Penarth police PCSOs attending a crime-fighting initiative at the Barrage . Part of a public "reassurance" initiative

Penarth Police Community Support Officers on duty at a recent crime-fighting /”public engagement”  event in Penarth

Yet again the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael is planning to increase the police precept  – the extra police charge added to the council-tax bill of every householder in South Wales – by well above the rate of inflation.

Although the UK rate of inflation is currently just 1.2% , Commissioner Michael is saying he wants a 4% increase but won’t rule out asking for an increase of 5%.

Alun Michael (Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales and former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth)

Alun Michael (Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales and former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth)

Alun Michael says “In developing my spending plans for 2017/18 I will continue to protect police numbers and, if possible, provide some growth towards the Chief Constable’s recommended establishment of 3,000 officers.”

Commissioner Michael goes on to say that this will involve what he describes as “a modest increase in the Council Tax Precept in order for South Wales Police to have the capacity to fight crime, prevent crime and make our communities safe.”

The Commissioner also claims “Our expenditure plans currently provide for a Council Tax increase at the 4% level, and for a Band-D taxpayer, that would lead to an increase of £8.31 per year – less than 16p a week. ”

[PDN Note: In fact there are comparatively few “Band-D” properties in Penarth, and virtually none at all below that level – so the use of the “Band-D” comparison as an “average” does not represent anything like the actual banding-levels of the average home in Penarth.]  

The Commissioner goes on to say “Depending on the outcome of the grant settlement, I would not rule out a higher increase, perhaps by 5%”

Alun Michael – who was formerly the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth – says “Nobody wants to increase the charge, but people want to live and work in safe communities and that has to weigh heavily with me when making my final budget decisions.”

A police car blocks off Westbourne Road, Penarth

Police Commissioner Alun Michael wants “regular replacement” of police vehicles

Commissioner Michael also wants to increase capital expenditure withing South Wales Police aiming to spend  £12,400,000  next year. This will be for

  • “Significant investment in information technology”
  • “Regular replacement of police vehicles” [PDN Note: This  would normally be accounted for anyway as part of normal police accounting practice ]
  • Refurbishment of  police buildings “especially the parts that are old and expensive”
Respondents might want to know whether South Wales Police really needs horses - anhd helicopters

Respondents to the South Wales Police on-line consultation might want to know whether the force really needs horses – and helicopters – and why, despite having them, crime is rising in Penarth.

Closing just two days from now is a little-publicised on-line South Wales Police  “public consultation” on the next year’s forthcoming increase in the police precept – [i.e. the slice of the Vale council-tax-bill which is pocketed by South Wales Police] .

Members of the public are being asked to comment on a series of questions which are:-

  • What are your views on the need to maintain an effective police service during a period of austerity –  in particular, maintaining a strong neighbourhood presence?
  • Are there areas of South Wales Police activity that you would you be happy to see cut?
  • What are your views on my council tax precept proposal?
  • What are your views on capital expenditure plans for next year?

The consultation can be found on

There are just two days left to respond before it closes.

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  1. says:

    Suggest we cut his annual salary

  2. Frank Evans says:

    Typical labour, spending your money like it’s water.
    As others have said maybe he should cut his salary or sell his multi million pound house. Or even let younger candidates eat from the trough. Or maybe not as these would either be family or friends!

  3. Mike baker says:

    Perhaps if Mr Michael did something about the £9million taken from South Wales Police budget and given to the three other forces each year would see a change in the budget position. It is the case that last year Dyfed Powys were given about £3million of that money and they wrere able to freeze their precept but residents in South Wales police area have seen regular increases, so in effect are funding policing in other force areas. !!!!!

    • Chris David says:

      This why we need you or another on the ball independent doing this job. Something isn’t right. Why are “we” subsidising other forces?

  4. Rachel says:

    Why don’t you reduce the number of ‘assistants’ you employ Mr Michael or transfer what you are ‘allowed’ in expenses?

  5. Chris Franks says:

    The decline in the number of police officers is alarming. We also need to know how much the UK Government is allocating to Welsh forces. UK Ministers are underfunding the police service.

  6. Chris David says:

    Couldn’t we boost the SWP coffers by getting rid of Michael? Or at least sacking him and voting in an honest unbiased independent who’ll do it out of duty for <half the dosh, staff and costs? Oh sorry- forgot that wont happen.

  7. Chris David says:

    Alun Michaels new HQ
    Beach Hut No.1 – Mince Pies and Festivities – 21/12/16
    Come along and meet the Visit the Vale team and enjoy a mince pie at Beach Hut No.1. We will be at the Beach Hut on Wednesday 21st December between 12 and 2pm. We would love to meet you and thank you all for your support of tourism and events in the Vale throughout the year.
    We said we’d sell some Beach Hut time and we have. Yours and happy 2017; Ms Burnett and Neil.

  8. Taffy says:

    Will you take any note of these comments? I seriously doubt it!

  9. Ivor Bagman says:

    Is Michael taking the Mickey ?

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    You can’t complete the survey online though. You must print it out in order to write comments in longhand, then either send it snail mail (but no time now) or scan it in to attach to email – he ain’t making it easy, is he? Deliberate or what!

  11. Grey local! says:

    I tried doing the survey but it didn’t work, rather I suspect like Mr Michael, it isn’t fit for purpose. The government is suggesting councils add 3% to the local tax to pay for care facilities add that to the suggested addition for a police tax and our taxes will go through the roof. Who do they think has the extra money to pay for this? One way to ease the pain would be to abolish the police commisssioner and his very large staff and use that instead. has anyone seen a policeman or woman in the last year anywhere in Penarth?

    • Actually I met a police officer in Penarth last month and he was most helpful in dealing with the matter I brought to his attention. Police officer people are there if you need them.

      However I can see no point in the Police and Crime Commissioners. They were suppose to add a local oversight of the police but all they seem to achieve is yet another job for the boys. Get rid of them I say.

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