The proposed new Health Hub at Penarth Leisure Centre would be built on the tennis courts behind the existing building

The proposed new Health Hub at Penarth Leisure Centre would be built on the tennis courts behind the existing building. Access would be via the Leisure Centre itself.

The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board – the organisation that runs local NHS hospital services – is proposing to build a new medical centre/general practitioner’s surgery on what are now the tennis courts of Penarth Leisure Centre in Cogan.

The Health Board want to build what’s called a “Health and Wellbeing Facility”  to include a GP (General Practice) Surgery at the rear of Penarth Leisure Centre. It describes the project as  the “Eastern Vale Integrated Cluster Hub”

The relatively modern Redlands Road surgery would be closed and patients would need to go to the Cogan Health Hub to see a doctor

The relatively modern Redlands Road surgery would be closed and patients would need to go to the Cogan “Health Hub” – at Penarth Leisure Centre to see a doctor

The scheme also appears to involve the closure of the existing GP surgeries in Redlands Road and in Station Road Penarth. 

Patients currently attending Redlands Road and Station Road GP surgeries would have to go to the yet-to-be-built Cogan / Penarth Health Hub when it’s opened . The hub would also feature “additional primary care facilities”.  Redlands Road and Station Road surgeries would be closed.

The existing GP suergery at Station Road , Penarth is sauid to be in a "poor state of repair" - and would be closed. Patients would have to use the new Cogan Health Hub

The existing GP surgery at Station Road , Penarth is said to be in a “poor state of repair” – and would be closed. Patients would have to attend the new Cogan “Health Hub” to see a GP.

The Board first broached the health hub idea in July 2016 and then came back to the Vale of Glamorgan council – which owns the Leisure Centre –  in October this year to say this was its “preferred location”

The Board says that basing the new medical centre at the Penarth Leisure Centre would “increase footfall” for the Leisure Centre itself – particularly during the day and would assist Legacy Leisure [ the company that operates the Leisure Centre on behalf of the Vale Council] to attract “new customers”.

The tarmac tennis courts behind the Penarth Leisure Centre would be removed to make way for the new Health Hub

The tarmac tennis courts behind the Penarth Leisure Centre would be removed to make way for the new Health Hub

The construction on the new “health hub” would mean the loss of the tennis courts at Penarth Leisure Centre . The Health Board is proposing to “suitably compensate” the Vale of Glamorgan Council for the loss of the tennis courts.The Health Board wants to obtain a 125 year lease on the land

The Vale Council’s ruling ‘cabinet’ has also been reminded that there would need to be negotiations with Legacy Leisure regarding access to the “Health Hub” ( by walking through the Leisure Centre)  – and also about “compensation for the loss of the tennis courts”. Legacy Leisure has already indicated “strong support for the project”.

The Health Board is now asking for an agreement in principle from the Vale of Glamorgan Council before starting any detailed consultation and design – but says that “a final decision to proceed can only be agreed once all of the outcomes can be considered.

Changes will be needed in car parking arrangements for Leisure Centre users to make way for surgery patients

Changes will be needed in car parking arrangements for Leisure Centre users to make way for surgery patients

The Board also points out that “some improvements to the existing Car Parking arrangements would also need to be discussed”

Planning permission has not yet been applied for – that will come later. All that’s been asked for by the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board now is “agreement in principle” for the health hub idea – so they can go ahead with the design and planning

The original idea for the Health Hub came from the Health Board and is not an initiative of the Vale of Glamorgan Council itself – the council is just the landowner and, in any case, holds the land in trust for the people of Penarth .

The Cogan Dip isn't just used by cars with the windows wound-up - it's also walked by pedestrians of all ages

The “Cogan Dip” is an Air Quality Management area which continues to have high rates of air pollution  – the worst in the Vale of Glamorgan . It’s also walked by pedestrians of all ages

In considering the planning application in due course, the Vale Council also will need determine how much extra traffic the new Health Hub will create for the Cogan end of Windsor Road – which is already  the worst traffic blackspot in Penarth .

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  1. Taffy says:

    The station road surgery serves a population of largely older people. To move to Cogan will mean a bus ride or hill walk. Is there not a better solution?

  2. Martin Spriggs says:

    How about asking the patients if they want to travel the extra distance to Cogan what a stupid idea.

  3. Jane says:

    Backwards step for the elderly people of Penarth, as well as commuters trying to get out of town. Why on earth choose to increase the traffic on that road? It is already difficult for people trying to get out of Penarth to work, and non driving elderly would find it very inconvenient. Suspect commercial interests at the fore sadly …… over the interests of service to the community

  4. Health Jam. says:

    This seems to be strategically placed to serve patients from Grangetown rarther than Penarth…You can almost guarantee they will be shared with S, Cardiff .
    Perhaps we can have an absolute guarantee that this will not be the case from the C.V.U.H.B,Don’t hold your (allready polluted breath Cogan/Penarth).

  5. Mark Foster says:

    They chopped down our trees for him and now its on his bus route from Penarth Heights to Llandough Hospital. The care of our old people is far more important. Get rid of Vaughan Gething and these scumbags

  6. cariad. says:

    This is a mad idea they don’t ever consider the patients when they decide these things, elderly people could find it difficult to get there.

