Two door staff sustained injuries whilst ejecting a customer from Bar 44 on Saturday night

Two door staff sustained injuries whilst ejecting a customer from Bar 44 on Saturday night. The police attended in force (Photo Kevin O’Sullivan)

It’s emerged that two doormen at the Bar 44 Tapas restaurant in Windsor Road have had to be treated for  “minor injuries” in a town-centre incident on  Saturday night December 17th.

PDN had received received reports of  a “strong police presence ” in the town centre . It’s now been confirmed that officers were responding to reports of “an altercation” at Bar 44 at approximately 9.50pm.

The scene outside Bar44 Tapas on Saturday night

The scene outside Bar44 Tapas on Saturday night (Photo Kevin O’Sullivan)

The doormen were injured in the process of “ejecting a customer”  from the restaurant. They later received medical treatment.

Police continued investigations later at the Railway pub in Plymouth Road

Police continued investigations later at the Railway pub in Plymouth Road

Later that evening officers also carried out investigations outside the Railway pub in Penarth – which are  understood to have been connected to the Bar 44 incident.



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  1. Tom says:

    the cream of society!

  2. Peter Church says:

    Two doorman injured at a Penarth TAPAS Restaurant!!
    I am not sure if this says something about Penarth, its visitors, or even the Tapas Bar itself.
    Since when does a Tapas Bar need two bouncers?
    Premises don’t just do this off their own bat, there must have been trouble there before.
    Very sad, what next drive by shootings or lorry attacks at Penarth farmer’s market?

    • Eyes and Ears says:

      I’ve read some nonsense on here but you may have exceeded most of that. Try not to let all that negativity get the better of you.

  3. Colin says:

    in such poor taste, Peter.

  4. Louise says:

    The food in Bar 44 is really good, but I choose to eat there at lunchtime now if I can because of the heavy drinking in the evenings which is not monitored by any of the staff. We have witnessed this on several occasions when eating there with friends and younger family members. The drinkers are usually well dressed professionals who don’t seem to know when to stop, and the staff just keep on serving them. The last time we were there, long before Christmas, people were staggering back and forth to the toilets, glasses and bottles were smashed (accidentally) and the atmosphere felt intimidating. We mentioned it to the staff, but they don’t seem to care. I have NEVER witnessed this type of behaviour in Spanish tapas bars – why do some British people feel it necessary to drink until they fall over or become aggressive? Bar 44 needs to sort this out.

    • Bobby says:

      I agree Louise the food is very good but I too no longer go there in the evenings for pretty much the same reasons as you have mentioned. It’s also too noisy to hear the other people you are with speak because of all the shouting, usually the noise comes from well dress professionals, I wonder if they are the same you talk about. I know of at least one very viscous unprovoked assault which happened in Bar 44 a few years ago, it was reported on PDN too, which is a shame because when it first opened it was a very nice bar to go to.

    • Penileaks says:

      The application for a Tapas Bar was an attempt to persuade the planning authorities to allow yet another variation on the food theme for Penarth and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but in reality it was an application for another bar, full stop.
      They got what they wanted !

      • Ford Prefect says:

        I disagree. The food there is clearly a priority for them. It is so well made, the menu changes regularly and the staff know their stuff. They are also very keen to show off their impressive range of hard to find sherries. It’s a good place.

  5. Martha says:

    Some people equate being “well-dressed”, having plenty of money to spend, and eating and drinking until they can no longer stand with “success” when in fact they are unhappy inside and would be far better off getting a dog. But you can’t tell these people, they won’t listen.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Sadly I can only visit during the week, as at the weekend it has turned into booze central.
    Doormen on a so called tapas restaurant, maybe try not to serve people who are already drunk more alcohol. But money talks…..
    If police get called out due to bar then issue them a fine Alun Michael rather than put the precept up by 5% every year.

  7. CelticMan says:

    I too have stopped visiting Bar 44 in Penarth. The management of the place has deteriorated since Mo moved to Bar 44 in Westgate Steet, Cardiff. It has become a noisy, boozer rather than the excellent tapas bar that it once was – made worse by the layout with diners having to walk past the drunks to get to their tables and toilets that have become inadequate to service needs of the heavy drinkers. 2 bouncers needed for a tapas bar???

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