HM Parc Prison Bridgend could soon be cooking hot meals for local pensioners across the Vale of Glamorgan

HM Parc Prison Bridgend could soon be cooking hot meals for local pensioners across the Vale of Glamorgan

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s ruling cabinet is next week set to scrap the council’s long-running “Meals-on-Wheels” service – the hot-meals service for elderly and infirm people who are unable to cook for themselves.

The meals currently provided are frozen ready-meals bought from a company called “Apetito” which are heated in the kitchen of Rondel House, Barry, by Vale staff cooks / drivers and then delivered in insulated boxes across the Vale .

Vale Council meals on wheels are frozen and then reheated.

Vale Council meals on wheels are frozen and then reheated.

The number served has steadily dwindled to just 45 customers  each weekday – compared with the 112 customers a day being provided in 2012. It’s now being recommended that “alternative ways” are found to ensuring needs were met by “signposting” to alternative suppliers such as the social enterprise ” The Food Shed”.

The Food Shed says it has “developed a partnership”  with HMP Parc Prison, Bridgend and the prison’s associated Young Offenders Institute  – to  cook its meals every day . But there’s more on the menu than just porridge. Every day there’s  “a choice of a meat, fish or vegetarian meal – including a pudding” for £4.75,  including free delivery in the Bridgend area.

At Cardiff Prison, inmates cook meals for the general public in its “Clink” restaurant – situated just outside the main walls of the prison. However the Vale Council has been told  that Cardiff Council is not to adopt a similar policy to the Vale and has decided to continue with its own council-provided Meals on Wheels Service.


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  1. Penileaks says:

    As prisoners seem to eat far better than our school children and hospital patients, the OAP’s in the Meals on Wheels system will probably do very nicely out of this deal and well they deserve it.

    • RetailGuru says:

      Um… I’m not sure which century you’re from Penileaks but my recent experience in hospital proved that they served ‘adequate’ food (for free) and the local schools provide fab quality food. Also, you fail to note that this is a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, helping people gain confidence and skills.

      • Penileaks says:

        I have to admit that the food that I last had in a hospital (last century), was not too bad and the school meals that I had back in the ’60’s was actually quite moorish on occasions, however I refer to the even better food that is apparently provided for persons holidaying at Her Majesty’s pleasure. I say this not from any personal experience, but fro figures that I have seen in the past relating to the cost allowed per head for meals provided to our school children and unfortunate hospital patients, when compared to the amount allowed per head for our prisoners.
        I will try hard in the near future to experience all three areas of culinary delight, however whilst getting myself locked up is probably not too difficult and no doubt my advancing years will inevitably lead to me sampling the fare on offer in our wonderful hospitals sooner rather than later, my chances of passing myself off as a school child are decidedly poor and so the final comment on what is on offer in our educational institutions will have to wait until I have been reincarnated (hopefully as a human), and I can again join the waiting list for a local primary school 🙂

  2. RetailGuru says:

    Sounds a good idea, I’ve only heard good things about ‘The Clink’. Well done on creative thinking and helping support a valuable social enterprise.

  3. Daft o dull says:

    Good, the prisoners can start to put back into the community!

  4. Paul says:

    Bon Appetite…

  5. Andy Dufresne says:

    Just watch out for the file hidden in that pie!

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