The overturned car on Sully Road Penarth this morning

The overturned car on Sully Road Penarth this morning

After another serious accident on Sully Road this morning, the  Sully Local Residents Association has launched a petition calling on the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Conservative Vale  MP Alun Cairns (Secretary of State for Wales) to improve safety on the winding and dangerous lane.

The petition has been launched by Stephen Katchi who spotted the overturned car (above) when he was taking his son to St Joseph’s Primary School, Penarth, today. Details of the accident are awaited from the police.

Driving on dangerous winding roads like Sully Road demands total concentration

Driving on narrow dangerous winding lanes like Sully Road demands total concentration

Mr Katchi says he travels this lane every day to take his son to school and is asking local residents to sign an on-line petition to “get the council to do something  about Sully Road”.

He fears that the situation is only going to get worse  once the houses on the site next door to St Joseph’s school are finished and occupied – and worse again when the huge housing development at Cog Road is completed

The link to the petition is on https://www.change.org/p/vale-of-glamorgan-council-make-sully-road-lane-safer-prevent-more-accidents?recruiter=491242406&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

Later today Penarth Conservative Assembly Member Andrew RT Davies and local Conservatives Chris Thorne and Rod Thomas also called on the Vale of Glamorgan Council to take urgent action on Sully Road after a recent spate of accidents.

Penarth AM and  Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Penarth AM and Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Andrew RT Davies, said: “The recent spate of accidents on Sully Road is a serious concern for the local community and with traffic only set to increase it is vital the Vale of Glamorgan Council takes urgent action to improve the safety of the road. Sully’s strong community spirit has always been evident and this latest petition is once again a sign of residents taking issues into their own hands and demanding action – but it is important the council listens and makes some substantial safety improvements. It is not just one incident and it is clear that the road is becoming an accident hotspot. The Vale Council must explore all measures available to it to ensure the road is made safe again.”

Chris Thorne and Rod Thomas of Sully Conservatives, said:“Reports of accidents on Sully Road are increasing tenfold of late and it is incumbent on the Vale Council to protect local residents and road users. All measures should be explored including lowering the speed limit and the addition of traffic calming measures before it is too late and someone pays the ultimate price. Sully’s local infrastructure has been sadly ignored for too long by the Vale Council but these accidents should act as a wake-up call to improve the safety and capacity of our roads.”


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  1. AK says:

    No matter how ‘dangerous’ Sully Road may be, you cannot overturn a car unless it is being driven too fast for the conditions.

  2. Simon says:

    What we need is a Barry to Cardiff express way!

  3. 249ers says:

    This is a dangerous road, whatever speed you are traveling at. The twists and turns, combined with the pinch points along its length are a lethal combination. Add to that unpredictable speed and the volume of traffic due in part to the school run and it’s use as a rat run, have resulted in so many accidents and near misses in the last few months alone.
    If signing a petition will get something done, that’s what I will do now.

  4. Paul says:

    Too right it is caused by speed but that is the problem that needs to be addressed. I have driven along the lane with my three children in the car to be confronted by a speeding car in the middle if the road. I had to swerve into the hedge to avoid it. Scary.

  5. Kevin Mahoney says:

    I’m sure that all of us would welcome the identification of the causes of this latest accident in order that concerns can be addressed and hopefully solutions found to increase safety, I will be contacting the Vale and South Wales police for details of the reasons for this latest incident.

    Mr Katchi is quite right to highlight the danger of vastly increasing numbers of vehicles using this country lane once the massive planned new housing proposals in Sully and Penarth are implemented, this is why I have been fighting these housing proposals tooth and nail for the last 5 years.

    One can only assume that Mr RT Davies and Mr Rod Thomas and Chris Thorne of the Sully Conservatives must have forgotten that it was actually the Conservative party that voted to include provision for 650 new houses at Cog in Sully in their own Local Development plan and they also seem to have forgotten to point out that the Conservative representatives on the Vale planning committee failed to vote against the planning approval of the first tranche of 350 houses at Cog quite recently.

    I will keep fighting the madness of these plans and their impact on the inadequate local infrastructure whilst wondering where Mr Thomas and Mr Thorne have been in helping this fight over the last 5 years whilst their party have been insistent in contributing to the increased use of these inadequate lanes.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Luckily the road will be widened to take account of the hundreds of new houses being built. … hang on!

  7. Dave says:

    At the rate Sully, Penarth and Dinas are being developed in 10 years time there will no where left to put the mythical Dinas bypass. As for making sully road etc better, I think the opposite. We don’t have housing estates joined by dual carriage ways, put more traffic calming and speed bumps, cameras etc in. If you are in a rush to get somewhere then leave the house in plenty of time, thus alleviates the need to race around the back lanes.

  8. Chris Franks says:

    When the planning committee discussed the latest housing bids in the Sully Road area a few of us warned about the problems with this road. Amazingly we were told that motorists would tend to use Sully MOORS Road past the chemical works and then on to the McDonalds roundabout. Plaid and the Independents voted against these schemes but the Conservative happily gave approval.

    • Paul Fisher says:

      And Plaid didn’t vote for houses at Ardwyn, Brynythin, Caerleon Road, 2 sites in the village, the Westra, the bus lane and it was their idea to build houses at Cross Common Road to fund a new road instead of building a new bridge and of course this new road will help the Vale pass more houses planned for the old St Cyres site and the Ash Path field.

    • vince driscoll says:

      Mr Franks youre deliberately misleading the public,the Vale Council is run by labour not the conservatives.As a Vale councillor you are well aware of this.

  9. Emma says:

    Something also needs to be done about the volume of drivers turning right illegally into a one way street outside Ysgol Pen y Garth. Every morning I witness numerous drivers doing it, I appreciate it’s frustrating for drivers having to queue to get onto Redlands road to go back into Penarth but it’s extremely dangerous particularly when children are involved. Not everyone looks both ways on one way streets, although they should.

    • Bernadette. says:

      Totally agree with your comment. I’m often at the back of this long queue but it still takes me under ten minutes to complete it.
      Some ignorant drivers believe they are above the law when it comes to this section of the road.

  10. Chris Shamb says:

    Been a death trap for YEARS

  11. Louise says:

    Widening the road will allow idiot drivers to go even faster.

  12. J24 says:

    20mph speed limit, average speed cameras at each end – problem solved.

    • Bernadette. says:

      Not so. A lot of the traffic is school led. Therefore you might never reach the second set of cameras as you will go back the way you came. Static cameras will also be ineffective as the fools who drive like lunatics round the bends and on their phones will get to know where the cameras ate and react accordingly, slamming on their brakes and then revving up once past them.

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