The "Singing Santa" of Glebe St who has been silenced by the Vale Council

The “Singing Santa” of Glebe St who has been silenced by the Vale Council

In a pre-Christmas clamp-down, the Labour-run  Vale of Glamorgan Council has taken swift action to silence a six-foot high “singing Santa”  in Penarth Town Centre.

The offending Santa was innocently rendering a repertoire of traditional festive ditties outside the premises of the hairdressers La Zarou at No.90 Glebe St  when an unidentified neighbour registered a formal complaint with the council .

The Vale Council’s regulatory services department – which is run in conjunction with Cardiff City Council and Bridgend County Borough Council – sprang into action to curtail the Christmas culprit.

To ensure that the red-robed reveller had sung his last Christmas carol, the Vale dispatched a letter to the hairdressers urging them to take whatever action they might consider necessary to “ensure than a statutory nuisance does not occur”.

The Vale Council's letter warned that unless Santa was silenced, the firm could be fined

The Vale Council’s letter warned that unless Santa was silenced, the firm could be fined

A "Silent Night" for Santa (Photo Leigh Atkinson)

From now on it’s Silent Night for Santa (Photo Leigh Atkinson)

The letter went on to warn them that officers with recording equipment might make unannounced visits  “over the next three months“…and if Santa was found to be still in full voice then,  he – or they – could face a £5,000 fine, maybe even £20,000.

Santa has now been duly brought indoors,  switched off and is taking things quietly.

Local resident Leigh Atkinson says :-” It’s about time the Vale of Glamorgan focused on cleaning our streets rather than undermining innovative traders trying to bring a smile to residents’ faces”.

It’s not known if the Singing Santa has “Silent Night” in his recorded repertoire – but, if so, it might be a wise choice whenever he’s let out on the streets again.

Whatever the outcome, it’s thought the Vale Council might no longer be on Santa’s Christmas card list.

…And on Christmas morning, when Santa is making a list – and checking it twice – there could well turn out to be a few omissions in the Barry area.


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  1. RetailGuru says:

    In fairness to VOG, if they receive a complaint they have to act on it. They’ve simply told the business owner that they have received a complaint and will be investigating it, they HAVE NOT said that they will be taking action or fining the business owner. If I were the business owner, and I believed that i was not causing an issue to neighbours I would continue to put Santa out because by the time the council investigate it’ll be at least March!

  2. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Just as well the neighbour doesn’t live where I do then as theres never any peace , and a Santas not to blame, Oh and what about the santa by the game machines? That brightens up my mornings as I pass on my way to work.

  3. Andrew Fidoe says:

    What is the world coming to it is christmas!

  4. ron says:

    unidentified neighbour,!!!!!!!!!!

    • david kerslake says:

      BAH HUMBUG. What a miserable git !!!!!!!!

      • B Looper says:

        You seem such a happy festive chap David, I’m sure if you ask the owner of the hairdressers very nicely they may let you put the santa right outside your window so you can enjoy it playing constantly for 10 hours a day.

      • david kerslake says:

        better than watching daytime tele for 10 hours

  5. Ivor Bagman says:

    I did enjoy the police sirens
    On Saturday night.
    6 times between 11.45 and
    1 a.m. Sunday – oh
    And the helicopter !

  6. whatsoccurin says:

    Surprised the Vale Council did not say” you don’t fool us with that red cloak and long white beard, you’re not selling ice cream around here”

  7. Ann Other says:

    On another seasonal example of noise pollution, he Council do not seem to mind the very loud noises of third-rate pop music which emerges from Belle Vue park once a year [but all day] in the summer!

    • RetailGuru says:

      …or the awful drawl of the busker that insists on setting up his PA on Windsor Road and churning out the awful sounds of the 60s,70s

  8. Colin says:

    I thought C.A.V.R.A. monitored this. Probably too busy buying private number plates ?

  9. jm says:

    I can imagine it was annoying for the neighbour, but don’t see why yhey couldn’t listen to it inside tbe salon!

    • Cooper says:

      They probably put it outside because it was too annoying for their own staff and customers inside/

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