Holders Menswear Ltd in Windsor Road Penarth has announced it's closing down

Holders Menswear Ltd in Windsor Road Penarth has announced it’s closing down

The Holder’s Menswear shop in Windsor Road Penarth has posted notices in its windows announcing to customers that it is to close down.

There is speculation that the premises are to be acquired by the Cardiff-based Peacocks fashion chain – which is owned by Edinburgh Woollen Mill – the firm which also owns Penarth’s Holm House Hotel, the run-down mansions Normandy and Ashdene Manor in Bridgeman Road and which bought the “Gardenhurst“mansion from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Holders – originally A.C.Holder and Sons Ltd – has been a fixture of Penarth Town Centre for many years. The business was the only menswear shop left in Penarth following the closure several years ago of the Hepworths outfitters which was also located in Windsor Road.

Apart from serving an up-market  customer-base in Penarth the store also developed a successful  on-line sales  business

Rumours that the lease was up for sale began circulating last November but at that stage nothing had been finalised .

It’s understood that the Holder’s business may close on March 31st but this is subject to confirmation.



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  1. Chris David says:

    Oh I hope not. The existing one clothes peacocks and the prosed one clothes peahens 🙂

  2. AK says:

    Sad news – but just in time to top up my holiday wardrobe !

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    What on earth are you trying to say?

  4. Mervyn says:

    Sad news, last little bit of ‘Grace Bros’ left in Penarth. Only looking in through the window the other day.

  5. Mgg says:

    Looking in the window? Go in and buy something

  6. Tony Harris says:

    End of era and will be much missed. Thank you for your service and trousers that fit. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill? Not for me.

  7. Frank Evans says:

    All saying it sad but I’ve never seen anyone in there except the suit you sirs.

  8. snoggerdog says:

    im guilty of window shopping this clothing store ever since ican remember,the last time i bought clothing in penarth was either brockingtons(leather gloves in a sale) or clemos (black lee cooper jeans green stitching) i thoght i was the bees knees until i saw a schoolfriend just back from the states with a pair of WHITE LEVIS!!!

  9. Mgg says:

    Ye God’s this is turning into loose women !

  10. RetailGuru says:

    Well, if this doesn’t reflect the changing face of retail, I don’t know what does.

    Fashion retail has become disposable and cheap – made from cheap materials that shrink and distort after washing, made in sweat-shop factories in third world countries, where the acids and chemicals used in production pour out of the factory’s back doors directly into the rivers beyond.

    There appears to be no appetite for good quality, well made products that last for a generation, made in factories with high ethical standards for workers and the environment.

    What is ironic (and sad) are the double-edged comments from people; on the one hand sympathetic to the independent trader with high standards and ethics “oh what a shame, Penarth just won’t be the same….” On the other hand “never went in there, far too expensive…”

    People of Penarth, you can’t have it all – you get what you pay for and (as my nan used to say) “Buy cheap… buy twice”. Sadly, it seems that cheap, disposable and unethical products will win the battle and Penarth will end up like any other town… full of Peacocks, charity shops and national chains in a race to the gutter….

  11. Chris David says:

    Indeed RetGuru- but one can still buy quality goods of course, maybe not in Penarth anymore…sigh.. Try Slaters for mid +. They stock Loakes, Barkers and some good cloth’s, Ralphs room for decent suits though not bespoke et al. I’m not going to mention upper as I just know I’ll get slated heh. Cheap IS disposable- false economy and very very wasteful. Not to mention tasteless- see slating on its way 🙂

  12. John64 says:

    Quite true, RetailGuru, but why do we confuse “fashion” with “quality clothes” unless you are mega-rich (and that probably excludes the residents of Plymouth Road)? “Fashion” changes but quality stays. I will miss Holders – good quality that lasts at the right price. Add the friendly and knowledgeable service. This will be a loss to our town.

  13. Peter P. says:

    Room for yet another charity shop. Argghhh!

  14. Mark Foster says:

    You lot in Penarth should wear Sackcloth and Ashes for voting for the Tory and Labour Parties all these years.

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