The Penarth Co-Op has switched from green to grey - the "in" colour of the moment.

The Penarth Co-op has switched from green to grey – the “in” colour of the moment. A PDN commentator has pointed out there is no “welcome” signage for English-speaking customers. A projecting internally illuminated sign (right) has been allowed – although other retail premises in Windsor Road have had permission for such signage refused in the past.

The Co-operative Food Store in Windsor Road has become the latest Penarth shop to change its predominant colour to grey.

The former bright green colour has now gone and shoppers are now having to get used to the new more austere, slate grey, muted look – now accompanied by an internally illuminated  projecting sign.

The old green look has gone Co-operative supermarket in Windesor Road Penarth will have the defibrillator on standby for any town-centre heart-emergency

The old green look has gone from the Co-operative supermarket in Windsor Road Penarth

Internally-illuminated projecting signs have been refused  elsewhere in Windsor Road on premises like Lloyds Bank and Prezzo because they are in the Penarth Conservation Area.

However as the Co-op store is (presumably) just outside the Conservation Area, its new projecting internally-illuminated sign has been approved in this case.

"Grey is good" : Colour is becoming very much "last year's look " in Penarth Town Centre.

“Grey is good” : Colourful frontage is becoming very much “last year’s look ” in Penarth Town Centre.

Grey  is now well on the way to becoming local retailers’ colour of choice with Pearns (formerly Gerholds)  the chemist, Greggs the bakers, the Prezzo Restaurant, M&G clothing store, the St Fagan’s Castle pub, the subsidised charity shop Tenovus and Barclays Bank already having adopted the colour – in varying shades –  for their frontage.

"Gifts @ No 9" - swimming against the grey tide

“Gifts @ No 9” – swimming against the grey tide

There are of course, stand-outs , like the bold Purple and Lilac colour scheme of “Gifts @ No. 9” which got into trouble for daring to be unconventional – but at the moment it looks as though “grey is good” in Windsor Road.

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  1. 249ers says:

    Ty Hafan went grey earlier this year!

  2. plainjane says:

    Purple is my favourtite colour – it looks great with grey too! The issue with the gift shop is the unfortunate plastic sign that makes what is otherwise great paintwork on the shopfront look tacky

  3. RosyB says:

    Where is the English on the Co-op fascia? Like most people in Penarth, I don’t speak Welsh.

  4. Grey local! says:

    Is painting the shops etc part of the council strategy to make Penarth more interesting because it’s not working, although they do blend in with the new black signposts which have recently popped up. I have been told it’s due to council pressure of a strategy of making the town blend in. Soon visitors will be able to move smoothly from the grey shops along the grey roads down to the grey pabbly beach. Larry Grayson would have had a field day.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    in the world of beige,grey is edgy ! old chinese proverb.

  6. RetailGuru says:

    It’s an improvement on the (previous) tacky green frontage. Thing is, grey is the new ‘in’ colour and (in marketing) is supposed to represent class and professionalism.

  7. Big Davey says:

    Surely they should have put Co-Op in Welsh too. Whatever that is. But ah no that would effect business if we didn’t know what the shop was in English.

    Double Standards here Co-Op, Co-Opty-Ping or whatever the welsh equivalent.

  8. Big Davey says:

    Co-operative is Cydweithredol in Welsh.

    So perhaps the sign should be Cy-Dw..

    Perhaps one of the three welsh speakers in Penarth could let us know if this is right.

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