Lavernock Halt - just south of Penarth - is one of the locations on the route .

Lavernock Halt – just south of Penarth – is one of the locations brought back to life in the video .

Rail buffs may find there’s no need to dig that old Hornby model railway out of the loft to have some fun this Christmas –  because  well-known Penarth pleasure boat operator, photographer, historian and rail enthusiast Ben Salter has just released (as of last night) another of his evocative video simulations on YouTube.

His latest epic is a now-impossible-to-make train journey from Cadoxton, Barry to Penarth via Sully .

As Penarth’s local rail services are closed over Christmas this is the only train which actually will be running – and will turn up when passengers want it to.

It was then a cement works - now it's Cosmeston Country Park ...and soon it could become "Cosmeston Wake Park" .

It was then a cement works – now it’s Cosmeston Country Park …and soon it could become “Cosmeston Wake Park” .

Anyone planning to take a post-Christmas-lunch walk along the Railway Path tomorrow or Boxing Day would be well advised to view the video first to get their bearings .

The train (it’s a diesel, but there are a few steam engines to be glimpsed here and there)  takes passengers on a “summer evening” from Cadoxton to Penarth. The passengers travel  through Swanbridge, Lavernock , Lower Penarth, and so on – but doesn’t actually stop at all these halts.

Sully Terrace, Penarth - as it would have looked if only we hadn't ripped the rails up

Sully Terrace, Penarth – as it would have looked if only we hadn’t ripped the rails up

Purists might quibble at the small orchestra which Ben has managed to squeeze into the driver’s cab this time,  but Penarth natives will enjoy the sight of Cosmeston – back in the day when the Country Park was a smoky cement works, and a driver’s-eye-view of Sully Terrace when the Railway Path really was a railway.

To view the video just press the arrow symbol on the screen below

The YouTube address for Ben’s Cadoxton to Penarth Video simulation is

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  1. Chris David says:

    Fabulous. Even with modern technology to help a lot of thought and skill must have gone into this. Thank You Mr Salter. I’m sure I did this trip and maybe a few times, but all a bit foggy now.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    Sorry Ben, most of view consists of views out of the cab looking at nothing but two rails. I know your are a rail enthusiast but can we see the land scape

    • Brian Selby says:

      Ever so easy to criticise Frank can we see your efforts please.

      • Frank Evans says:

        I applaud Bens work. But a short journey with more detail. Less sometimes is more!
        I don’t have railsimroutes so I can’t share my work.
        I could send you a sketch of train I drew.

  3. snoggerdog says:

    thanks for that capn gorgeous, havnt done that trip since the early sixties being as you are such a clever old seadog i wonder if you can conjure up a capn hoo type time simulator.

  4. David Moorcraft says:

    The article suggests that the Country Park was a smoky cement works. Sorry to be a bit precise, but our cherished Park and lakes were the site of the limestone Quarry, linked across Lavernock Rd by a narrow-gauge railway to the cement works on the other side of the road, which ran roughly from near Brockhill Rise down past Cosmeston Drive to what is now ‘Upper Cosmeston Farm” housing.
    This included the pre-cast concrete works, which shipped out thousands of the then innovative “Raphcon” hollow flooring beams which could be seen trundling through Penarth Station, which at the time actually had three rail lines between platforms.
    (The beams designed, I believe by Penarth’s Wallace Evans Engineers , but someone may correct me !)

  5. Lm says:

    Absolutely fabulous!
    Didn’t come to live in Penarth until the 1970s
    Wish the railway was still like this!
    Wonderful can’t praise enough
    Thank you

  6. Ethel says:

    Amazing film. Track runs at the bottom of my garden. Frank’s comment leaves me speechless and that doesn’t often happen !

  7. Ben Salter says:

    Glad everyone is enjoying my efforts. I will be going in the other direction down to Cogan eventually. It’s always hard to decide where to put the camera when making these films, and stuff always gets left out. The former Dogsmeston Quarry has been modelled in my sim, but can’t be seen. I will redo this film one day (minus the music!) to include more scenery…. Watch this Space! 😊

  8. Lewis says:

    A great video! It is interesting to spot the railway bridge that passes over lavernock road before you get to Sully. There appear to be no remains/evidence of such a bridge nowadays..

    • Ben Salter says:

      Yes Lewis.. When the infamous Sully bends were straightened out , that bridge was demolished and the whole road was raised as part of the realignment. Traces of the old road can still be found though either side of the new road. The railway cutting in that area still exists although completely filled with undergrowth!

  9. The other train that runs every year is the 1X01 service from North Pole International (XNP) which calls at Penarth (PEN), Dingle Road (DGL) and Cogan (CGN), and in fact all stations – details here…. Merry Christmas everyone.

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