The former "coachhouse" which Olympic champion Colin Jackson wants to convert into a two storey "granny annexe"

The former “coach house” – viewed from  the rear – which Olympic champion and broadcaster  Colin Jackson wants to convert into a two storey “granny annexe”

A plan by former Olympic and world champion hurdler Colin Jackson to redevelop a single storey  coach house as two-storey “granny annexe” adjacent to his home in Northcliff  Drive , Penarth, has been recommended for refusal by Penarth Town Council.

The planning application sought permission convert the former coach house to a granny annexe including raising the roof height.

The proposed "granny annexe" which has raised objections from neighjbgours and hwich Penarth Town Council has recommended for refusal

A front view of the proposed “granny annexe” – the plan for which has raised objections from neighbours.  Penarth Town Council has recommended the application be refused – but the Vale of Glamorgan Council will make the final decision

Broadcaster and former Olympic athlete Colin Jackson

Broadcaster and former Olympic athlete Colin Jackson

Two neighbours have objected to the application – on grounds of loss of parking area, loss of privacy,  and concerns regarding the safety of an adjoining wall.

One neighbour said “this would be an inappropriate development of a small space  , detrimental to the existing properties and a potential dangerous congestion of cars.   The coach house is only appropriate as a storage unit”

The application has not been discussed by the full Penarth Town Council planning committee and has been dealt with on a “delegated” basis.

The final decision is due to be made – again on a “delegated” basis –  by a Vale of Glamorgan Council planning officer unless it is “called in” by a Vale councillor.

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  1. Ian James Griffin says:

    “Coach House” – I wouldn’t keep my dogs in there as a kennel !!!
    It seems at the moment that anyone in Penarth with a few square yards of space is trying to cash in, and build anything for a profit.
    Who is advising these greedy people – just for the sake of earning a few pounds ?
    While I appreciate many so called architects are going through difficult times, do they not have any morals while advising clients just to earn a few pounds ?

    • LeighA says:

      Someone got out of bed the wrong side this morning! How can you possibly pass judgement on someones reason for making a planning application. I think your comments are totally unjust and inappropriate.

    • Peter Church says:

      I see you have left a few spaces in your post above, could I use them to sneak in a for sale ad?
      Like everyone else in Penarth at the moment I am obsessed with making money!!

    • Lindsay says:

      A “granny annexe” doesn’t sound like a money making exercise.

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Some fair points above-many apartment blocks are now infested with “buy to let” landlords, many do not live “on site” and some live in England (Owain Glyndwr would turn in his grave!).money-making is the aim of these people,neighbours are just seen as “collateral damage”-sign of the times I suppose-no Russian oligarchs-YET!!

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