In a flyer sent to local homes Cllr Burnett appears to be blame the Planning Inspector - rather than her own council for the hundreds of homes planned for Sully Cosmeston and Lavernock. The Planning inspector has publicly renounced Burnett's claim

Vale Councillor Kevin Mahoney has described this Labour Party pamphlet distributed in the Sully, Cosmeston and Lavernock areas as “misleading”   In it, Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) who is Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and ‘cabinet’ member for regeneration,  expresses her “disappointment” at the “inspector’s changes”. Cllr Mahoney says  the changes in the numbers of proposed houses were made by the Vale Council itself – not the planning inspector.

Vale of Glamorgan Councillor Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) has criticised a Labour Party propaganda leaflet being distributed in the Sully, Cosmeston and Lavernock areas  which, he says, contains “ some of the most disingenuous and misleading quotes and statements that I have ever witnessed in a political leaflet” .

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) proposed the motion in the teeth of Labour opposition

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) proposed the motion in the teeth of Labour opposition

Cllr Mahoney specifically targets quotes attributed in the pamphlet to Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) who is deputy leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and which relate to the council’s contentious Local Development Plan  (LDP)  – the plan which controversially proposes the building of over 10,000 new homes across the Vale of Glamorgan  – and which  initially proposed  “735” new homes be built in Cosmeston and  Sully.

The Labour pamphlet says  that the old LDP of the previous Conservative administration in the Vale of Glamorgan Council had proposed building 1,100 homes in Sully and Cosmeston – and claims that in 2013 the new Labour administration in the Vale had “reduced those numbers by 33% to 735” . 

….But the Labour pamphlet then goes on to claim that  “The Welsh Government appointed Inspector has since increased that to 1,076 duing his examination of the plan”.

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) 'at the Sully Cog Road housing site last year

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) ‘at the Sully Cog Road housing site last year

The Labour pamphlet – delivered door to door in Sully and Cosmeston – then quotes Cllr Burnett  as  voicing what it calls “her disappointment at the Inspector’s changes”.

Cllr Burnett is quoted as saying “Although the total number of houses is still below the original Tory plan I am saddened that the Inspector has chosen to  make these changes.”

Cllr Mahoney says the Welsh Assembly appointed inspector Mr Richard Jenkins had not put forward any number or any description of new house numbers for Sully or for Cosmeston. He says “the increased housing figures were put forward by the Labour-led Vale of Glamorgan Council not Mr Jenkins” .

Cllr Mahoney alleges that Cllr Burnett and the Labour Party have “misled ” local residents with a “blatantly false claim but into the bargain has loaded the implied blame onto a Welsh Assembly planning inspector”

The Public Inquiry into the Vale of Glamorgan's Local Development Plan has been taking place at the Vale Council's Barry Dock offices

The Public Inquiry into the Vale of Glamorgan’s Local Development Plan has been taking place at the Vale Council’s Barry Dock offices

Cllr Mahoney says that the planning inspector – Mr Richard Jenkins –  had examined the Labour party leaflet and stressed to all present at yesterday’s LDP hearing in the Vale Council offices at Barry Docks  that at no time had he  increased any proposed housing numbers.

[ PDN NOTE: PDN sources say that  the “adjustment” in the numbers of proposed houses actually took place a year ago at an early stage in the LDP Examination when the Vale Council’s proposals were being rigorously scrutinised. It was established that the Vale Council had over-estimated the amount of so-called “windfall” development which was forecast to take place on building sites that hadn’t been allocated  – and the council was then told by the inspector to go back and work out its figures again – to increase the number of houses (at sites anywhere in the Vale)  to make up for the council’s earlier mistakes. PDN sources says it was –   in fact – the Vale of Glamorgan Council itself which then returned to the LDP Examination with proposals for the extra houses at Sully/Lavernock/ Cosmeston as an option and it was the council which came up with the numbers proposed. ]

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  1. Jack says:

    I’m impressed with Cllr Mahoney’s work in recent months, he’s making the other councillors appear idle and arrogant.

  2. dmcprojman says:

    Yet again Burnett has been found out for what she is. Incompetent !!!

    • Barrie V Evans says:

      I would not trust to wind my watch, If she says its raining outside you would have to go and check for yourself..

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Lis Burnett. False news seems to follow her around a lot lately☺
    Labour: putting labour councillors first!
    The ordinary people come along way done the line.

