, who were cycling slowly along both sides of Raisdale Road near Cliff Parade, shouting and swearing at drivers and pedestrians. They were holding up a queue of about 10 cars on one side and were being very intimidating – trying to ‘face off’ to drivers. Think it’s about time the police intervened as it’s hugely anti-social; they’re never around when you need them but it doesn’t warrant a 999 call.

  8. I find the times of 2000, 2100 and 2300 hours highly suspicions. Were the police really rung at and arrived precisely the top of the hour? I don’t think so.

  9. Penileaks says:

    There were a large group of young cyclists on the seafront on Sunday afternoon and they were cycling up and down the pier, mostly wheelying and dodging around all the normal walkers on the pier. One almost hit me as I exited the WC there, but thankfully I saw him at the last moment and stepped back into the doorway. Next time I think I will let one clip me and sort the b*gger out before he can pick himself up !
    We cannot always wait for the over stretched, or ‘turn-up-when-we-like’ local , sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves.
    Now, having made that statement, i’ll expect a visit from our local bobby to warn me about inciting violence or something similar 🙂

    • whatsoccurin says:

      interesting posts-petty ante-social behaviour but if there is no response it will just get worse-remember years ago attending training days at “Fairwater Halls Of Residence” and nipping over to Fairwater Green for a newspaper-it was always awash with surly youths, intimidating shoppers-a common trick was to stand in shop doorways so you had to squeeze past them. Read recently that the problem seems to have now been addressed! My training days were about 12 years ago and the site has been housing for years. The problems in Penarth will not go away of their own accord.

  10. Peter Church says:

    Never fear our very own Labour politician Alun Michael will have the very answer:

    Put up the Police precept by 5% again!!

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