The Custom House Restaurant at Penarth Marina

The Custom House Restaurant at Penarth Marina

Diners who lunch at the La Marina and El Puerto restaurants at  Penarth’s popular Custom House complex are apparently  finding there’s an unexpected little extra coming their way after their meal  … a £100 parking fine.

Anyone  who uses the car park outside the restaurant now has the number plate of their vehicle automatically scanned by the parking contractors for the Custom House – called  New Generation Parking Management.

There is a notice inside the car park setting out the terms and conditions. It's not known whether the police were ticketed

There is a notice inside the car park setting out the terms and conditions. It’s not known whether the police escaped a fine

Fines are now said to be automatically being sent to the owners of all cars using the car park  – even if their owners are actually dining at the restaurant  – unless they’ve  registered their car number plates at the front desk on arrival … and not all diners know that.

It’s also claimed that customers who book their table by phone are allegedly not being forewarned about this practice in advance.

It's necessary to scroll down to the bottom of the Custom House website to discover a note about registering cars.

It’s necessary to scroll down to the bottom of the Custom House website to discover a note about the need to register car number plates on arrival.

A notice is displayed in the car park and computer users who scroll down to the foot of the Custom House website can find a small notice saying “Upon arrival please register your vehicles [sic] number plate at reception to receive free parking” . There no mention of the possibility of a £100 fine.

A PDN correspondent Nigel Gibbs says that two of his guests at a lunch in La Marina restaurant, were both fined  £ 100 each by New Generation Parking Management for parking in the restaurant car park during their meal. He says that when customers phone-up to book their tables, they aren’t told about the need to register all car numbers  at the front desk.

The penalty notice received by Mr Gibbs and both his guests for and for parking in the restaurant car-park whilst taking lunch there

The penalty notice received by Mr Gibbs and both his guests for and for parking in the restaurant car-park whilst taking lunch there

Evidently everything was eventually resolved and the £100 fine was cancelled but he says “It has taken a lot of wasted time to sort out ” and wants to warn other customers and their guests to be sure to comply with the regulations when they lunch at the Custom House.

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  1. cw james says:

    just don’t pay it.

  2. Mgg says:

    I thought they all parked on the yellow lines on the roundabout

  3. It’s the same old problem with these car parks. The owners and operators want your fines so there’s no incentive for them to instigate a clear procedure of registering vehicles.

    I’ve never seen a council enforcer at the marina so perhaps its cheaper to park on the double yellow lines? (I’ll still put pictures on Penarth Parking Plonkers though.)

  4. Johnabutt says:

    One is supposed to be innocent until proved guilty. This outfit seem to have presumed guilty until proved otherwise. Joke.

  5. Frank Evans says:

    Unless the car park is adequately signed with procedure then you can ignore the fine. Otherwise it’s their land and can impose whatever charges they like.
    Unlike outside the Jamie Sommertons where can park without any regulations, friends in the council maybe???

  6. david kerslake says:

    Look at the martin lewis website and he tells you not to pay it until you receive a county court summons. I got a ticket for parking in a disabled bay in argos down the bay without displaying a badge. I parked and as I walked towards the store my partner came out we got in the car and drove home 2 days later I had a notice from the same company for parking for 2 minutes in an empty car park I ignorded it and haven’t heard anything since. it was over 2 years ago.

  7. Not informing car owners when they book about the fine etc is underhand and crafty and not informing them on arrival is also sly and designed to give the Parking Company revenue by lack of info to the potential ‘victim’. Not nice at all , and I hope their is more publicity on this behaviour , the restaurant will then regret any drop in custom and treating customers this way by cunning behaviour.

    • Cooper says:

      You have absolutely no proof that the restaurant is being “underhand and crafty” so why make this stuff up Andrew? As the news items clearly states, its a new system and as a result mistakes have been made and rectified so you need to be careful when making up such slanderous rumours.
      The problem with the car park is it belongs to the restaurant and is there for the use of their customers but it appears some people who are not going to the restaurant are parking on their land for free to avoid paying to use the public car park.

