A pre-Christmas press release from Penarth Town Council xconfirms an above-inflation hike in council tax precept and that the council is considering getting into debt

A pre-Christmas press release from Penarth Town Council confirms an above-inflation hike in council tax precept, and that it’s “redesigning” events and considering getting into debt

Penarth Town Council has taken the unprecedented step today of issuing a press release to announce that the town’s council-tax-precept will rise in 2017/18 by an inflation-busting 4.96%  – [way in excess of the current rate of inflation which is 1.2%].

In Tuesday night’s budget committee meetings, councillors had approved a report which stated that the “proposed budget for 2017/18 has been uplifted by £77,829 from the £670,406 to £748,235″ . [an increase of 11.60%].

There has not yet been a meeting of the  full council  to consider the budget proposals of its key committees [ see PDN ]. The full council is not due to meet until January 19th to ratify the committee decisions.

Penarth Town Mayor and leader of the council, Cllr Mike Cuddy on stage at the Christmas Festival - which - like the Summer Festival - is now to be "redesigned"

Penarth Town Mayor and leader of the council, Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) on stage at the Christmas Festival – which – like the Summer Festival – is now to be “redesigned”

In its statement today ,  the council does not detail the £12,000 of budget cuts it agreed on Tuesday night – particularly in respect of the Summer Festival and Christmas Festival . The statement says only that the proposed changes “involve redesigning Christmas and Summer festival events and reallocating resources to improve various elements.”

The leader of the council Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) had also told the Leisure Committee on Tuesday night that the council’s Late Night Shopping event was being dropped. He said  ” We feel it is an experiment which probably isn’t worth repeating at the moment – so that’s another saving”. 

Anne Morgan Jewellery was amongst the businesses open in Penarth for late-night shopping in last night foggy weather - but the boss was Downing Street

Anne Morgan Jewellery was amongst the businesses open in Penarth for late-night shopping – but it was a damp and foggy night. The Mayor, Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines), grumbled that not many councillors were to be seen on the streets that night.

In today’s statement the council says only that “The Town Council will be happy to support the event via its website advertising at Christmas 2017” – which implies there will be no financial support coming from the council . It had been agreed to hold the event two weeks later than the 2014 and 2015 events – but that arrangement appeared to have been forgotten about by the time this Christmas rolled around.

Cllr Anthony Ernest, Conservative Plymouth Ward

Cllr Anthony Ernest, Conservative Plymouth Ward

In Tuesday night’s meeting Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) said this was the first time he had ever seen a figure of over £1 million in the council’s estimates. This was “big expenditure for a town council” – he said

He also criticised the council’s convention of referring to the increase in precept in relation to “average Band-D” property. Cllr Ernest said there were comparatively few “Band D” properties in Penarth. “The reality is quite considerably different with properties extending up to the “Bands G,H and I” . In areas like Penarth the actual amount charged to occupiers was he said  “quite substantially more” than the Band D figure quoted.

Today’s press release also says Penarth Council is to consider getting into debt to “trigger the improvement of services and facilities to the people of Penarth”. To pay for what it calls  “significant investment”, and other unspecified future developments, it may consider  taking out a “public works loanrepayable over 30 years . It says that the Town Precept [the segment of council tax which is paid to Penarth Council] would “underwrite the loan repayments”. 

The council also says “ Consultations with the community of Penarth will be undertaken to evaluate if this is what the people of Penarth want to enhance our town now and for future generations.” More information is available from Emma Boylan, Town Clerk at


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  1. martin houghton says:

    There appears to be no attempt to justify this increase in its statement. Just why is this being imposed on us? To spend it on what? What gives this bunch of visionless incompetents the idea that they are capable of handling such sums of money when the only rubbish they can talk about is late night shopping and such stuff? And why on earth are they subsidising the commercial sector anyway? Also, what help will be given to the elderly and the poorest in the community to cope with such an increase? Nothing said about that either. The Council employs 20 people I believe. Why? What relationship do they bear to this increase? What salaries are paid to them? Will they get an inflation busting pay rise?
    We are helpless. We can only vote this lot out. But who on earth wants to vote for any replacements anyway. This whole level of bureaucracy is a bloody disgrace. It has no political ethic. It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Apart from spending a pathetic eternity plodding around tiresome subjects like how people can or cannot develop their houses. But even those decisions have to go to the Vale of Glamorgan wonderkids I think.
    Resign. The lot of you.

  2. Waste Of Money says:

    With this increase maybe we can get more £1k benches!!!!!!!

    This is wrong and the money will be spent on irrelevant areas (irrelevant to 95% of Penarth people).

  3. Taffy says:

    Perhaps the 5 o/0 are those who vote. Lousy system!

  4. End the waster says:

    Didn’t Rhoose vote to lose it’s council some years ago? That’d save a few quid.

  5. Chris David says:

    I will say from what I saw in the report re the budget meeting they do appear to be incompetent and directionless. They should be stooped by WG. The council processes should be audited. Is it also true that money raised through Penarth taxes is syphoned off for Barry by the VoG? And what is the point of Penarth Council if the VoG run the show? I’d rather have a competent PTC and keep the Vale out altogether but they do appear a tad amateurish in PTC and the VoG!

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Spend spend spend
    Labour labour labour
    Ho Ho Ho
    Merry Christmas poor pensioners.

  7. RetailGuru says:

    Things have taken a significant turn for the worse since Cuddy has been in place…. Penny pinching, poor prioritising, flippant remarks.

  8. Peter Church says:

    I have it on good authority that Labour Councillors have been told not to post any replies on here anymore!!
    That’s why there are no more amusing rants from Phil Rapier.
    Something to do with Lis Burnett I expect.
    I’m afraid the Labour party don’t like being criticised, they prefer pravda twitter accounts and stooge letters to local papers.

  9. Chris David says:

    Well I’m not surprised Mr Church. Mein Fuhrer has spoken ya. Maybe that why the hand wringer Lyndsey hasn’t been trying to defend the handrail-gate and budget fiasco’s. Closet Labour Councillor ay!

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