After his deselection as a Conservative candidate for the May 2017 elections, Cllr CVlive Williams (Conservative Plymouth Ward) has announced he is to stand as an Independent

After his controversial “de-selection” as a Conservative candidate  Cllr Clive Williams (Conservative Plymouth Ward) has announced he is to stand as an Independent in the May 2017 elections.

Cllr Clive Williams MBE (Conservative Plymouth Ward), the veteran Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town councillor who was controversially “de-selected” by the local Conservative Association in November – has announced he is to stand in next May’s council elections as an Independent .

Cllr Williams made his dramatic announcement in last night’s meeting of Penarth Town Council’s Leisure and Amenities Committee held at West House.

The Conservative Club in Stanwell Road Penarth where last November's controversial de-selection panel procedure took place

The Conservative Club in Stanwell Road Penarth where last November’s controversial selection panel met. It deselected incumbent councillor Clive Williams and selected 3 members of Turner family

Its most unusual for a well-regarded incumbent councillor like Cllr Williams –  who has been a councillor for 34 years, and who came joint top-of-the-poll in the 2012 council elections, to be prevented by his own  party from standing for re-election…in this case, not least, because Cllr Williams is currently still President of the local Conservatives.

Cllr Williams claims that the people mainly responsible for his situation are fellow Conservative Penarth Town councillor Martin Turner and members of Cllr Turner’s family who either hold office in,  or are voting members of,  the local Conservative Association.

Mrs Dorothy Turner was Mayoress of Penarrh and Cllr Martin Turner Mayor in 2014/15

Mrs Dorothy Turner was Mayoress of Penarth and Cllr Martin Turner was Town Mayor in 2014/15

It was this local Association which organised the candidate “selection/de-selection”  process in November.   Cllr Williams says only a handful of other local Association members were present at the  meeting and were empowered to vote.  In the event  3 members of Turner family were selected as candidates – all to contend for salaried Vale of Glamorgan Council seats.

Despite his long and distinguished service – and his popularity amongst ward residents – Cllr Williams was not selected to stand for election in Plymouth Ward or in any other ward in Penarth . The selection panel  instead chose Cllr Martin Turner’s daughter, Mrs Kathryn McCaffer, and Conservative Party official Ben Gray to contest the two available Plymouth Ward seats.

Last night Cllr Williams told Penarth Councillors “Everybody in this room knows what Cllr Martin Turner and the other three Turners did to me at my de-selection. I’ve been forced into an intolerable position and I can’t see a way back. I do not want these sordid dealings to be the end of my 34-year political career . I want to continue to serve the residents and friends of Plymouth Ward   – so I look forward to standing as an Independent in May”.

Cllr Martin Turner was nominated to contest the St Augustine’s Ward on the Vale Council [he is currently a Penarth Town Councillor representing Plymouth Ward were he lives]. Cllr Turner’s wife, Mrs Dorothy Turner, was selected as the candidate for Vale of Glamorgan Council Cornerswell Ward seat – a seat she had held before, but lost to Cllr Rhiannon Birch (Labour) in 2012.

Asked by PDN about the conduct of the selection-process, a Conservative spokeswoman said afterwards : “The selection was carried out in a fair and open manner in accordance with the rules.”   But Cllr Williams says the reaction he has received from local residents indicates that they think it was anything but “fair”.

Cllr Williams also says that, before the selection process began, he was told by Cllr Turner’s daughter Mrs Kathryn McCaffer [who was to be selected for Cllr Williams’s Plymouth Ward seat] – “Don’t worry, you have done so much for Penarth and you are well thought of ; you will always have your memories.” 


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  1. Lets be totally honest about this , as we can see it was a set up against Councillor Williams and an undeserved kick in the teeth too, its quote obvious the Turner family have some corrupt idea of filling posts with members of their family. This is not democratic, it is not impartial and should not be excepted . To treat Councillor Williams in this undisguised , blatant and disgusting manner is vile. We do not want or need Mr Turner , his Missus, his kids , his Aunt Fanny and possibly his dog filling the roles and passing the kind of stuff they agree with then plotting together to gang up to block stuff they disagree with, its not democratic and its blatant bare face corruption and if anyone is thinking of voting for the members of this family who want to form their own little set up DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM ……….they couldn’t be more obvious of their intentions is they tried. Remember the names and register your disgust by NOT VOTING FOR THEM. I suggest the Turners get a plane to North Korea, where they will fit in with no problems at all.

  2. Grey local says:

    I am not a conservative supporter but it seems to me rather odd and questionable what is happening in here. I hope he wins as an independent

  3. Peter Church says:

    The more independents the better!!

  4. Taffy says:

    I am a Labour voter but admire this man for his dedication and humanity. Please voters make sure it gets elected again.

  5. Paul Cantrill says:

    This situation also raises serious questions about the process which I suggest goes
    against good governance. We have other familty dynasties in Penarth which seem to take us back to Roman and then Renaissance times when nepotism was the general rule. It is precisely these situations that have the ordinary voter question the system . The mainstream parties could lose out in the end if they fail to change their ways. Good luck to Cllr Williams and his challenge.

  6. Lizzyloo says:

    Delighted to see Cllr Williams is standing as an Independent, no doubt in my mind about him winning. Perhaps the Turner family will think again about their actions towards such a committed elder of the community for their own ends!!

  7. Tony Harris says:

    Clive Williams was poorly treated and deserves to have both the local community support and respect for the decision to stand as an Independent. Others will follow no doubt. Go Clive!

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