The main entrance of Penarth's Llandough Hospital

The main entrance of Penarth’s Llandough Hospital

Members of the public are being advised not to visit Llandough Hospital near Penarth where a ward has had to be closed because of an outbreak of influenza.

The news comes just two days after it was revealed that less than half the staff health professionals in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan University Health Board had actually taken up the offer of a winter flu jab – which might have protected them.

Health professionals are happy to administer anti-flu injections - but not so keen on having the jab themselves

Local health professionals are happy to administer anti-flu injections – but not so keen on having the jab themselves

The board said it had tried it persuade its own staff to accept an anti-flu injection but by the end of last month more than 52% of staff had not agreed to be immunised and therefore have no protection against the virus – leaving themselves and their patients vulnerable.

Penarth AM and  Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Penarth AM and Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Penarth Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies (South Wales Central) has now urged the  Cardiff and Vale University Health Board to take action to prevent flu outbreaks in future.

He says a far higher proportion of NHS workers should accept a flu jab

Last year’s influenza vaccine was thought to be less effective in protecting people against the particular strain of virus circulating 12 months ago  – but this year’s is said to be a  “good match” for influenza A(H3) – which is the strain currently circulating in the community.


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  1. PENARTH EYE. says:

    Why One May Ask Do SO Many Staff 52% Decide Not To Take The Flu Jab. Must Be A Reason ?

  2. Johnabutt says:

    Everyone who works anywhere in the NHS should be required to have a flu jab. It should be a condition of their employment, so if they refuse then bye bye.

    • L Edwards says:

      Unless you are prepared to apply that rule to patients then what you are suggesting is classed as assault. Flu vaccine guarantees nothing.

  3. Peter Church says:

    The 52% don’t trust modern medicine, that’s why they work in the Welsh NHS

  4. Paul says:

    Where else du expect to get ill, but in a hospital…

  5. Ian Perry says:

    Andrew R T Davies isn’t a man of high intellect, and it’s shocking that the Tory Club made him their spokesperson. In this latest outpouring of his opinion, he is critical of the healthcare that professional healthcare people give to themselves…

    As it happens, I was at Llandough hospital on Wednesday January 11 – the day this article was written stating that the public were being advised not to visit – I wasn’t aware until tonight. So I’m typing this whilst heavily bandaged and moving abut with the aid of crutches – though I am sure that I’ll be bouncing around as usual soon.

    There are many problem with the NHS in Wales. You can start with the GP’s surgeries that are unable to provide appointments and have GP’s most concerned with seeing the next patient than an accurate diagnosis. In fact, the same happens when people reach the hospitals.

    There are consultants at Llandough contracted to work just 4 hours a week. Should that consultant take leave, missing a week, those patients will be given new appointments 3 months later.

    People are going for multiple pre-op appointments because their is insufficient operating capacity, and pre-op assessments are only valid for 6 months.

    Due to Tory Club control of UK public finances and has squeezed investment in young people. Fewer are able to choose a career in the health service, resulting in a reliance of people trained overseas. Ironically, Davies is a Brexit supporter – for his own ends and perhaps because he also fear the well educated people who immigrate to this country? Llandough has a wonderful, multi-national staff.

    The Tory club, which represents the interests of a few, has imposed not just Davies, but the likes of Gove, Boris and Osborne upon us. It doesn’t take long to dismantle their words and discover that they do not know much about what they are talking about – but sadly, due to Tory Club control of the media and education, too few challenge what they are being told.

    • Lindsay says:

      Ian, I hope your remark about GPs being “most concerned with seeing the next patient than an accurate diagnosis” is not intended as a slight on a group of highly trained people who, without exception, have the wellbeing of their patients as a paramount concern. Indeed they are under intolerable pressure for a host of reasons but it is quite wrong to suggest that their professional integrity is compromised for the sake of expediency.

  6. anon says:

    Why is the spread of flu being blamed on the poor uptake of the flu jab? They are unsure how effective the flu vaccine this year is. Last year, it was found to only be effective in around 50% cases. I work in Llandough Hospital, and despite having my flu jab in October, I am currently suffering with flu. I am also aware of other staff members who have had flu despite having the vaccine months ago. Having the flu vaccine does not guarantee you will not get flu.

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