Vale Parking Enforcemnt Officers are accused by Vale councillors of turning a blind eye to some parking offenders in Penarth - but not others.

Vale Parking Enforcement Officers are being accused by Vale councillors in a Vale internal council report of turning a blind eye to some parking offenders in Penarth – but not others.

An official Vale of Glamorgan council report alleges that the so-called “Civil Enforcement Officers” who police parking in Penarth are being “lenient” to some drivers  – but not to others . 

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s five strong ‘cabinet’ is about to  consider a report on the performance of its Civil Enforcement Officers who are employed by Bridgend Country Borough Council but provide parking patrols throughout the Vale – including Penarth.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets – when issued – are often ignored

Despite the worsening parking congestion in Penarth, the number of tickets issued by the Enforcement Officers is continuing to decline.  The annual totals issued have fallen 20%  in the three years since since they began work. The number of tickets issued each year was:-

  • 2013/14       8,547
  • 2014/15       7,128
  • 2015/16       6,903

Vale Councillors had previously expressed “concerns” about the way the system was operating – and one thought that the number of tickets issued in the Vale was “extremely low” when compared with the highly profitable parking enforcement regime in Merthyr Tydfil.

Casting envious glances at the tiny Merthyr authority the Vale Council report notes  that Merthyr’s tough parking enforcement regime issues 17,000 PCN notices every year  – triple the number issued in the Vale  – and, what’s more , rakes in a “significant profit”. [The original agreement between the Vale of Glamorgan and Bridgend Council lays down that the “business case was to be self-financing and not for profit.“]

The report also cites an allegation that preferential treatment is being given to some parking offenders in Penarth.

The document says  “Some Members raised concern as to perceived issues in the Penarth area where it appeared enforcement officers  were being lenient to some members of the public more than others particularly in loading bay spaces.”

It’s now being proposed that a complete review of the Vale Parking Enforcement arrangements is carried out.

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  1. Jim Candy says:

    If they want to up their figures all they need to do is monitor the residents only parking bays in Penarth (perhaps Windsor Rd). they would have a field day! These bays are used for all-day parking by non-residents on a daily basis and the same offenders seem to get away with it unpunished. Some even use parking permits from streets in other towns! The wardens, if they ever stray out of the town centre, don’t seem to study the small print!

    • AK says:

      Never seen the point in resident parking bays lying empty all day while the residents are at work and the shoppers struggle to park elsewhere.
      Enforcement should be immediate for those who park illegally or dangerously.

  2. Ben says:

    Does seem to me since people are very rarely ticketed even though they break parking rules every day where as my wife was given a ticket because her resident parking permit had expired by a few weeks. The car was parked directly outside the address on the permit.

  3. RosyB says:

    The traffic warden never goes to the beach! I have mentioned that to the previous warden and to the present one. Surprisingly, although years apart, their excuses were identical! They said that, when they arrive, the people move their cars immediately!

  4. Mgg says:

    Here i go again .Even the approach where the wardens attend is flawed . Why get 10 minute grace in the not before 12 pm bay’s outside ocho lounge , rules are rules . If i parked on the crossing would i get 10 minutes grace! As we are fully aware wardens are not aloccated time to patrol other areas of Penarth so anti-social parking isvrife . REF the esplanade ..if people move their cars when the warden approaches then job done .Punishment would be better but Free flow is welcome . Further the issue of cameras working and the film used as evidence for fines needs to be explored . I was , mistakenly , sent a fine by motorway services for staying past two hours in car park .Number plate recognition you see . Oh the joy of thinking that those who e.g. park on the pavement by the crossing in Windsor Rd and think they have got way with it , receiving a fine in the post after all Ha Ha Ha Ha !

  5. The Tax payer says:

    That’s the understatement of the week. They don’t seem to go to Cogan. Just under the bridge on Windsor road as you go in to Cogan the cars are alway on the yellow lines forceing you over to the oncoming traffic and it’s soon going to end in tears for someone. Easy pickings in the town centre and they don’t have to walk too far then

  6. PENARTH EYE. says:

    Simple Answer Employ More Traffic Wardens. The Bookings Would Outstrip The Employment Costs. And Provide The Service That’s Needed. Penarth Station Approach Would Provide 8 Or More Bookings Daily From K-TAX Who Use This Area With NO Regard To Time Limits OR Disability Bays. Funny How They Get Away With It.

  7. Clare morgan says:

    Saw an officer being verbally abused last week in Penarth which I do not condone but the man that had been booked confronted him ndcgbti s van belonging to a business parked on double yellows lines but wasn’t issued ticket for that offence same as the blue river by Barclays whose owner believes displaying a disabled badge ,whilst cutting hair all day , gives them right to park in restricted parking bay. H ow many tickets has that person had ? All we want is equity . Should visit Llandough make a fortune

  8. Paul says:

    Its all done with a handshake….

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