  4. Peter Church says:

    I wish the all female, Welsh speaking, adjudication panel would hold Labour Councillor Liz Burnett to account. How far are you let “bend the truth” before they become blatant lies?
    Lets start a crowd funding scheme with the goal of leaf-letting her constituents in the hope she does not get re-elected in May.
    We need more independent councillors who work for the common folk.

  5. Anne says:

    Facts that are NOT facts – Fake news from Cllr Lis Burnett deputy leader of the Vale of Glamorgan council – shame on her and the labour party for sinking so low. Burnett should resign – Seems it is going to be a dirty campaign. Keep up the good work Cllr Mahoney.

  6. P.J. Penarth says:

    I saw the BBC news site flash up “Labour Wales Resignation” and I hoped it would be all of Labour in Wales that had resigned, sadly not just one of Corbyn’s loyal shadow cabinet members again!!!!

  7. Chris David says:

    To echo the sentiments of several here I would like to see more independents too. You can rarely trust someone with political affiliations to act in the best interests of the general populace. Labour seem particularly bad in Wales, and demonically bad in the Vale.

  8. Hagar77 says:

    Labour’s election promise 2012 – “LABOUR will SCRAP the Local Development Plan and consult to produce a sustainable alternative”

  9. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Thank you for highlighting this topic.

    This incident is without doubt absolutely staggering when it is considered that we have attributed quotes from the Labour Vale of Glamorgan cabinet member for regeneration and Education, Deputy leader of the council and a member of the planning committee herself, in a Labour party sanctioned leaflet.

    The implications of these statements as has been grasped by the respondents in their comments above are huge, that Vale residents have been fed a a wholey untruthful statement by such a senior member of the Vale ruling administration whilst the blame for these increased re-presented housing numbers in the Cosmeston area has been shifted onto the planning inspector who has not proposed any increase for the Sully and Cosmeston areas as quoted. His job and remit, as he has repeatedly explained is only to examine the proposals and numbers put forward to him by the Vale of Glamorgan council and to declare whether he considers the original and newly presented LDP proposals to be sound or not.

    The fact that the planning inspector has already felt the need to issue a public statement during a well attended public hearing, stating that he would like to make it quite clear that he has not increased any housing numbers proposed in the LDP for the Sully and Cosmeston area quite clearly demonstrates the depth of deception carried out by Lis Burnett and the Labour party in this officially sanctioned party leaflet.

    There is no ambiguity about the statements and quotes, they specifically refer to the Sully and Cosmeston sites and the leaflet and article even contains a grid with three headed columns One headed ‘Tory plans’ and highlighting the 1100 house that the Conservatives voted on to allocate to the area. One column is headed ‘Labour plans’ and lists their original proposal for 735 houses for the area and one quite inexplicably has a heading of ‘Welsh Govt Inspector ‘and lists the now larger 1076 figure claimed that he has proposed.

    As already explained, these increased numbers have in fact been put forward by the Labour led Vale of Glamorgan council not the planning inspector.

    Nobody knows if the inspector Mr Richard Jenkins even considers the new numbers put forward by the labour administration are acceptable or not as he has not delivered any verdict of his deliberations to anyone yet.

    Even if he does eventually agree with the Vale on the new increased numbers he will only have delivered his opinion and consideration on the numbers handed to him by the Labour led Vale of Glamorgan he hasn’t provided the numbers himself.

    I’m surprised that Lis Burnett has put herself in such an unenviable position that she now finds herself in as appropriate authorities are being approached for advice over the implications that this leaflet has raised in regards to this outrageous breach of trust between the public and a senior Vale of Glamorgan council representative.

    I know that solicitors are being consulted as to at least one other potentially libellous statement contained within the leaflet and this whole disgraceful affair along other concerns, highlights why I have long considered the current administration to be unfit for purpose.

    I enclose a link to my article on the matter on my website.

    • Hywel says:

      Good work, Cllr Mahoney, I, and several others I know, appreciate it.

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        Thank you Hywel.

        I have no problem with political debate or the fact that others have different views but I will not tolerate blatant dishonesty and the misleading of local residents in quotes attributed to Vale of Glamorgan councillors who are members of the cabinet.

        This is a perfect example of why the public don’t trust politicians, and who can blame them on this evidence?

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