Cllr Clive Williams - campaigning on Cosmeston: The main Cosmeston Lake where wakeboard would take place is linked the the smaller lake by a narrow channel

Both the lakes of Cosmeston Country Park  are in the Plymouth electoral ward of Penarth – which    Cllr Clive Williams (above) and Cllr Maureen Kelly-Owen represent on the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Veteran Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town councillor, Cllr Clive Williams (Conservative Plymouth Ward), has ramped-up his criticism of Labour-run Vale Council’s proposals to “commercialise” Cosmeston Country Park.

Cllr Williams accuses the council of trying to create at Cosmeston what he calls a Fun Fair by the Lakes” 

Cllr Williams says he had warned on 8th November that this was what the Vale Council was planning  and said it was an issue on which local people must be consulted.

Thousands come to Cosmeston Country Park every year to enjoy its tranqulity and its natural unspoiled ambience

Thousands come to Cosmeston Country Park every year to enjoy its tranquility and its natural unspoiled ambience. This is the lake that would be used for wakeboarding

Cllr Williams has  congratulated Plaid Cymru Vale Council candidate Anne Greagsby for raising the issue of Wake Boards on Cosmeston Lakes, but says he wants to  tackle the wider issues raised by the threatened commercialisation of Cosmeston .

He says he has seen Cosmeston Country Park  “grow into a nationally known and respected wild life park enjoyed by thousands of people –  together with educational trips by hundreds of schools over a number of years.”  The mix of Mediaeval Village and the Lakes is, he says  a “treasured complex  – and blends  in with character of Penarth, as the “‘Garden by the Sea'”. Cllr Williams says “Cosmeston  must not be allowed to become  ‘The Fun-Fair by the Lakes.’

He has also hit out at the Vale Council’s “nonsense of asking potential clients to tender, with whatever scheme is imaginable as long as it is financially accepted.” After the massive reaction against the wake-boarding proposal he warns that “Next week we will be asked to consider another scheme which will appeal to a minority and not a majority.”

Cllr Williams says “Penarth is a wonderful place, complemented by the Lakes, which we have inherited and it is up to the People of Penarth and friends of Cosmeston Lakes to DEMAND [ his capitals] that the Lakes are left as a wild-life park for future generations to enjoy.  ”

Both the lakes of Cosmeston Country Park are in the electoral waed of Cllr Clive Williams MBE (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Campaigning to save Cosmeston Country Park for future generations – Cllr Clive Williams MBE

Cllr Williams (80) – a much respected public figure who is battling cancer and heart trouble – and who received the MBE for his decades of public service – says “ The people have the power. Councillors are  nothing. We are elected to do the will of the residents and are often only there for a short time.   I know some councillors think they are better than they actually are.”

He asks “Why should Penarth be used to raise money by desecrating this treasure, at the expense of so many people being affected.? With the election looming next May, what is the hurry with commercialising the lakes?” .

The reselection/deslection meeting was held last night at the Conservative Club in Stanwell Road

The controversial reselection/deselection meeting was held on November 22nd at the Conservative Club in Stanwell Road. The Conservative Party has yet to explain the composition of the panel

Cllr Williams was controversially “de-selected” by the Conservative Party on November 22nd and denied the right to stand again as for one of the two Plymouth Ward seats in next May’s council elections.

The Reverend Canon Peter Cox has paid tribute to Cllr Williams

The Reverend Canon Peter Cox has paid tribute to Cllr Williams

Many local residents have been outraged at the decision not to allow the popular councillor to stand for re-election in May next year.

Amongst the many messages of support he has received is one from the Reverend Canon Peter Cox of All Saints Church, Penarth who says “Clive Williams has been a good and faithful servant of our community. He honoured me by making me his chaplain when he was Mayor of the Vale and he worked tirelessly through his time of office even though cancer and heart problems were major issues. He carried on regardless and I see no sign that he has lost any energy or appetite for community service, as when I attend public occasions, Clive is invariably present. Good on him, and if this is the end of his career as a local councillor, I hope that he finds some other way of channelling his appetite and energy for public service”

The Conservative Party has been asked by PDN to comment the selection process and the composition of the selection panel  – which is said to have contained a number of members of the same family.

This is the first time in Penarth that an incumbent councillor with a faultless record of service and strong electoral support has ever been forced to surrender his seat to make way for another candidate. So far the Conservative Party has not provided an explanation.

