Pictured is Steve Magee clinical team leader with WAST presenting the defib to community first responder and lifeboat crew member James King.

Pictured is Steve Magee clinical team leader with Welsh Ambulance Trust ( in the green uniform) presenting the defibrillator to first-responder and lifeboat crew member James King (holding the machine) with other members of the Penarth Lifeboat crew.

Another heart defibrillator – intended for use in emergencies by ordinary members of the public – has been installed in Penarth  – this time on the outside of the lifeboat station on Penarth Esplanade.

This defibrillator has been donated by the Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust and is available to treat anyone  suffering symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest in the area.

The procedure here is different from that for other defibrillators in the town. Users have to call 999 and ask top be put though to the ambulance service where they will be talked through the steps in using the defibrillator by a trained member of the ambulance service.

[PDN Note: Other defibrillators in the town – such as that at Lloyds Bank – rely on  pre-recorded audio instructions, whilst others –  such as that installed at the Co-operative supermarket –  would be used by trained store staff].  

The device also has a number of “fail-safe” features to ensure safe operation for patient and user. The initiative for this installation came from  James King –  who is a qualified first-responder with the Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust and is also a crew member of Penarth lifeboat .

Heart defibrillators are now available at the following locations in Penarth:-


  • Lloyds Bank, Windsor Road (24/7)
  • Penarth Lifeboat Station (24/7)
  • Penarth Pier Pavilion
  • Penarth Bowls Club
  • Penarth Rugby Club
  • The Holm House Hotel, Marine Parade
  • The Paget Rooms ( This  defibrillator, in the Penarth-Town-council-owned Paget Rooms  was to be re-located because the council was not able to provide a location with 24/7 access) .
  • The Co-operative Food Store in Windsor Road .

The machines are all basically similar but are not identical and come with different sets of instructions with which  users would need to familiarise themselves before use. The new machine at the RNLI station is understood to be the only one where a user would be “talked through” the use of the system on a (mobile) phone.





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  1. James King says:

    The procedure for using automated external defibrillators is exactly the same. The only difference here is this cabinet is locked. All AEDs have automatic voice prompts that tell you what to do. Anyone can use one without training.

    If someone is not breathing phone 999 and ask for an ambulance. They’ll direct you to the nearest AED, give you the cabinet code if required as with the one on the lifeboat station, then they’ll talk you through performing CPR whilst the ambulance is en route.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    One defibrillator supplied to each household by the Vale of Glamorgan Council prior to April’s council tax bill being sent out
    A Labour spokesman said we don’t want to take any chance as I’ve seen what Alun Michael has in store.

  3. CelticMan says:

    Why print stupid comments like the last one that detracts from a decent piece of news. My point to Frank is if you’ve got nothing sensible to say they shut the f*ck up!

    • Frank Evans says:

      Celtic man. Lovely response from your good self. Do comments detract from articles? if you think so then don’t read them and don’t post comments yourself either.
      An open and honest exchange is good for all.

    • Penarth Landlubber says:

      It appears that CelticMan has more to do with an ‘Old Firm’ derby than Frank Hennessy’s heart beats!
      Ay you Jimmy, shut the …………..

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