New Adventure Travel, Harton Coaches and Cardiff Bus serve Penarth as well as Arriva Trains

New Adventure Travel, Harton Coaches and Cardiff Bus serve Penarth as well as Arriva Trains

A council on-line survey of public transport in the Vale of Glamorgan has found that most bus users are only “fairly satisfied” with local buses and want more frequent services than are currently provided.

Most of those responding to the survey had a “concessionary pass” which entitles them to use the services at no cost to themselves .

Respondents said they were “fairly satisfied with public transport overall” – but wanted more frequent services

A number of respondents said they were “happy to use public transport during the day” b ut were “less likely” to use buses after dark. Respondents also used trains for shopping and leisure travel

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has carried out a view of all the bus services that it subsidises  and says that members of the public suggested a number of “tweaks” that could be made to timetables to provide improved services .

The council says it  is not possible to increase the frequency on these subsidised services.

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  1. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Well 93 one an hour or 2 trains from Dinas Powys -so glad I live back in Penarth after 22 years in Dinas, My daughter walks to ST.Cyres and back as This service is so bad.

  2. Jan Harding says:

    the 88 leaves the pier every hour at 23 past the hour and 89B half past the hour every two hours.
    I have never understood why they have two buses going up the beach hill at almost the same time leaving the rest of the hour without a bus. Could one of the buses run on the hour so you wouldn’t have to wait 50 mins if you missed one, this would be far better for all, that’s locals, visitors and the bus companies.

  3. David Moorcraft says:

    The main Penarth to Cardiff service is every 15 minutes, and the last bus back to Penarth is 23:19 , with the return journey even later.
    That could hardly be improved; presumably it’s other services which are being targeted ?

  4. snoggerdog says:

    hartons coaches summer open top was running only when the driver was informed he was working the penarth/barry island route on a sunday, if they insist on being a cowboy outfit lets have gabby hayes driving a stagecoach,my grandson would love that, “hasnt mr hayes got a funny accent grandad”. dang his hide!

  5. Ms Harding is absolutely right about the 88 and 89B – the lack of sensible scheduling leads to 2 buses running up to the Town Centre from the Esplanade, one behind the other. Just this morning, the second bus was empty whilst the first one had a handful of passengers. Surely the Vale Council and the Operators can sort out this situation – I know I would !

  6. Robert Jones says:

    Well go on then Councillor get onto the Vale Council and Operators then. Less talk more action.

  7. Steve says:

    Going to Penarth isn’t so bad, as you have the 92, 93 and 94 by cardiff bus..but if you want Dinas Powys you only have the 93 which stops about 6pm anyway (BUT at least they have a train station), or if you want Sully, there usually 2 busses within 20 mins and then 40-45 mins until the next one, and no alternative.
    I have no idea what the other busses to Sully are, or their times or costs, as Cardiff bus force you into buying a day ticket which can only be used on their services so have to stick with them anyway. No other info about the other services in the area that ive ever seen!

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