Motorists stuck in last night's jam got out of their cars to find out what was going on

Motorists stuck in last night’s Plymouth Rd jam got out of their cars to find out what was going on

A long traffic jam held up homeward bound commuters in Plymouth Road, Penarth last when a film crew – said to be from the BBC – obstructed the road at rush-hour.

An estimated 20 production vehicles and associated cars were parked on the flagstone pavements on both sides of Plymouth Road and traffic was brought to a complete halt whilst exterior shots were filmed in the doorway of one of the street’s many classic Victorian villas.

The film crew had to put protective plastic sheets over their equipment to priotect it from the pouring rain

The film crew had to put protective plastic sheets over their equipment to protect it from the pouring rain

The delay lasted so long that, even in the pouring rain, motorists got out of their cars to try to find out what the cause of the hold up was.

The location shoot had been properly authorised and notified on the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s “road closures” website  – but this is not a site that most people look at as a matter of daily routine.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council had published a notification of the road closure - but locals complained it had been timed to coincide with a peak period in traffic

The Vale of Glamorgan Council had published an official notification of the road closure on its website – but locals complained it had been timed to coincide with a peak period in traffic

Temporary traffic lights had been installed – but weren’t being used – according to one annoyed  local resident because no instructions had been given to activate them .

Some drivers spent more than 15 minutes stuck in the jam until their vehicles could be released.

The camera dolly was set up on rails for a tracking shot - but residents were more concerned about what the wheels of heavy lorries was doing to the flagstone pavements of the Conservation Area

The camera dolly was set up on rails for a tracking shot – but local residents were more concerned about what the wheels of heavy lorries were doing to the flagstone pavements of the Conservation Area

One Plymouth Road resident expressed concerns about the weight of heavy lorries being parked on the delicate flagstone pavements of Plymouth Road – a street which is in the Penarth Conservation Area.

The incident follows an official complaint made earlier this month to the police and the Vale of Glamorgan Council [which licenses film companies and broadcasters to use locations in Penarth] when an independent company working for Channel 4 parked several vehicles in the double-yellow lines on Penarth Esplanade and blocked one side of Bridgeman Road.


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  1. Mgg says:

    “Well here we are filming in Penarth today so we had better park like the locals ” And so bobtail and tarquin from the BBC drove through the town and saw vans parked on the pavement outside the fag , cars parked on double yellow lines and across dropped k erbs , delivery lorries on the zig zags at plassey street chippy and taxis on the hatches in Albert Rd and they thought to themselves “wow the locals don’t give a Damn about parking properly so we had better do the same to fit in “

  2. Frank Evans says:

    The pavements on that part of Plymouth road are in a shocking state. Very annoying that the bbc filming trucks are causing the damage. How much do the town council get? Nothing.
    We are the bbc so we can do what we like, if we had proper independent councillors they would be asking questions, sadly we don’t.

  3. Peter P. says:

    That’s ridiculous – as if we haven’t enough traffic in Penarth! Maybe the Council should charge the film companies more, maybe that will make them go elsewhere. I believe you can film anywhere in Penarth, and you pay next to nothing for it. Surely, there should be regulations. It’s just not on to get the traffic to a standstill.

  4. Tim says:

    It really is embarrassing what some householders will tolerate for a bit of extra cash.

  5. Clive says:

    Two issues here
    1) BBC intrusion The police have failed to control the BBC and the Vale condoning coning some 50 yards of highway is not acceptable on a recurring basis (which this is) for residents

    2) There is an inequality between the status and investment accorded Plassey Street and the state of Plymouth Road and others in the Conservation area, a 20mph limit and resident only parking should be instituted. The pavements need urgent attention in many Conservation are roads and given the age profile of Penarth the risks of injury claims as well as social exclusion should be considered. I urge Penarth council members to try and push a wheelchair carrying an elderly person along this road and then maybe lobby the Vale.
    We’re coming to the year end and traditionally there is a spate of spending of budgets to tidy the books……….

  6. Peter Church says:

    They are at it again today, Unacceptable action by the BBC.

    There are plenty of very quiet roads in Penarth, the top end of Plymouth is busy at the best of times.
    I suspect the house owner is a friend of the location manager and in the know!
    Nice little earner, I hope he sends Xmas cards to his long suffering neighbours with £50 notes inside.

  7. Cuthbert Crispin and Cosmo Otterly says:

    Why are you sad philistines getting so so upset, ya.
    Cuthbert the director, Cosmo his good friend and myself think everyone is being a sniffely bit unfair.
    After all we are filming in this rather awful slum area of South Wales you call Penarth.
    Gosh, not exactly Sloane Square is it? We expected to see coal miners wagons coming up the cobbled streets.
    We had to drive all the way to Clifton where my pater’s old PA has a small champagne bar with some very nice bolly on ice.
    Now you horrible Welshies, get back to eating curry and chips on your sofas and stop bothering us.

    • Cuthbert Crispin and Cosmo Otterly says:

      Ya, Forgot to mention, we will be giving out “I saw Auntie Beeb Filming Today!” badges at 8pm to the first ten people who manage to get off their sofas and waddle up the road to collect them.
      So Now, we do respect you country oiks after all.

  8. Paul Everitt says:

    The BBC is “owned” by the government, so if they cause disruption cos of important filming for a fictional tv series, they will! Simples…….

    • Frank Evans says:

      Thanks Paul your insights are very welcome. I didn’t realise the government owned the BBC.
      Could you post further wiki links? Say to explain how the tides work.

  9. Frank Evans says:

    More flag stones damaged.
    Thanks BBC
    Maybe we should contact BBC XRay and complain about inconsiderate cowboy companies who ride rough shod over the locals.

  10. I’ve friends who lives on Plymouth Road and I’ve visited them a couple of times whilst the BBC have been filming there. With their agreement their drive is blocked or used to park vehicles associated with the filming. On both occasions the team have been most helpful in ensuring I can park in the vicinity. I certainly hav no complaints.

    Regarding the chaos referred to in the article my friends tell me that this was caused by drivers trying to force their way through rather that giving way when required to do so by the Highway Code. The chaos was caused, in the main, by selfish and inconsiderate drivers who only have themselves to blame.

    • 249ers says:

      I too live on Plymouth Road and my experiences with the film crews, when they are working near my home, has been excellent. They are courteous and aware they are visitors.
      However the chaos caused by inconsiderate drivers is a daily experience along this congested road, whether there are crews filming or not. Inconsiderate drivers push their way through and if you give way to oncoming traffic they push past you too!

    • Poor Cogan Resident says:

      How the other half live.
      They don’t want to film in my flat down by Cogan, sadly I don’t even have friends who live in the big houses on Plymouth Road.
      As the old saying goes, have and you get.

      With my luck they won’t even publish this as I’m technically outside Penarth.

      • 249ers says:

        Why do you think they would not want to film in Cogan? Property owners interested in letting out their homes shouldn’t assume locations need to be glamorous or in immaculate condition.
        The BBC keep a register of properties offered to them for filming, picking the right one to fit the individual story.

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