The Etc... restaurant on Stanwell Road is one of this year's winners

The Etc… restaurant on Stanwell Road is one of this year’s winners

The prestigious and highly competitive Penarth Christmas Window competition has produced a split decision with new entry – the restaurant “Etc…”  sharing the honours with natural beauty salon Ener-chi. 

The restaurant not only has gas-fired flames leaping from the pavement with lights and baubles galore on its ground floor – but also has a parade of  toytown soldiers and other Christmas characters packing its first-floor balcony overlooking Stanwell Road.

Life-size toy soldiers on the balcony of Etc...

Life-size toy soldiers on the balcony of Etc...

Minimalist it is is not, over-the-top it may be, but at Etc…  the motto seems to be “More is… more” – and fun, it certainly is.

Ener-chi's window features a snowman and a continous snow storm

Ener-chi‘s window features a snowman and a continous snow storm

Meanwhile beauty salon Ener-chi has adopted a slightly more restrained approach using some elements of the winning formula which  the salon adopted it  when it was last a joint winner back in 2014 .

Although there are two winners, there is only one trophy, so the coveted Penarth Town Silver Cup  – presented by Town Mayor Cllr Mike Cuddy  –  will be held by Etc… and Ener-chi for six months each .

Both will be invited to turn on the Penarth Christmas Lights in 2017 .

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  1. Mgg says:

    Brilliant .cause a restriction on the road and pavement and win a prize .not exactly friendly to the community are they ?

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      ETC overky gaudy decorations. Also causing a pavement obstruction with patio heaters, a single one of these appliances could generate four tonnes of CO2 annually (over a third of a home’s annual emissions). They also release nitrogen oxide, impacting on air quality

      • Father christmas says:

        Anne Graesby so u don’t drive u don’t have central heating and u don’t use any aerosols or use public transport…..PLEASE HAVE A WORD WITH YOURSELF all of the above POLITE!!!!!!

      • Father christmas says:

        Anne Greagsby so u don’t drive u don’t have central heating and u don’t use any aerosols or use public transport…..PLEASE HAVE A WORD WITH YOURSELF all of the above POLITE!!!!!!

      • Tom says:

        Another Green Party remoaner, oh sorry forgot you were expelled. I suggest you go back to your mud hut light some incense sticks and stop trying to push you communist way down people’s throats..

      • Richard says:

        Perhaps a more diplomatic way of saying things is that Etc’s Christmas display speaks volumes about the aspirations of its owners/clientele.

  2. Aly says:

    Has to Etc absolutely magnificent

  3. CoexistinPenarth says:

    I am impressed they narrowed it down to just 2, so many of the Christmas windows in Penarth look fantastic!

  4. Taffy says:

    Spare us etc etc etc!!

  5. Father christmas says:

    What a complete farce….ETC has set the standard…a traditional very high quality yule tide theme…I haven’t seen this type of effort in my lifetime (43 years) well done to the owners ….that is worthy of a London shop decor ….

    • June Vrettos says:

      Well said. They are AWSOME lights. London and New York standards. And any negative comments are just bah , hum bug !!!

  6. Christmascheer says:

    A window display is a display in the shop window. Etc display seems to be anywhere but the shop window 😆

  7. LJS says:

    Many negative thoughts but I think congratulations to Etc for bringing a high quality business to Penarth and for a grand Christmas effort. The moaners and humbuggers may not like it but as it’s constantly busy many people do. Congratulations also to Energy chi and all Penarth businesses in making our town so vibrant.

  8. Kev says:

    There’s no way there could be any other winner than Etc, they’ve done good. And all the comments about “oh god they’ve got patio heaters, restricting pavement space, creating co2” and so on and so on, GET A LIFE. They’re running a business and using the patio heaters to draw attention to themselves. That’s life. Live and let live.

  9. Very well done to both entrants – Judy at Ener-chi and Etc. both of whom have put a lot of effort, time and money into their displays. Each one very different, yet each one fantastic in its own right. And for all those other shopkeepers who did such splendid window displays, you have he,lped brighten up our town no end once again. It is bringing in the visitors and that’s partly what it is all about !

  10. Frank Evans says:

    My award for the most decorated property in Penarth has to go to our very own police commissioner!!
    Sorry I forgot he only likes spending our money not his own.

  11. Etc fan club says:

    Why are people so down on anything that is doing so well . A bit of the green eyed monster no doubt if you havn’t got anything nice to say “especially at this lovely time of the year” don’t say anything at all. Well done to ETC for such a beautiful display and bringing so much attention to their thriving business. While people are talking about you it has to be good for business .

  12. Sarah Alexanda says:

    A familiar negative comment made by a very small individual, a zero contributed to a small town, Mgg you really are a negative person throughout this feed , whom penarth could do without, get a life, you are clearly very unhappy with you boring life.
    I think what the restaurant has done to a small town like penarth is incredible not forgetting that they are an independent and no doubt paying extortionate business rates not like the the copious charity shops whom contribute very little or even nothing into the penarth pocket fund.
    These facts are often missed and not taken into consideration when people are quick enough to attach small businesses.
    Well done to etc… you have brightened this end of town and I am told all on your own backs, comments via small narrow minded individual whom hide behind a name are pathetic and clearly have furthered issues within thier lives.
    Merry Christmas All .

  13. Sue@56 says:

    I agree with Sarah. Let’s hope that in 2017 that Penarth Conservative club will follow the example of Etc as their attempt at decoration is pathetic. Love the snowman by West House, hope he is there again next year.

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