A group of young cyclists are said to have ridden onto Penarth Pier where cycling is prohibited (Future of Penarth)

A group of young cyclists are said to have ridden onto Penarth Pier where cycling is prohibited (Photo :Future of Penarth)

Following last Saturday night’s “blockade”  of Victoria Road by stone-throwing youths on bikes, (see )  more  incidents have come to light involving groups – or gangs –  of young cyclists in Penarth.

One PDN commentator reported that “There were a large group of young cyclists on the seafront on Sunday afternoon and they were cycling up and down the pier, mostly wheelying and dodging around all the normal walkers on the pier. One almost hit me as I exited the WC there, but thankfully I saw him at the last moment and stepped back into the doorway.”

Another reported that  on Sunday November 20th –  the day of the Christmas Lights Switch On “We had to battle our way through a mob of circa 40-50 youths on bikes, all wearing hoods, who were cycling slowly along both sides of Raisdale Road near Cliff Parade, shouting and swearing at drivers and pedestrians. They were holding up a queue of about 10 cars on one side and were being very intimidating – trying to ‘face off’ to drivers. Think it’s about time the police intervened as it’s hugely anti-social”

A third comentator reported ” Put it this way, hoods or not, I passed (on-coming) 40- 50, probably more, youths all riding bikes up past The Harvester and Cosmeston Parks entrance this last Sunday. All wheelie’ing and riding side by side. The road was impassable for motorists trying to over take. They were probably no older than 15 and even riding over the central reservation. I don’t care what anyone says, these minors were complete and utter dangerous idiots. It was like an event of Hell’s Angels, only children. No police or anything.”

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  1. Not all of them are wearing a hood for a start so I’ll take the PDN commentator’s other comments with a hefty pinch of salt.
    In my opinion the gutter press have conditioned too many people that a group of more than one youngster is a menace and danger to society. It’s no wonder that the police took a long while to attend more recently if people have been crying wolf.
    I was wearing my hood elsewhere in Penarth when the photograph was taken as it was chilly and I defend the right of those youngsters to wear theirs without complaint.
    I’m pleased to see youngsters out and about getting healthy exercise rather that being couch potatoes at home.

  2. If local residents can report these incidents to me, as one of their Local Councillors, I will raise the problem at our monthly meeting with the Head of Policing in Penarth who attends my meetings, and we can discuss the situation in some depth to help resolve the nuisance. Contact me at

    • Councillor Earnest. Rather than spending your time criminalising these young people I ask that you put your efforts into improving the facilities for them in Penarth. Those pictured and pilloried all seem to one bikes so perhaps Penarth needs a small bike park somewhere? Why don’t you engage with these young people to determine their needs rather than attempting to criminalise them? If you look back you will see that I supported their skate park and still do. The young people’s interests should be put ahead of the NIMBYs. Barry’s £100,000 folly was more than enough to create more than one fine facility for them.
      Martin Coffee

      • Mr. Coffee – You obviously do not understand the role (job) of a Councillor in Penarth – it is to represent the community he/she was elected to serve, to make representations (complaints etc.) to the Town Council and other organisations such as Police, Health Authority (hospitals and doctors) and provide (limited) faciliteis in the town in line with our budget (money). Grandiose schemes such as skate parks, swimming pools and the like have to be provided by the big spending councils like the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff, who have hundreds of millions each year available to them.
        If I receive complaints, then I take them up with those organisations, just like your MP would ? There is a phrase that goes “Don’t shoot the messenger” – I am that “messenger” working for the residents in Plymouth Ward, who HAVE been affected by this unwanted hooliganism.

      • LJS says:

        Martin, please wake up… the actions of the youths in Victoria Road at the weekend could have caused a number of problems, throwing stones at cars is not acceptable, barricading roads is not acceptable Cars having to stop when not expecting to, where the road was blocked, the blockade not illuminated. Some people were frightened. Exercise and hooded clothing are not the point, criminal damage and intimidating behaviour are.

      • sjleworthy says:

        agreed with LJS and Mr Ernest. Martin, these are not youngsters in need of a play park. and the Councillor wasn’t criminalizing them either. and making a playpen for them just wont make them happy either.

        this particular bunch, more than likely out of town maybe, are a pest and an intimidating mob. children or not. yes not all youngsters are like this, but this group certainly is.

        but please, feel free to engage with them, and best of luck with it too 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    I would agree with the above. Just because some younger adults or our older children can be difficult or have intensions to cause harm or chaos, it doesn’t mean the vast majority do. As a teenager myself I would head out on a weekend on my bike, meeting up with mates to try and find something to entertain ourselves. Sometimes this was out of the public eye, sometimes we were probably viewed as being a menace, but not through any intent to do so.

    Young people need things to do and places to congregate and activities to entertain them. This forum has been awash with negative comments around provision of skate parks and the like, when actually, may be, that’s just what is needed.

  4. snoggerdog says:

    which ones marlon brando?

  5. Ron Foxton says:

    I recently spent an enjoyable day with 30+ fellow gang members on our bikes. Hoodies were optional but bright Lycra was mandatory – as was talc. Intimidation of drivers was kept low level other than displaying our multiple elasticated rears bobbing up and down in traffic for which I apologise. We didn’t throw any stones but maybe sweated off a few between us…

  6. sjleworthy says:

    Put it this way, hoods or not, i passed (on-coming) 40-50, probably more, youths all riding bikes up past the harvester and cosmeston parks entrance this last sunday. All wheelie’ing and riding side by side. The road was impassable for motorists trying to over take. They were probably no older than 15 and even riding over the central res.

    I dont care what anyone says, these minors were complete and utter dangerous idiots. It was like an event of helps angels, only children. No police or anything.

  7. Peter Petherick says:

    If this is not seen as a problem … and ignored by the Police and the “Their only children” brigade …. I see Big trouble coming to Penarth in the near future.

  8. Christopher David says:

    Yup PP that’s very likely. It is a problem though as in what to do for them. One might start with the parents but that will be a mixed bag. And were they mods or rockers?

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