The new Ysgol-y-Deri is part of the £49,000,000 Penarth Learning Centre

The new Ysgol-y-Deri is part of the £49,000,000 Penarth Learning Centre

The Education Workforce Council has suspended a teacher for 18 months following a disciplinary hearing in which he was found “guilty of unacceptable professional conduct ” at Penarth’s Ysgol y Deri Special School.

The teacher, Mr Benjamin Williams, has been issued with a suspension order which takes effect as of yesterday  – January 19th 2017  – and will expire on July 19th 2018 provided, the council says, he “meets the condition of the order within the time scale”.

The council heard that Mr Williams had allegedly allowed one pupil to leave the classroom unsupervised, a second to “leave the classroom unsupervised on one or more occasions” and a third had been “left alone and unsupervised in a ‘breakout’ room” .

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  1. Paul says:

    He’ll soon be back.
    Makes u feel, all warm an fuzzy inside, don’t it..

  2. Gwenda says:

    Look at the BBC today for more detail. There’s something fishy going on. Why pay him £25,000 if he was so bad? Why take a year to sack him? Why did the deputy head say he’d been set up to fail? There’s other allegations on this website about large payoffs and a bullying environment. So not the first victim of bullying to be paid hush money by this school.

    • Mgg says:

      Well said .there is surely another side here. If he was that bad why suspend and not sack. .Because not as bad as painted but tribunal must be seen to act ? Tribunal not brave enough to say actually its all tosh? All quite ambigious to me

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    Do not envy male teachers or care workers these days-it seems to be if the employer does not get you, the regulator will. My perception was the teaching unions were quite supportive but it seems that they are as impotent as the public sector unions. As long ago as 1973 I did teaching practice in a Primary school where the staff were very hostile towards students-one rainy day I saw a female teacher waiting for a bus and gave her a lift-she was very pleasant and explained that the “culture” was to give students a hard time and of course back in school she reverted to the silent treatment.

  4. Gwenda says:

    I know people who work at this school. Everyone is scared. Williams was a scapegoat. This has all been blown out of proportion. Another time, a child was found unconscious face down in the swimming pool and was rushed to A and E. Was anyone held to account for that? When is the court case about that?

  5. AK says:

    Care of the children takes absolute priority over petty bickering and internal politics.

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