Penarth's David Walton was marketing director for the South African lottery

Penarth’s David Walton was marketing director for the South African lottery

A company run by a Penarth resident –  David Ward Walton –  is to launch a televised  all-Wales national lottery next year.

The firm – a “not-for-profit” Cardiff-based company called Wil Enterprises –  is planning to set up the lottery as a means of raise money for “grassroots community causes throughout Wales”.

The company – a CIC – (Community Interest Company) has already secured a licence to operate the lottery and it’s planned that each draw will be  broadcast live on S4C – the Welsh Fourth Channel – and also streamed on- line .

David Ward Walton of Penarth - whose not-for-profit firm is to launch a televised Welsh National lottery

David Ward Walton of Penarth – whose not-for-profit firm is to launch a televised Welsh National lottery in 2017

David Ward Walton who lives in Plymouth Road, Penarth  is a marketing and lotteries expert who was formerly the marketing director for the South African National Lottery. Other directors are Geraint James,  David Charles Wall and Tom Parry Davies – who just joined the board this week.

Mr Walton says he is “confident that  this lottery will appeal to people in Wales.”

Over the next few months Mr Walton’s firm –  Wil Enterprises  – will be meeting with Welsh charities and with businesses to discuss “lottery-marketing partnerships”.

The Welsh lottery is set to launch in the first half of 2017.

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  1. Nigel Bull says:

    Mr Walton and his merry band are either very brave or very foolish. S4C viewing figures are so low that a sizable proportion are viewed by so few people as to immeasurable, even using the 15 mins per day criteria used by the viewing panel.

    No doubt he has struck a very good deal, so good in fact that they will be paying him to promote his lottery from their licence/tax payer £100m+ subsidy. Get on air either side of POBOL Y CWM with 50k viewers when someone is killed off and use small rugby balls Mr Walton, or your might be calling Peter Alan and not to sponsor your programme!

  2. Paul says:

    The game is just a lottery, not worth a gamble…

  3. 249ers says:

    Small viewing figures must give better odds for winning, or am I missing something here.

  4. Chris David says:

    I’d like to see the business plan. Not for Profit can be very profitable indeed. Witness the big charities and directors salaries of up to £500,000 each PA! Mr Doughty is an expert. But if its truly NFP then I wish it very good luck and may it raise much money for community causes. Mind S4C! would help if it could broaden it target customer base.

  5. RetailGuru says:

    Oh now Chris David, you’re sounding like a stuck record… Sometimes I swear you just copy and paste your moans about charities lol.

  6. Chris David says:

    Oh yes Ret Guru. I’m in the groove man. For the record….. where charities are concerned….. I’m a long player. The whole sector needs investigating and bringing to book. Its up there with MP’s expenses – double housing and other areas of fiscal misappropriation. For the record there are lots of worthy charities about that don’t cream off huge salaries and perks to “directors” (whilst exploiting free labour and the tax payer) I sincerely hope this is one of them…LOL indeed.

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