MPs last night filing out of the Commons Chamber to vote on the Brexit Bill

MPs last night filing out of the Commons Chamber to vote on the Brexit Bill

Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth) has defied party leader Jeremy Corbyn – and a substantial proportion of his own constituents – and voted against the Brexit Bill which triggers Article 50 to commence the process of leaving the European Union

Stephen Doughty did not speak in the Brexit debate in the Commons

Stephen Doughty Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth  

Doughty was one of only 7 Welsh Labour MPs who voted against the Bill which was overwhelmingly backed by the majority of Conservative and Labour MPs in the House of  Commons last night .

There were 498 votes in favour to 114 against and the move will allow Prime Minister Theresa May to get Brexit negotiations under way.The bill now faces further scrutiny in the Commons and the House of Lords before it can become law.

Other Welsh Labour MPs voting against the measure were Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan , Bridgend MP Madeline Moon and Rhondda MP Chris Bryant, Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley), and failed putative party leader Owen Smith (Pontypridd).

Doughty posted a "tweet" on social media proclaiming his stand against his own party's policy.

Doughty posted a “tweet” on social media proclaiming his stand against his own party’s policy.

Doughty trumpeted his stand against what he called “a reckless hard Brexit” on Twitter last night  – but then ran into a fusilade of tweets from Labour Party members – some supporting him, but many criticising his position.

In response one Twitter poster - Maria G - told Doughty he had no right to overturn the referendum and called his stance "a shameful abuse of power "

In response one Twitter poster – Maria G – told Doughty he had “no right to overturn the referendum” and called his stance “a shameful abuse of power ” – but Doughty claimed he was “voting in accordance with his constituents” – a statement which will come as news to many of them.

This message accused Doughty of having "no integrity"

This message accused Doughty of having “no integrity”

Other Twitter posters claimed that Penarth had not voted to remain in the EU - but some others supported Doughty's vote.

Other Twitter posters claimed that Penarth had not voted to remain in the EU [ there are no actual voting figures available for Penarth which – in the referendum – was counted-in with the Vale of Glamorgan and NOT with Cardiff South – the other part of Doughty’s constituency]  – but some others supported Doughty’s vote.

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  1. Ann Other says:

    This is a disgrace. He has lost all credibility as a democratic politician if he is willing to vote against the people’s will, as so clearly expressed in the recent referendum. He may offer the feeble excuse that he is following the vote in his own constituency but this is illegitimate – democracy aggregates up and the referendum was a nationally based vote. He is also, it seems, active in the campaign to ban the American president from Britain. You do not have to admire Trump to understand that he has been elected by the population of a friendly democracy so, again, Doughty does not seem to understand his duty when it comes to responding to the democratic will. How did the Labour party end up like this, in these undemocratic positions? (Quite a few Labour MPs – eight or so – even voted against their pro-leave constituents.) It’s all absolutely wretched and it is probably a good thing for our democracy that this party is led by a complete anachronistic clown who is guiding them erratically towards electoral destruction.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      It’s not against the ‘people’s will’, its against just over half of the people’s will. The other half agree with him. Furthermore, Cardiff voted 60/40 to remain, so he is representing the majority of his constituents.

      I’m sick of right wing people labelling anyone who doesn’t agree with them anti democratic. Democracy is about having a multitude of different views. I would argue a ‘democracy’ where everyone voted the same way wouldn’t be a democracy.

      • cpissarro says:

        I’m afraid your conception of “people’s will” is objectively incorrect.

        What little precedent we have in this country for referenda indicates that the outcome is indivisible. We didn’t 32% stay out of the EEC because the vote was split in 1975; just as we didn’t implement AV in 32% of the country that voted ‘yes’. Nor did 44% of Scotland leave the Union or 28% of the Good Friday agreement get scrapped. The “people’s will” is a single outcome from a binary choice, not a spectrum. It wasn’t a general election, the outcome is under no obligation to reflect the proportion of votes. It isn’t about left or right; had the referendum results been reversed the same principle would apply.

        Further, and I could be wrong here, but no disaggregated voting data is available for Cardiff South and Penarth. Voting was counted in 382 “voting areas”, not constituencies, because it was a national vote. The result of each constituency was irrelevant. So even if your argument is accepted, there is only the aggregated Cardiff data. How can Doughty say he’s representing his constituents without knowing how they voted?

    • Dr Ceinwen Sawyer says:

      Well said.

  2. PR says:

    Let’s be honest, he’s just a bit rubbish at his job. If he had any real pride and conscience then he wouldn’t have got our pcc to help gift him his job

  3. Tom says:

    The mans a hypocrite, he backed holding the Brexit referendum but REFUSED to back Article 50. Hes a joke! He also seems to have lost his neck, If someone finds it could you please return it to him.

  4. AK says:

    We’re out

    Doughty’s next

  5. Frank Evans says:

    The man is a publicity seeking joke.
    Doesn’t know anything about economics and now it appears nor politics 😊

  6. Chris David says:

    Dought-he understands the issues. Still hasn’t acknowledged an FOI. I’ll publish and complain. He threatened me once chuckle. It was like being stared down by a jelly. Get back and sort out the litter and potholes Mr Doughty- you are not a world statesman.