  8. CelticMan says:

    Friends of mine received the £100 fine recently and were not made aware of the need to inform the front desk. Seems like voting with your feet is the only way to inform the Custom House owners that this is unacceptable. Plenty of places to eat in Penarth.

  9. Voice of reason says:

    As a regular customer of this restaurant I’m not sure what else the owners can possibly be expected to do. There are several prominent signs in this private car park and staff members take the time to remind diners of the need to register vehicle details. Incidentally the computer is situated right inside the restaurant door and has a bright yellow screen so nothing underhand!! Personally, I appreciate their efforts to ensure genuine customers have somewhere to park rather than leave it open to abuse from others trying to avoid the pay and display car park.

    • CelticMan says:

      My friends who received the fine are decent, honest and intelligent people who have frequented La Marina and El Puerto for many years. They did not see the signs and no member of staff alerted them to the car park issue from the moment they arrived to the moment they left. I support them in stopping people parking there who should not but this is unacceptable.

      • Voice of reason says:

        Surely drivers need to take some responsibility for their actions when parking anywhere, whether on the public highway or in a private car park. In this particular car park the signs are there for those who ‘choose’ to see. Surprised your friends didn’t see the blackboard inside the door inviting customers to register car details (it even has an arrow pointing to the computer).

  10. Paul says:

    Its just too much to swallow!

  11. Cooper the very method the article informs us about being used is crafty , I don’t need proof its right their in print unless the news item is a lie??? which I doubt very much , so don’t say i’m making things up when I am responding to the facts as we have been told . Why didn’t you say the news item was false instead, because it better to have a pop at me. The words I used are the correct words to employ is debating the sort of practice , this is a public forum and we still have free speech (SO FAR) , Cooper , or maybe you don’t like that too , as for rumours that’s like saying it didn’t really happen they were just rumours, try not to strangle and abuse the English language in order to try and put me back in my box . Wether there were mistakes made or not , those mistakes shouldn’t have been allowed to stand , but as several people were fined or almost fined means the situation was not clarified despite mistakes as you call them being made.

    • Cooper says:

      Andrew, I have no problem with free speech when it is factual, but you have read between the lines in the news item and decided that it is the restaurant who have intentionally acted in a manner to trick their own customers to be fined for parking, which is based on your own assumptions and is not what it says in the item. You need to ask yourself why would they do that as it would only be harmful to business.
      By the way, in America they may have freedom of speech (first amendment I think) but here in the UK we actually don’t if what is said is considered to be libellous etc.

    • Jon says:

      What on earth have you been drinking? This makes no sense at all

  12. Lyndon Thomas says:

    Makes me think before I eat there again…don’t need the agro of correcting the £100 fine !!!

  13. Mgg says:

    Look up new generation with regard to parking inncardiff .countless examples of poor deliberately hidden signage . or ambigious information. Mind you as ever isee people park outsidevthe ocho . Look at the sign and obviously say to themselves i will only be a minute and walk,off . Of course a van arrives and can’t park to unload .. beforev12 , so even accurate signage gets ignored .

  14. david kerslake says:

    they had the same system in the car park at the holiday inn on barry waterfront fineing people for not putting in their reg number and the staff not informing customers their trade soon dropped off when people got to know about it. Holiday inn soon changed their. mind

  15. Jon says:

    Regular diners at these restaurants are fully aware that this is a private car park and are infuriated when ‘chancers’ park there to avoid paying a fee to use the Barrage parking, resulting in the diners having to use the pay and display car park. It is noticeable that it’s easier to park there now. Proof that the scheme works.

    I do take exception with the derogatory comments made about the restaurant owners, as I am confident that this is not a ‘money making’ scheme, given that they ensure any tickets issued to their clientele are cancelled.

    I would challenge your correspondents to provide evidence that any bona fida clients of either restaurant has actually had to a pay a fine. If you can’t I suggest you pull on your ‘big boy pants and act like a grown up!

    • Colin says:

      I thought C.A.V.R.A. monitored this. Probably too busy buying private number plates ?

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