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  1. CelticMan says:

    Two responses here:

    I fully endorse Clive’s comments regarding the commercialisation of Cosmeston – thank you for continuing to battle against the “funfair”.

    Regarding the deselection process – this should be fully investigated to ensure that the process used was appropriate, fair and constitutional.

  2. Robert says:

    No, Councillor Williams, the people do NOT have the power.
    Where is the scrutiny of this proposal for Cosmeston?
    The petition seems to me to have blown away in the wind.
    Look at the ‘look-out’ tower on Penarth Head and the future of that. These things are put through without the public knowing and even then, if people do raise valid issues, they are completely ignored.
    Does anyone know if such a potentially invasive scheme is illegal bearing in mind the Cosmeston park’s status as an SSI?
    Aren’t there laws attached to what can and can’t be done at an SSI otherwise what is the point of having it?
    Wake boards in such a small area is as stupid as it will be disastrous for the wildlife.
    What on earth is going on?

  3. Michael Garland says:

    If Cllr Williams is against ‘commercialisation’ of the Country Park, why has he presented his approval to the Vale Council’s Planning department for holding wedding events at the Medieval Village.

  4. lesley withers says:

    Clive Williams has been an excellent councillor, always ready to give up his time and listen to the concerns of the local people. I feel very angry on his behalf for the way he has been treated and know many others feel the same. He has been proactive, actually solving problems for people, not just waffling on and making idle promises which is what seems to happen with certain other political figures. Action, not rhetoric. That sums up Clive Williams.

  5. Mark Foster says:

    With the strategic gerrymandering of the electorate in the UK and Vale of Glamorgan by the mass migration of primarily young people, Lis Burnett knows she is on a winner with this WakeBoarding scheme, which is why she can afford to take the piss and joke about WaterBoarding.

    You Brits can complain as much as you like but you’re too naieve to understand what’s going on. Clearly the only way you’re going to survive is for the House of Windsor to exercise the Royal Prerogative and shut down the Westminster, Welsh and Vale of Glamorgan parliaments and re-establish real democracy for you. People like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump will eventually help you when you wake up.

  6. Chris Lerway says:

    This deselection of Councellor Clive Willams smacks a ĺttle of a breach of process. Councellor Willams has served the whole electorate of his ward well for many years without regard for whom they have voted. I would certainly vote for him as an independent should he choose to stand as my faith in the local Conservative party has now been shaken.

  7. Grey local! says:

    Weddings in the village are a but different from turning the main park into a funfair.
    Cllr Williams could always stand as an independent

  8. Is Penarth so boring that things have to be created to amuse people, the town is a coastal town not a town in the Midlands or the north where to get to the sea is a 40 or 50 mile drive. Penarth has both the sea and the Countryside around it to enjoy and a 10 mile drive in any direction , some people are never satisfied . Same with the stupid headland walk that pops up now and again . I don’t think we will hear anything more on that issue whilst we have the time bomb of the useless and uncalled for viewing platform hanging like a guillotine over the cliff face.

    • George says:

      Spot on, Andrew Worsley, I agree with every word you say but it’s not Penarth that is boring – it’s people, wandering about the place “looking for things to do”. Chavs trying to be “posh” and “interesting” who post “pics” of themselves wakeboarding on Facebook, imagining they’re being daring and entertaining. It’s something to talk about when they go back to work on Monday morning. It’s painful.

  9. David Moorcraft says:

    If you look at the WESTERN end of Barry Dock, (roughly in front of Morrisons etc) the Vale Council HAVE come up with a good idea; the piece of land known as a “mole” has been allocated to local canoeing, rowing and similar clubs, since this end of the docks is no longer used commercially, and water sports may help to “liven up” the area, with much more housing due.
    What a GOOD place for Wakeboarding !! It would fit in; would not disturb the tranquility for which Cosmeston Lakes are prized, and it would further help to liven up the disused docks area.
    (Can I be a Councillor now ? )

  10. Yes you can David Moorcroft no CV needed in case your worried ?, it makes you wonder what some of the Council members had on their CVs to get their posts …………….. hmmm let me guess, An ability NOT to involve the public in issues that will effect them?, Also quite adapt at Ostrich like head in the sand and not listening when their are objections to certain projects? , I bet when the idea for the viewing platform was first mentioned the Council leader used this method?? , and he is still in office!!!! we presume still not listening? , which reminds me of a 5 year old with a loaded gun and someone saying , “for Gods sake take that gun off him before he does any more harm”.

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