The new "Penarth" paltform at Cardiff Central railway station

The new “Penarth” platform at Cardiff Central Railway Station opened for the first time today.

A new platform for Penarth-bound passengers – Platform 8 –  opened at  Cardiff Central station this morning.

The newly constructed platform – part of a major redevelopment to ease congestion at Cardiff –  will serve trains to and from Penarth, Barry Island and Vale of Glamorgan lines.

The new platform came into operation at 06:00 this morning and will handle services up until 20:00 each evening . After that Penarth trains are will (mostly) run from Platform 7 at all other times.

The renovation of Cardiff Station has been under way since 2012 and also involves replacing signal systems and changing track layouts as well as installing the new platforms and associated waiting rooms .


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  1. Dave says:

    Good to see it open at last. It was completed over a year ago but due to Network rail being way way way behind with their signalling projects has just come on line, (pun intended !)

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Well not quite as new as PDN’s impressive article says. Astute Local Historian’s would be aware that Platform 8 has merely been reconstructed and re-instated and there was a platform 9 once on the same site exactly. Before then they were, -from the original construction in 1882,- by the GWR- known as platform 1 and 2 of Riverside Station. Constructed by GWR to thwart the over zealous monopoly tactics of John Boyle General Manager of the East and West Bute Dock ( Bute himself in my opinion had little to do with this “feudal” attitude to business as he was very neglectful of financial matters being far too busy re-building Cardiff Castle and Mounstuart ). The Bute family motto is “Avito Viret Honore” meaning “to flourish in an honourable ancestry”..John Batchelor his great rival mentioned in previous PDN articles would no doubt have had a different view of the legacy of John Patrick Crichton-Stuart. 3rd Marquess of Bute.
      Although with an amazing irony as Acts of Parliament passim enforced cooperation between the Railway Companies the Taff Vale ran a service from their own Docks Station at Clarence Road running alongside the Glamorgan Canal to Cogan via Riverside Station. Beeching closed it in the sixties but is this the start of a trend and will Penarth Dock Station re-open soon? We live in hope.

  2. Michael says:

    I expect they’ve managed to wreck the character and features of the old station under the guise of “easing congestion”.

    • Edward says:

      Well, no they haven’t at all. But even if they had, surely the station needs to adapt for the way that people use transport in the 21st century?

  3. I used Platform 8 twice yesterday. the first day it was in use..

  4. David Moorcraft says:

    I guess this platform would be near where the old “Bloater Paste Trains” used to run -as some very old Penarthians might remember – from Penarth to around the current Platform 7, then take a right turn and go down alongside Dumballs Road to Clarence Road Station , where the Police Station is now
    “Bloater Paste Train” because Bank Clerks trying to look important had briefcases but the cheapest paste sandwiches were all they contained.

    • Martha says:

      Ha ha, I love memories like this! Thank you for sharing.

    • snoggerdog says:

      if i remember rightly a bloater was a whole smoked herring,& im not sure if they still sell them in ashtons. they wernt gutted so they used to bloat.

  5. Frank Evans says:

    New platform old trains new higher fares same old same old.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Fare is now £3.90 up from £3.60 return. That’s an 8.33% increase, who the hell do they think they are Alum Michael??
    Is it me or does everything go up in multiples of official inflation. Then again official inflation is not allowed to measure anything that actually rises.

  7. Although this comment is nothing to do with the topic , I hope Penarth Daily News can correct an error printed in the Penarth Times and repeated by the local Library. There has been a change of PCSOs in Penarth , the information given is totally wrong although there have been changes , I checked with the Police and was told all the information I have read is wrong .

    • Frank Evans says:

      What penarth times wrong!

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      Don’t use ad blocker…Please. …

      • I’ll stop using ad blockers when the ads stop talking at me or contain moving images.

      • Peter Church says:

        And they wonder why people resort to Ad Blocker?
        I connected to Penarth Times (and others) and after 20 seconds it had blocked about 40 ads.
        Yes, the ones that start talking at full volume are the worst and you can’t find out where they are originating from.

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