The "Etc..." Restaurant and Cocktail Bar on Stanwell Road is not easy to miss

The “Etc…” Restaurant and Cocktail Bar on Stanwell Road is not easy to miss

The Etc… Restaurant and Bar – which last week was declared the joint winner of Penarth’s annual Christmas-window competition and is seen as a major new-business success story in the town  – has now received a planning enforcement notice from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The Vale Council letter alleges that the Etc… Restaurant – which is at 1 Royal Buildings, Stanwell Road, is  using the pavement outside the premises for what the letter calls “a variety of advertisements”.

It is standard practice that when a complaint is received the planning officers in the Vale Council are obliged to issue a letter and look into the matter.

In many cases the council officers find that there has been no breach of planning permission and the business is allowed to carry on as before.

In other instances however – if there is found to have been a breach – the business can be required to rectify the situation and become compliant within a set period of time . The business is also able to appeal against the enforcement notice.

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  1. Jillabong says:

    Whilst I would not condone law breaking, I don’t feel that Etc. impede footfall with their pavement furniture. We have a number of empty premises in Penarth, and a high proportion of estate agents and charity shops. Mr. Mules has opened an innovative and popular business in our lovely town. Perhaps if it is established that the law has not been broken, we can cut him some slack.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    Penarth should worry about drunks staggering on pavements outside certain bars rather than the bits and pieces outside etc….

  3. LJS says:

    A number of businesses in Penarth have advertising boards, signs and paraphernalia outside their premises. there are many signs without the relevant planning yet there appears to be much slack and no enforcement. Small businesses are the life blood of our town and are to be applauded. They provide jobs, create incomes for people and their variety a pleasure for us townsfolk. If someone has made a complaint is must be from another ‘humbugger’.

  4. Matthew says:

    The amount of stuff on the pavement outside is a bit OTT it does take up a lot of space I have nearly tripped over it running for the train.

    A sign is no problem at all but they have patio heaters, plant pots, signs, and more clogging up the pavement.

  5. Mgg says:

    Other advert stuff doesn’t restrict the pavement .have you tried walking past there innthe evening with the drunks and dolls spilling on the pavement like St Mary’s Street at its worst .

    • Frank Evans says:

      Maybe you could organise a new bench for the drunks to sit on since I hear you are have now been called to the bench as penarth town councils money wasting spokesperson.

      • Mgg says:

        A ha like the way you linked the items . there is no evidence in my posts of advocating wasting money. I will , however , gladly be a spokesperson for rationale non political dicussion . The , its the vog it must be wrong , or , its labour it must be wrong, entries are lazy unhelpful and political dogma driven .now that’s the situation where money gets wasted without considering evidence or long term cost benefit analysis to gain short term popularity . bench ..of the peg cheap materials ..I mmediatte popularity .but need replacing medium term .or slightly more expensive but longer lasting and individual.
        Theres the debate .

  6. Harry says:

    I congratulate Etc on their successful business but I do feel that the amount of things they have outside their premises including the very large planter are a bit OTT Are they being charged business rates on the extra sq.footage they are using on a regular basis! I don’t think we have any/many empty business premises, think all the shops are occupied at present time, and as Penarth is on the up and up. common sense needs to prevail when Etc block the pavement every evening, often difficult to pass without having to step in the road or cross-over!!, which isn’t really acceptable

  7. Ellabell says:

    Have there been complaints about the new planters outside the bears head, shop goods outside a-z and wasons? What about the decking outside the restaurant opposite the library?

    • Name and Shame says:

      I think the decking isn’t on the public pavement. If you look at the way the slabs are laid.

    • Mgg says:

      Those places don’t cause an inappropriatre restriction on pavement space .it’s about whats reasonable Further I understand that if you look at old pictures the shops opposite library have had pavement added later by someone else notes there is a line on pavement which would indicate the origonal building frontage as in your front garden .ergo its not public pavement.

  8. Guido says:

    As a retired Enforcement Officer for the Vale, it was the stance of the Highways Division, who are charged with dealing with any impedance to the highway and this includes the pavement, to ‘tolerate’ the placing of one sign or advert for each business premise, on the pavement directly outside that premise. As regards placing goods outside, again Highways licence such practice subject, so I understand, the goods only extending 1mt over the pavement. The decking outside the restaurant opposite the library has permission. The situation at Etc does appear excessive and clearly breaches the above as do several other examples around Penarth

  9. Jean Thomas says:

    Being the partner of a registered blind guy, I am more aware of the problems that all this “furniture” causes and feel that some of it should be removed.

  10. Well if 3 feet is the limit for goods or other items on the pavement them Wasons, Dragon Discount and The Bears Head are all breaking the law as they extend quite clearly beyond that. As for Bears Head they only have permission to leave the tables chairs and now the silly planters outside till 7pm but of recent weeks they have ignored or flouted that deadline. The DIY shop and DD shut at 5-30pm so after that the pub is the only on the pavement obstruction for the whole length of that stretch of the pavement on both sides. Strange that these 3 places side by side of each other are the only ones with obstructions on the pavement.

  11. Slight correction to my last comments, there are obstacles outside shops across from The Bears Head etc but none of them exceed more than 3 feet out on to the pavement .

  12. Mgg says:

    The officer notes that shops can go 1 metre onto pavement . With the tolerance he mentions this probably equates to 2 metres before been seen as excessive .

  13. Ivor Bagman says:

    How on earth can anyone complain ?
    Try walking up Albert Road past the post office !

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