  7. Paul says:

    Well he’s always represented his constituents in the most reassuring way, hasn’t he….

    • Mark Foster says:

      Of course. The constituents of most importance to his twisted mind are Somalis in Bute Street.

  8. Rich says:

    He’s worried the price of Pies will go up!!!.

  9. LJS says:

    Mr Doughty voted for a referendum and should stand by the result of it… Brexit. Hard, soft, the UK voted to leave the EU, that is Brexit. The Government has a mandate from the UK to leave the EU.
    Our Stephen has no credibility. He has been of poor quality since he failed to calculate the percentage of Penarth people using the local food bank.
    We deserve a coherent MP.
    Roll on the boundary changes, then we can roll Stephen down the road, through the poor air quality of Cogan and out to Cardiff…

  10. Ford Prefect says:

    Well done Doughty for standing up the the majority of people in your constituency and not bowing to the braying of the right-wing crowd who seem to think everyone should think the same despicable things as them!

  11. Louise C says:

    Cardiff & the Vale voted remain. He’s representing us.
    Why are you leavers so belligerent? Feeling nervous about the future? Yes, we will blame you & we will say ‘we told you so’ when the economy falls of a cliff.

    • Dr Ceinwen Sawyer says:

      Not at all nervous; I’m excited, free, and looking forward to a better future out of the EU.

    • LJS says:

      Not nervous at all… Our Tubby doesnt represent the caring, sharing decent hard working world I want to be a part of. Winging, wining, moaning and groaning do not represent me. We will return to being a world leading trading nation again… not tied to euro red tape… We can trade with USA, China and our true friends… The Commonwealth. Why is the economy going to fall? All businesses appear keener to work and produce than ever… All the B of E stats good today… onwards and upwards.

  12. Grey local says:

    Mark foster and rich you should be ashamed Ed of your comments.
    Some people agreed and some didn’t. Some have to go with their cobpncie cel I would rather soemobe who has principles ands keeps to them than someone who is a yes person

  13. Peter Church says:

    I have to say I find him a bit comical. There was one shot of him in the house of commons sitting behind Chris (Y-Fronts) Bryant. He just kept nodding like the dog in the Churchill commercial.

  14. J24 says:

    I agree with Doughty, people saying he shouldn’t have followed his conscience and the will of his constituents don’t agree with basic democratic principles. Sorry to the xenophobes, but you are in a clear minority in Penarth, if you want to go and be with your own kind, I hear Stoke on Trent is nice this time of year.

    • PR says:

      J24, the whole of the UK just went through one of the biggest and most democratic processes we will probably see in our lifetime. All votes counted equally, no artificial constituency boundaries to muddy the water and the result said “leave”. You can argue people were lied to (name an election where that didn’t happen!), you can argue that they did it for the wrong reasons, you can’t disagree forever as far as I am concerned. But it will not change the result of that vote. You have decided that everyone who didn’t agree with you is wrong and must be racist or xenophobic and then suggest that they should move away. Perhaps if they don’t move themselves, they should be forced to move? Maybe we should build somewhere where we could put these people that disagree with you? Who just suggested that they should “be with their own kind”? Can you imagine saying that about about any other group of people?
      Now you tell me… who is the narrow minded one? who is being ideologically racist? who is advocating removing the ones who disagree? Why do you say that, after the most democratic event we will ever see, we should ignore the result. Like many people, perhaps because you don’t agree with the result? Why do you support the MP going against this democratic result? Because you don’t agree with the result? So you think that it’s ok to ignore democracy when it doesn’t give the answer you want? You want to ignore votes when they are deemed “wrong”? Who is going to decide that what’s the wrong answer?That is how dictators emerge and countries are ruined.

  15. Chris David says:

    Good post PR- good points but if you don’t allow J24 et al an opinion then you are hoisted by ones own petard eh! My gripe with Mr Doughty is he has bullied local business for headlines- and shown gross ignorance in doing so. He grandstands on worldly matters and no one gives a jot what his opinions are, but paradoxically he appears to have little or no impact on his own constituency. He should as an inexperienced junior, be sorting his patch out, winning his spurs not pursuing his personal career agenda, which is counter productive anyway. Prove yourself Mr Doughty then opinion-ate (sic)

    • PR says:

      Everyone is entitled an opinion and anyone is free to disagree but what has amazed me about the referendum and afterwards has been the attitude of so many people to the result. Racists think everyone agrees with them, europhiles think everyone who voted to leave must be idiots and racists. Mudslinging in all directions. I see this as a massive opportunity for the uk to decide what kind of country we want to be via the ballot box. Immigration seems to have become the topic everyone wants to discuss though. So should we have a more open immigration policy, should we target immigration at certain professions, should we be encouraging immigration via the education route, should we be stopping some people coming here to live as simple economic migrants to create greater opportunities for others who really are in need? Big questions everywhere just on this one topic and I look forward to hearing what all the parties have to say. If the debate starts and ends with “I’m right and you’re wrong so I’m going to ignore what you have to say” then I will seriously worry about our future.

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