The apparently stressful headquarters of the Vale of Glamorgan Council in Barry

The apparently less-stressful headquarters of the Vale of Glamorgan Council in Barry

 Stress and anxiety –  the main reasons given for staff “sickies” in the Vale of Glamorgan Council  – are being reduced, according to the council’s latest sickness statistics.

In 2015 “stress”  was the given as the cause for no less than 31.7% of all staff “sickies” . In 2016 however the rate has miraculously fallen – and now it’s just the reason given for 24% of claimed  days-off sick.

Cases of stress have miraculously fallen from a rate of 31.7% to 24.1%   – but, that said, stress is still far and away the main reason Vale staff take time off .

The reduction in stress appears to have been brought about because now all staff said to be suffering from “stress and anxiety”, are being  automatically referred to the occupational health service and are being offered “counselling support”.

Meanwhile council managers are are being given “stress-awareness training” and are carrying out  “stress risk-assessments” on their staff . On average, in the six months from April to September this year, Vale staff claimed 3.76 days off  “on the sick”.( the equivalent of 7.52 days per year)  .

Social Services continues to be the council department with the highest rate of staff sickness with claims running at the rate of over 11 days-off sick per year.


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  1. Now that Barry are doing what they should have been doing in the first place regarding stress I find if hard to reconcile the use of miraculous with the fall in sickness levels.

  2. Ann Other says:

    My grandfather fought in the First World War as an ordinary soldier without taking any days off for stress and, (shocking to relate) had no stress counselling whatsoever.

    • Mgg says:

      Your comment proves what exactly ?

      • Penileaks says:

        It does not PROVE anything, but it does surely indicate that humans generally and particularly in our modern western society, are softer and far less determined than our recent predecessors.
        When Ann Other comments that her (?) grandfather served in the First WW, as did many hundreds of thousands of others in both world wars, including many of our parents, she is making the point that despite appalling conditions and experiences, most just got on with it and afterwards returned to civilian life without having to resort to ‘Stress Assessments’, ‘Occupational Health Services’ and ‘Counselling Support’.
        When we have in the VoG Council unable to work because of stress caused by – ‘Having to work with someone that they don’t like’, ‘Having to deal with the public when they are not happy at doing that’ and the surely best one, ‘ Getting stressed out by looking down one long road in Penarth and seeing an endless line of black bags awaiting collection ‘, when they are the person employed to do exactly that, in my opinion just proves that a large number of people these days are far too soft and expect far too much.
        Sadly, civil servants in local government seem to suffer more than most from this stress malady and the VoG council is no exception it seems. You certainly would not find such a take up of ‘Sickies’ in the self employed sector, where very often the reasons for suffering worry and stress are far greater than in local authority employment life.

  3. AK says:

    Barry doesn’t care. It’s not his money

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