The Spar store and post office at Brockhill Rise is changing hands tomorrow

The sub-post office at the  Spar store at Brockhill Rise, Penarth closed on January 6th this year and may not re-open

The sub-post office at the popular Spar Store at Brockhill Rise on the southern edge of Penarth has been closed  and may not be re-opened.

The sub-post office is operated on a “commission”  basis by the owners of the Spar Store,  James Gough and his business partner Lloyd Howell , – and its future now depends on a re-evaluation of its profitability and the effect its closure has on the rest of the business.

Today Mr Gough said the sub-post office at Brockhill Rise hadn’t “actually closed” but had stopped at the moment temporarily “.

He said “It’s a costing measure and  myself and my business partner are looking at it to decide whether it is as tenable fixture in the business. We haven’t made a decision on whether it’s going to re-open or not. Unfortunately it’s been a bit of drag on us as a business”.

The sub-post office shut on January 6th and a final decision  on whether or not it is to re-open will be made early next month

The Spar convenience store and its post office – a lifeline for hundreds of local residents – was  owned by Bill & Justine Blunsdon who retired in 2015  after 15 years of serving the community.


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  1. Jillabong says:

    This is worrying news, especially with Wood St. Post Office closing in a few months too.

  2. Mary says:

    A bit short sighted on the owners part – while people stand in post office queue they see other items for sale.
    Think they also stopped the Hermes parcel collection.
    All these things bring customers over the door

  3. Anon. says:

    This is very sad, I’m sure Mr & Mrs Blunsdon will be very upset to hear this news, especially as they worked so hard to bring this very valued service to the community of lower Penarth. The service that they offered with the luxury of ample car parking making it easily accessible to all, became integral to their business & was certainly appreciated by all of us local residents.

  4. Louise says:

    Such a loss to local people if the post office goes. The shop is going downhill fast. Bring back Bill and Justine!

  5. Mary says:

    Absolutely right Louise – Bill & Justine were, just what it says on the tin – a convenience store for the local community –

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