The Vale of Glamorgan Council HQ in Barry

The Vale of Glamorgan Council HQ in Barry

The full Vale of Vale of Glamorgan Council is to hold a special meeting tonight to discuss a recommended revamp of the council’s Social Services Department  – and to slash the salary of the post of the  Director of Social Services.

Phil Evans Vale of Glamorgan Council Director of Care and Social Services

Phil Evans Vale of Glamorgan Council Director of Social Services (PA photo)

The proposed salary and grade-change would take place when the current director – Phil Evans – retires later this year and a successor is appointed.

As the current director, Mr Evans receives a salary within the graded scale of £101,535 to £110,024 – far more that the salary of Vaughan Gething – the Welsh Government’s Health Minister who gets a salary of only £100,000.

An internal Vale Council report now recommends this post be changed to a “Director Level 2” “grade (£88,964 to £98,848) in a move which will “ensure parity”  with other council directors  – such as the Director of Learning and Skills –  Paula Ham –  and the Director of Environment and Housing –  Miles Punter.

To help them consider this change, the Vale Council has engaged the independent consultants Hay Consultants . The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales – the body that sets councillors’ salaries – has also been consulted.

The "City Deal" involves 10 local councils - including the Vale of Glamorgan - and is backed by the Welsh and UK Governments

The “City Deal” involves 10 local councils – including the Vale of Glamorgan – and is backed by the Welsh and UK Governments

CITY DEAL : Tonight’s special council meeting will also consider whether to approve the next steps in the establishment of the so-called “City Deal” in which Cardiff Council,  the Vale of Glamorgan and 8 other local authorities  in South East Wales would undertake a £1,299,000,000 investment in the Cardiff Capital Region’s infrastructure – including the South East Wales Metro project and the Valley Lines Electrification programme.

Tonight a “Joint Working Agreement” is to be approved which will formally establish the Cardiff Capital Region Joint Committee (or regional “cabinet”) – which would come into existence on March 1st 2017.

Councillors are also being asked to approve the payment of the Vale Council’s  share of  the total set-up costs of £120,000,000 – a burden which will be shared between all 10 councils in the City Deal scheme.

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  1. Chris David says:

    Even at the lower £88,964 K level this means these people cost the tax payer well over £8,000 a month. Do you really think these medium skilled no risk, high benefit and pension jobs are worth that level of pay? I don’t- all part of the post war empire building by the out of control public sector. They’re all at it but social services appears very poor anyway. I know a very recent case where someone rang the Vale number of re an elderly lady. I looked at the web site. It brags endlessly about how they can help the elderly and work with the WG!. The taker of the call was indifferent and useless referring the enquirer to another number- an 029 number. They called the as it turned out equally useless number and were referred back to the VoG. This is a charity but it claims to work closely with the Welsh Government and I believe receives funding from WG so it should be accountable in its area to the local director of social services. Just an example.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      What stands out is how low the salaries are compared with senior NHS staff, and a W.A.G “Commissioner for elderly people” who spouts generalisations that any Assistant Social Worker could provide.. I always found Care and Repair to be OK but they are there to help with small jobs around the elderly persons home not a subsidised refurbishment which some people seem to expect.

      • Chris David says:

        Not arguing re Carerepair. My point was at front of house they were feckless- even discouraging in a cant be bothered way..

  2. Even “Director Level 2” “grade (£88,964 to £98,848) is too senior and overpaid for a small and minor local authority like the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

  3. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Isn’t the Independent Renumeration Panel for Wales the outfit that recently recommended the now gratefully received £10,000 ( 18%) p.a. pay rise for Cardiff Bay AMs?

  4. snoggerdog says:

    unions are getting a bad as usual, maybe they should try a different tack & call themselves “renumeration panels, what are we asking for?10% all round plus expenses i wonder if we can get that nice mr “order,order, bercow to be the leader. reputation after the word bad.

  5. Fishhenge says:

    Is Phil Evans retiring because he has reached retirement age or is he being given early retirement, a golden handshake etc. Having massively overspent his budget and being moved out to avoid embarrassment to the council, like some of his comrades in other authorities in Wales?

    • NewsNet says:

      Apparently Mr Evans is retiring – having reached retirement age – but has told the council he is prepared to carry on in his post until such time as a suitable successor has been recruited and is able to succeed him. Therefore – although Mr Evans will leave some time in 2017 – no actual departure date has been determined.

  6. Mark Foster says:

    The job is worth about £60,000 per year. You and the sheep have only yourselves to blame if you won’t get rid of these people once and for all. Vaughan Gething £100.000 per year ha ha.

  7. Mr Peacock says:

    I’ll do a better job for £50,000pa la la land comes to mind……..pure greed

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