  7. whatsoccurin says:

    When these bone headed ideas have been “mooted” lately the name of Councillor Lis Burnett is not usually far behind. Regular walkers know that there are huge housing developments just over the river near the Pontywerin Bridge-one Abbots Quay is almost ready for occupation, building on a site near the White water centre has just started. The proposed Health Centre will be in walking distance for these residents so it may be the “Cardiff and Vale Health Board” are prioritising Cardiff residents as usual.

    • Tim Hughes says:

      Shame on the Cardiff and Vale Health Board for prioritising Cardiff by building a Health Centre in Penarth.

  8. Anne Greagsby says:

    Has there been a consultation on this? Moving a health centre further away from the community it serves is yet another ridiculous idea the labour party wish to foist on the community they are supposed to serve. Yet again they show contempt for elderly and disabled people. There is also the issue of giving land used for leisure/ healthy activities away.

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    I see all the comments so far are from ‘towncentric’ people? Penarth covers a large area you know, and some of us actually live in Cogan, or the Marina, or use the Leisure Centre regularly (especially us old folk who are sent by our Doctors to the ‘health referral ‘ classes held there). I, for one, will be delighted if this works out as it is a struggle to park near Station Road surgery and the Doctors there are having to cope with very poor facilties at their present premises and are desperate for somewhere better for their patients.

    • Robert says:

      Excuse me. I think from your comments you DON’T live anywhere near Cogan? So you struggle to park at Station Road surgery? Where do you think the parking facilities are going to be for this proposed health Hub? Parking in this area is already maxed out. Let’s not mention the AQMA,

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        You are wrong Robert. I live a few minutes walk from the Leisure Centre and currently have to come all the way to Station Road to the Dr’s. Quite why it is OK for us to travel up to the town but those already there cannot take a turn at inconvenience and go the other way is beyond me. There is more scope to create new parking spaces at the Leisure Centre than near Station Rd surgery.

  10. Paul says:

    Some people just don’t like green spaces, they gotta fill them up as fast as they can.
    Its just being doctored….

  11. Peter Church says:

    Station Road surgery serves much of lower Penarth, a considerable walk or bus ride to the proposed “green field” development next to the leisure centre.
    Has this gone out to consultation?
    I bet Liz Burnett is somehow behind it, how long until we can vote her out?

  12. 249ers says:

    Sadly the Station Road Surgery seems to have been outgrown, I wonder where a larger site with off road parking and excellent local train and bus links could be found.

    • LJS says:

      Gardenhurst is on a large site that could have been developed.
      The old Monty Smith site is a largish town centre site on a bus route and could be redeveloped with an underground car park.

  13. Tim Hughes says:

    Fancy building a Health Centre next to a Leisure Centre, what are these people thinking about?

  14. The location is bad for a number of reasons and why should ill people in Penarth have to travel to Cogan ?and don’t tell me it wont be FULL of people caused by the closure of the GPs . The idea has not been put to the electorate but as far as i’m concerned not a good idea.

  15. Lizzyloo says:

    Ridiculous suggestion. People at the Cosmeston end of Penarth will not appreciate this, many of whom are elderly. Redlands surgery, not that old, is perfectly good for our use and we have no desire to travel further – why these hairbrain ideas all the time, if it is not hundreds of houses it is something else. Please consider the elderly for once!!!

  16. Now let me see , is the road running through Cogan from Penarth full of traffic every day ? is there a queue of vehicles every day from around 8am to approx. 9-30am trailing all the way up Windsor Rd usually starting around the Dingle. And is there another long line of traffic every day from the opposite direction every day from around 4pm. I have a good idea close some of the GP practices in Penarth town centre and make the ill patients have to travel to Cogan oh! and if they have say an appointment at around 9 am or 4 pm lets see if they can get their on time. Is it me are some people in positions of authority in the is neck of the woods ‘thick as bricks’ ? and I bet a pound to a penny the people who are proposing this idea wont be the ones trying to use the service or travel that route. Lets have your vote for the 2016 Brain Dead Ideas award the viewing platform fiasco is on the list at the moment as is the useless CCTV cameras VOTE NOW TO SHOW YOUR TRUST IN THE POWERS THAT BE.

  17. Johnabutt says:

    Vale should say no on the grounds that the land is for leisure not health. Everyone is supposed to get more exercise, so where are there usable tennis courts in Penarth that are actually usable? There are none, totally stupid idea for all the reasons listed on here.

  18. CelticMan says:

    Bonkers idea to add traffic to the Cogan area by moving all the patients from Redlands and Station Road. As Andrew says how on earth can you get to an appointment on time at the peak traffic congestion times? Why try to fix something that is not really broken?

  19. Tim Hughes says:

    Yes and why hasn’t there been a consultation on the consultation process for this outline proposal.

  20. Ellabell says:

    Another ridiculous idea. As people have already said, patients would have trouble getting to their appointments with traffic problems. It’s not local to a lot of people. Obviously some of the surgeries have outgrown their current buildings but another solution must be found. The courts aren’t used often but what’s the bet the usage figures suddenly shoot up as compensation to legacy leisure has been mentioned.

  21. Dave says:

    Why not leave the others open and add another. With the amount of houses proposed and some even within walking distance, at some point more capacity will be needed.

    • J Lee says:

      I agree. The whole idea seems half baked. More capacity is needed at the Cogan side of town but dont effectively shift care away from the other oart of town including Cosmeston.

  22. Lindsay says:

    A lot of indignation here but maybe a tad premature? No planning application, no design process and the promise of “detailed consultation”.

  23. Lozz says:

    I agree with Dave, he has the right idea. Leave them open and build another. This makes more sense.

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