Stanwell School, Penarth

Stanwell School, Penarth

The latest review of  unused school places  at secondary schools in the Vale of Glamorgan show that  all of them have empty desks – except for Penarth’s top-performing Stanwell School which running “above capacity” with 143 more pupils than it should have.

Stanwell Secondary School has a capacity for 1,856 pupils – but in 2016 it actually had a school roll of 1,999 – meaning that the popular school had  7.70% more pupils than it should have had.

St Cyres Secondary School in Penarth

St Cyres Secondary School in Penarth has 168 spare places

St Cyres School on the other hand was running under-capacity . It has 1,280 school places but in fact filled 1,112 of them – meaning there were 168 spare places  – an undercapacity rate of 13.13% .


The figures also show that primary Schools in Penarth are coming under increasing pressure and are running out of school places.

Evenlode Primary School Penarth

Evenlode Primary School Penarth

  • Evenlode Primary School  – with 452 pupils –  not only has no empty places – but has 32 more pupils than it should have.
  • It’s a similar picture in St Joseph’s R.C.Primary School where there are 191 pupils on the school roll  – 7  in excess of the school’s authorised 184 places
  • Albert Primary School – with 382 pupils – has just 3 unfilled places
  • Cogan Primary has a capacity of 210  – and just 4 unfilled places
  • Fairfield Primary has 292 pupils and 23 unfilled places
  • Victoria Primary has 420 pupils and 45 unfilled places
  •  Ysgol Pen y Garth [the Welsh-medium primary school] has a capacity for 420 pupils and has 350 on the school roll  and so is 16.67% under-capacity.


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  1. Chris Franks says:

    St Cyres has an annual intake of 210 places but at last count there were 300 applications from parents of primary pupils. In addition there has been a huge growth in what is called ‘in year’ applications. This is where say year 8 pupils seek to attend the school. St Cyres is experiencing a huge boom in applications. St Cyres welcomes pupils from all sections of society.

    • Llewellyn says:

      Absolutely! totally agree! And as for pastoral St Cyres is a gold top whereas …Stanwell is somewhat of a bronze!

    • End the waste says:

      Your numbers don’t stack up unless some of those applicants get an offer from another school and go there.

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    So basically there are currently a total of 25 spare spaces in Penarth’s two secondary schools even before the circumstances described by Chris Franks, with both the Conservative and Labour parties proposing that 1100 and 1076 new houses respectively be built between Sully and Cosmeston as well as more housing in other developments in Penarth and Dinas.

    Lets hope that the standard of the students maths at our two secondary schools are far superior to those proposing such overwhelming numbers of new housing.

  3. Paul says:

    Statistics, its an education…

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